• Jadefang

    A long, long time ago, when the world was new, before the existence of Martin the Warrior, even before Lord Brocktree's time, vermin and woodlanders were friends. Yes, they were friends. Nobeast at that time knew of evil, violence, greed, or hate, and so great and everlasting friendships took place. The world was a beautiful, joyful land. That was, until the Era of Corruption began.

    An otter lay by his father, weeping, on the bank of a river. The otter's father was slowly but surely dying after the long, harsh battle against a band of vermin. Earlier, a score of stoats, weasels, ferrets and rats had tried to raid the otters' home behind a waterfall for want of food and shelter. But they had failed; thus paying the price of death at the wr…

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