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  • JamesOfVallron
    After several long years of war, a kingdom far to the south had just ended a great feud. In the final battle

    The king summoned all the farms and the peasants to help win the final battle....Durring The fight Great and mighty general of the enemy kingdom had the kings life in his hands. Just as he was about to deliver the final blow, a farmer with a pike killed the enemy general saving the king. They had won the battle and the war but at a great price. The king thankful to the farmer mouse for his great deed offered him on wish to anything he could dream. The farmer mouse wanted his two sons to live a nice rich life, so he said the his sons if worthy could join him as his high captains of the throne. The king agreed and said to send each …

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  • JamesOfVallron
    The wind died as the duo traveled northwards though the hills, most of the time the only action that Nathan and Kale got was a Highwayman or a few thieves but not anything real chalangeing along the way. But the strange thing was that the closer they got to the destination the darker the sky seemed to be. "Nathan I smell fire wood and smoke close by. Are we getting closer?"

    "No... Something isn't right here..." as they continued on for a few more miles the smell got stronger, and stronger. "Here I'll run ahead over the hill and see if we are close by ok Nathan." said Kale. "Fine but be careful." said Nathan with suspicion. Kale got to the top of the hill and he stopped and yelled "Nathan get up here quick!" Nathan sprinted to the top, just …

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  • JamesOfVallron
    Deep, deep, in the southern land's lie a tinny tribe of Otters. Nothing was different about this place it was normal quiet peaceful little village Next to a nice wide open river. This village was home to the southern land's greatest hero, Nathan the The travelling warrior and his apprentice Kale. Nathan was a taller Otter with silky black fur, A dark blue cloak and a hood and tunic, with grey leather boots and a sword on his back. His apprentice Kale was just about 15 years of age and was a smaller brown Otter who had a grey tunic and small short sword witch wrapped around his smaller waist.
    The day was cool and crisp as they marched along the hills of the land that bent and curved like a giant snake. The farther they advanced … Read more >

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