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    Dagor Dagorath

    January 6, 2012 by Jerrak Aglareb

    This is a Fan-Fiction by Me and is in NO way canon.

    Well all I want to do is thank the people whose tales inspired me to right this one they are: 1: Gandr Adderbane, with his Two Swords series 2: Skipper Rorc, with The Runway, and The Rise of Freedom 3: Laria Wavedeep, with Redwalls Taggerung and Laria Wavedeep 4: Bluestripe the Wild, with Bluestripe, a name remembered

    those are the people who most inspired me to write this tale and share it with you all so if you congratulate me, don't, go congratulate them for their work. Now on with the tale...

    The dibbuns gathered around the old pine marten eager to hear his tale, for long ago in seasons lost to the mists of time he was a warrior of which the likes had never been seen since Martin. He theā€¦

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