• Jett Nightstar

    It had been a hard winter. The otters of Lone Isle had had a hard time of it, as if it wasn't hard enough to force a meager crop from the unyeilding ground, a sickness had swept through, covering the land and taking with it most of their strongest otters with it. The otters were the offspring of galley slaves who had been cast here when the ship they were slaves on was wrecked on the rocks near the ruins of the ancient corsair fortress. Seasons had passed and they had managed to squeeze a small amount out of the earth, barely enough to live on.

    In the crumbling ruins of what had once been the stronghold of the infamous corsair, Gabool the Wild, Fort Bladegirt, otters huddled trying to keep away the cold. The sick and dying littered the grou…

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  • Jett Nightstar

    When reading this story, it works best to have Rakkety Tam close by because I you'll need to read it to chapter five to understand the story. This story begins in place of chapter six of Rakkety Tam. This story begins at chapter six of Rakkety Tam so you'll have to have read the first five chapters of Rakkety Tam if you want to understand this one.

    (actually chapter six of Rakkety Tam, so don't read Rakkety Tam past the end of chapter five or you'll get confused)

    It was about midday after Tam and Doogy had set out from the groves of Araltum and Idga, two hares traveling along the southwest coast came upon the outskirts of the groves. They were of about the same age, both young bucks, tall and lean. Broad-shouldered and battlescarred, Rodric …

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  • Jett Nightstar

    Gelroth the Fierce

    September 29, 2010 by Jett Nightstar

    It was midsummer at the holt of Tagrith Whaletooth but there wasn't the accustomed laughter and merriment, instead there was only a hushed expectancy. The two otters, Tagrith Whaletooth and his son Gelroth faced each other, grave brown eyes of the father staring into the cold, deep blue eyes of his son.

    "I said leave! I don't want t' see yore face again 'til yore ready t' show some respect. Yore a disgrace t' th' 'olt. Now be off wi' ye!"

    Gelroth smiled coldly, "Yes, father dearest. As you wish!" he turned abruptly and walked along the shore, twirling his sling nonchalantly. Tagrith watched him until he was out of sight around the cliff then turned toward his wife, Wavebloom who was crying silently.

    "Don't worry, beauty, he'll come back in a f…
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