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September 25, 2009
  • John-E
    Spoiler Warning: This page may contain intricate plot delails for Triss. Be prepared before reading further. Thank you, John-E

    If Bluddbeak were Glokkpod, then Zassaliss, Harssacss and Sesstra would not have had the chance to kill Shogg, as GP would have finished them off, carrying one to his bush and slaying the others there. If he had been killed, then the remaining adder/s would have wriggled off the thorns and slithered back to Brockhall. They would have been wounded, and would make fewer kills, partly because they could not move as fast with thorn wounds through them and a corpse/s attached, and partly because the scent that they bore around with them would get stronger as the corpse/s and thorn wounds festered. This would alert otherbea…

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  • John-E

    A Murdress's Brat

    October 20, 2009 by John-E

    Cormean the Murdress strode through the long, dry grass that they had pitched camp upon. Fixing her snoring sentry with a baleful eye, she focused her thoughts until they became a beam, into the heart of the vermin's mind. Pushing all her energy into this, she suddenly threw her head to one side, and the unfortunate sentry fell off the spear he had lent on. Ignoring the waking sentry, she strode regally on, on the outside, calm yet cunning, on the inside, her mind churned with desire. Desire for the Abbey they called Redwall. Desire for the unbeatable blade. Desire for a group of vermin that were not as lazy as the trees on a sunny day.

    The white stoat strode onwards, kicking awake her crew. They were a motley gang, ferrets, weasels, rats, …

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  • John-E

    Kasspian's Bite

    October 20, 2009 by John-E

    Kasspian the snake was hunting!

    From morning to night, he slithered through the long grass surrounding the quarry.

    Kasspian the snake was hunting!

    As he slithered through the grass, Kasspian vowed silently to have his revenge, to quench his thirst at the fount of revenge, who's water was sweeter than any he had ever tasted.

    Silent as a moonbeam, deadly as a blade, Kasspian the snake hunted his revenge.

    Kasspian was coming!

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  • John-E

    Vidny Shadow

    September 25, 2009 by John-E

    From out of the wind and the rain came Vidny Shadow!

    The fox with the black fur, Vidny Shadow!

    The saviour of everybeast in Redwall Abbey?

    Johnny 'Skip' Laium, Thurrn the Ranging Squirrel, and Arvan Swordwielder the hare.

    Vidny Shadow had a legend, one of such horror that even a snake would die of fright. Shadow had murdered the most innocent Dibbuns ever, those of the Abbey of Redwall, among them, the Abbot's grandson himself! The disease which Shadow had spread, had killed the Dibbuns, yes, but it had also half murdered the Abbot and Roseye Badgermum, and several adults were delirious with a fever.

    "I'll tell ye, matey, I'll be glad when this Bloodsomethin' Fever is over. Honestly, having to tramp around the countryside is bad enough, but doi…

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