Spoiler Warning: This page may contain intricate plot delails for Triss. Be prepared before reading further. Thank you, John-E

If Bluddbeak were Glokkpod, then Zassaliss, Harssacss and Sesstra would not have had the chance to kill Shogg, as GP would have finished them off, carrying one to his bush and slaying the others there. If he had been killed, then the remaining adder/s would have wriggled off the thorns and slithered back to Brockhall. They would have been wounded, and would make fewer kills, partly because they could not move as fast with thorn wounds through them and a corpse/s attached, and partly because the scent that they bore around with them would get stronger as the corpse/s and thorn wounds festered. This would alert otherbeasts to their presence earlier, and would also have impeded their progress, making the lightning strike a thing of the past.

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