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  • I live in USA
  • My occupation is Traveler
  • I am a mouse
  • JumpoverMoon

    The Path to Take

    June 27, 2011 by JumpoverMoon

    Dark clouds spread across the cerulean blue sky in a thick gray haze, creating a shadow on the deep foliage of Mossflower Woods. The forest seemed to grow eerily silent and the shadows seemed to grow darker as the storm clouds brewed above.The silence was broken by the creakity creak of the sound of a cart making its way through a narrow dirt road flanked by knarled bushes and ferns. On the side of the cart, in crooked letters were the words "Brakk's Traveling Performers Troupe".

    A single ferret pulled the cart along. The ferret was quite muscular and had tan fur and a white mask of fur around his half closed black eyes.

    " Oi, Vurk! Do you see anythin'? Any village or buildin' or whatever?" A plump rat that sat at the front yelled out at theā€¦

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