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Kalm Treeblade

aka Kalm

  • I live in Salamandastron
  • My occupation is Long Patrol Scout
  • I am Male
  • Kalm Treeblade

    The Journey to Tyrlea

    September 1, 2011 by Kalm Treeblade

    "The prisoners are trying to escape!" The halls of the Gerta Prison For Prisoners of War were filled with chaos. Dozens of vermin guards dashed back and forth, trying to detain the wave of yelling, screaming creatures flailing chains, manacles, and any other weapons that they could get their paws on. The long, heavy pikes of the vermin were no match for the makeshift weapons of the slaves, which could be used effectively in close quarters. Bows and arrows were also useless due to the tight corridors. Many of the guards, not prepared for a prison break of this magnitude, chose to flee rather than fight.

    "Come on, ye' cowards!" a stoat yelled. "They're just a bunch 'a slaves! We've got armor 'n weapons!"

    "Yeah, we can beat 'em!" The rat who had …

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  • Kalm Treeblade

    I frowned, staring down at the pitiful form sprawled out in front of me. A shrew, looking to be about 40 seasons old, was lying in front of me. A quiet stutter escaped the creature's mouth. I knelt down to assess the creature's injuries. A gaping wound, looking like it came from a spear thrust, showed against the shrew's grey fur. I leaned over to the creature and asked, "What happened?" "Vermin raiders," he gasped. "I can help you," I said, getting out my medical supplies, but his eyes had already clouded over. I closed them with my paw, covering his body with leaves.

    I set off in search of the vermin. I sat in a nearby tree and waited. And waited. And waited. My patience was rewarded when a rat and a weasel, both carrying spears, walked b…

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  • Kalm Treeblade

    Running. I had to escape from the vermin horde. I had to deliver the information, or else there would be no chance of a counterattack against the vermin. I was a spy for the Salamandastron Sentinels. Bleeding in a number of different places, my footpaws were numb as I wearily ran towards my army's fortress. Unable to run anymore, I slumped against a rock, about 40 paces away from my destination. I sat there, grasping my short sword tightly as the horde surrounded me, ready to capture and torture me to death. Then they would ambush everybeast at the fortress, kill them all. I could see the fortress burning to the ground in my mind, corpses of my friends littering the floor, the vermin cackling evilly. Suddenly I stood up, filled with a powe…

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  • Kalm Treeblade

    The mouse swung his sword. It connected with the vermin's sword, causing a loud clanging sound to be emitted. Snarling, the rat whipped out a dagger and plunged it into the mouse's stomach. He collapsed, blood trickling out of his wound as his eyes clouded over. The rat was immediately set upon by two hares, who used their long pikes to slay him. All across the field, vermin fought with woodlanders. Creatures from both armies slashed, stabbed, and hacked with their assorted weapons. After a while, it seemed like the battle would never end. In the middle of the battlefield, a huge badger wielding a mighty broadsword clashed blades with a monstrous Wearet. At the edges of the battlefield, creatures slung stones and shot arrows into the fray…

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