This is a fan fiction story by Kalm Treeblade. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

Running. I had to escape from the vermin horde. I had to deliver the information, or else there would be no chance of a counterattack against the vermin. I was a spy for the Salamandastron Sentinels. Bleeding in a number of different places, my footpaws were numb as I wearily ran towards my army's fortress. Unable to run anymore, I slumped against a rock, about 40 paces away from my destination. I sat there, grasping my short sword tightly as the horde surrounded me, ready to capture and torture me to death. Then they would ambush everybeast at the fortress, kill them all. I could see the fortress burning to the ground in my mind, corpses of my friends littering the floor, the vermin cackling evilly. Suddenly I stood up, filled with a powerful rage. Everything was red around me. "I AM KALM TREEBLADE!!!" I screamed as I flung myself into the horde. One unfortunate stoat lost his arms as I hacked and slashed with my blade. Cutting left and right, I lopped a rat's spear in half and drove it's point right through his stomach. A weasel and another rat lost their heads as I leaped and slashed at them both. Then I saw them. The army of woodlanders rushing towards the vermin, waving blades and spears and javelins, flinging stones, shooting arrows and roaring, "EUALIA!" I fought even harder, knowing that we could win this battle. A large ferret knocked me to the ground, when a rapier took him through the eye. He screamed as three arrows embedded themselves in his chest. A shrew rushed to me to help me up. "Don't worry, mate, we'll get them for wounding ya!" He grinned. Suddenly, coming from behind him was a ferret who ran up and impaled the shrew on his scimitar. The ferret lost his arms and head in return. Through the red haze I could see him, the fox who had started this all, Drathor! Seizing a javelin from the paws of a dead mouse, I hurled it at the fox with all my might. It actually passed right through his evil skull and fell on the ground behind him. It only took a matter of minutes from that point on for us to win that battle. We lost seventy good woodlanders that day, and they will be remembered. This is my tale. ~Kalm Treeblade

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