• Kalmia Polifolia

    War of Fire

    March 12, 2009 by Kalmia Polifolia

    The seas were raging. It was a stormy night. Kalmar Treebounder was sailing to Southsward, his brother was dying. He had left his young daughter and wife back at Redwall so they would be safe from the long, dangerous journey over the stormy seas. Kalmar was a tall, muscular squirrel with the bushiest tail you had ever seen. His wife, Lily, was the best treewhiffler since Fwirl, and the most beautiful. His daughter, Tayla, though very young, was already as good as her mother at treewhiffling and had the most beautiful voice anybeast in the Abbey had ever heard. It was still raining, it didn't look like this storm would ever let up. This gave Zeela the Deadly the chance of a perfect target. A small boat was heading toward Southsward. And theā€¦

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