• Kaylan the Ferret
    A big commotion was happening inside Great Hall at Redwall Abbey. Filorn the otterwife was murdered and they a possible slayer. Rela, daughter of Deyan the Taggerung and his mate Tiyan, is being said to kill Filorn.
    "So, what should we do with her?"said Abbess Mhera, Deyna's elder sister.
    "I say we leave the young'un alone! She didn't do t'horrible deed!"blurted Deyna.
    "I'm with Deyna! Why will she slay her own grandmum?"said Nimbalo, Deyna best friend.
    "You don't tell your Abbess what to do Deyna!"said Mhera."Now, who wants Rela to stay?"
    Many paws went up. Deyna, Nimbalo, Tiyan, and Boorab put both of their paws up."Now if you want her go,"
    Five too many paws went up. Rela was shocked;Friar Broggle, Sister Fwirl, Sister Rosabel, and even her b…
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  • Kaylan the Ferret

    My head rocked as they dragged me across the dirt. Thirty two.....thirty is somewhere between how many times they dragged me today. My family's blood was shed and their lives taken. Young'uns killed, elders wounded and left for dead.
    "Why did they do this? Why?!?"my friends screamed as they watched me get slashed by a sword. The fox who toke us grabbed my best friend, who was weeping for me, and slew her on the spot. The fox's crew of rats laughed as he danced on the her body.
    "Little ferret, ya think that ya can escaped me?"the fox said as he turned to me.
    Did he read my mine?! "Sooner or later, I will fox!"I was just able to gasped that out before he hit me wit the butt of his sword.
    A young ottermaid ran through Redwall Abbe…

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