Book 1: The Slavers

Chapter 1

My head rocked as they dragged me across the dirt. Thirty two.....thirty is somewhere between how many times they dragged me today. My family's blood was shed and their lives taken. Young'uns killed, elders wounded and left for dead.
"Why did they do this? Why?!?"my friends screamed as they watched me get slashed by a sword. The fox who toke us grabbed my best friend, who was weeping for me, and slew her on the spot. The fox's crew of rats laughed as he danced on the her body.
"Little ferret, ya think that ya can escaped me?"the fox said as he turned to me.
Did he read my mine?! "Sooner or later, I will fox!"I was just able to gasped that out before he hit me wit the butt of his sword.
A young ottermaid ran through Redwall Abbey. A yell behind her made her go faster.
"Merain!!! Come back ya bad'un!"a otter came into view. The otter quickened his speed and then had the maid by the neck of her tunic."Gotcha!"
"Let me be daddy!!"Merain whined.
"Why did ya chomp down on Germina's ear?"
Merain stopped."Donno."
"Uhhh, why do ya do these things Merain?"
"Hopeless! Sooooo, hopeless!"sighed Rogun as he carried off his daughter.
"Kaylan...Kaylan wake! For your rescuer has come!!"Kaylan Sozker woke up. She saw a armored mouse. Who was he?
A noise came from the bushes behind her. Kaylan showed her teeth and claws, ready for whatever came. A whisper came from in the bushes.
"Hey, are the vermin sleep?"
"Umm, yes, they are sleep. "
"And no guards?"
"Hmm, don't see any."
A squirrelmaid with throwing daggers appeared."Why are ya here, Mrs...?"
"Ana Pinelog. Now lets free ya!"she grabbed a dagger and neatly cut her ropes."Now lets go!"
Kaylan turned to her friends. All but one was asleep. A young maiden watched Kaylan and Ana. Her brown eyes were telling Kaylan not to leave her.
Kaylan got the message. Taking one of Ana's daggers, she cut ferret's ropes. She great reached up at Kaylan, like she would to her mother.
"Now, lets go!"Ana pulled Kaylan, who was holding the little maiden. They ran until they couldn't smell the vermin's fire.
"Why did ya take..take babe?!"
"When my home was attacked, her mother was killed and she told me to take care of her!"
"Ahh, why you being all motherly to little babe?"
"Because I can! Have you ever had children to care for?!"
Ana was shocked of the outburst. She glanced at Kaylan with teary eyes and walked away, gathering firewood.
Kaylan turned back to the babe."I'll care for ya....Roscar."Kaylan rocked Roscar back and forth. She also thought about what she said to Ana, about her not being motherly.

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