A big commotion was happening inside Great Hall at Redwall Abbey. Filorn the otterwife was murdered and they a possible slayer. Rela, daughter of Deyan the Taggerung and his mate Tiyan, is being said to kill Filorn.
"So, what should we do with her?"said Abbess Mhera, Deyna's elder sister.
"I say we leave the young'un alone! She didn't do t'horrible deed!"blurted Deyna.
"I'm with Deyna! Why will she slay her own grandmum?"said Nimbalo, Deyna best friend.
"You don't tell your Abbess what to do Deyna!"said Mhera."Now, who wants Rela to stay?"
Many paws went up. Deyna, Nimbalo, Tiyan, and Boorab put both of their paws up."Now if you want her go,"
Five too many paws went up. Rela was shocked;Friar Broggle, Sister Fwirl, Sister Rosabel, and even her best friend Feegle, they all rasied their paws.
"I'm sorry Deyna. So sorry.."said Mhera as Skipper and his otters toke Rela the main gate.
They pushed her out and closed the gates as she soon as the young ottermaid ran back up to them. Rela started to bang on them. "Mum!! Dad!! Momma, Daddy!!" Hearing no answer, she started to wonder in Mossflower Woods.
Inside the Abbey, Tiyan started weeping and sobbing. No matter how much Mhera tried to stop her, all she did was scream out.
"Why would ya say my little Rela to kill Filorn?!? Ya actually think she'll do somethin' like that!!"this time, Tiyan stuck out at Mhera with her claws, missing the Abbess from her cheek.
"Skipper, take her to Cavern Hole! Make sure she clams down!"
Deyna watched as the otters toke away his screaming wife. The Abbess came over and put her paws on his shoulder. He shook it off, gave her a icy cold glance, and walked away.
Mhera was stunned. Hadn't Rela slain mum? Or was I wrong..?

Book 1: Outcasts, Warriors, and Hiders

Chapter 1

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