• Kenina the Fox

    I'll Remember

    May 1, 2010 by Kenina the Fox

    The scene replayed in her mind repeatedly and time after time she'll scream in horror. No one in the Abbey woke up to her cries of help; she needed someone to help her through the trouble she was being forced to live with, but no one came. Every night it would happen in the very same order: she'll see him die of the weasel's blade in her dreams, she'll wake up sweating and screaming his name, and no one came to her aid. But every night, he was there watching her at the bottom of her bed.

    Calna would smile and swiftly blink away her tears. He was just as handsome as he always was; nice and short hair, and his gorgeous maple brown eyes. He sat at the bottom bed, silently singing her into peaceful sleep again. Calna would reach out and try to …

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