Chapter 1

The scene replayed in her mind repeatedly and time after time she'll scream in horror. No one in the Abbey woke up to her cries of help; she needed someone to help her through the trouble she was being forced to live with, but no one came. Every night it would happen in the very same order: she'll see him die of the weasel's blade in her dreams, she'll wake up sweating and screaming his name, and no one came to her aid. But every night, he was there watching her at the bottom of her bed.

Calna would smile and swiftly blink away her tears. He was just as handsome as he always was; nice and short hair, and his gorgeous maple brown eyes. He sat at the bottom bed, silently singing her into peaceful sleep again. Calna would reach out and try to touch his paw, but she went right through. Remembrance of how he was forever gone from her life flooded back, and her love saw how she wept. "Eilam," she sobbed into her blankets, "Come back....please come back."

Eilam ghostly got up and walked to her side of the bed. He placed a paw on her cheek and whispered,

The sun will set around you,
Letting your eternal dreams come true.
So sleep tonight, wake up tomorrow,
I'll be there, leading you away hurt and sorrow...

His calm and gently voice trailed off at that verse when the door gently opened. In stepped a short and chubby mouse, still in his night garments. He yawned and asked Calna quietly, "What's the matter Calna? I thought I heard you screaming..." For the first time, someone came to her aid.

But she didn't need it.

Calna smiled weakly, and said "I'm fine Kolfa..."

Her brother shifted to the other foot while he closed the door, and he added. "Are you sure?" His little sister turned her head to the bottom of the bed, where Eilam was once again, watching her. He gave her a grin and mouth, "I'm here." Calna closed her eyes and said to Kolfa, "He's protecting me."

Kolfa turned his head, confused at his sibling's words. Shaking his head, he closed the door and walked down corridor. Inside the room, Calna was having a peaceful and well needed sleep; with her lost love watching over her.

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