• Keria Oaktree


    April 16, 2009 by Keria Oaktree
    A squirrel mother was out and searching for herbs in Mossflower;that's when she heard a faint cry. Slowly stalking the noise,she came across a squirrel babe.
    She picked it up."What are you doing here alone little one? Hm..,anybeast here;I found a babe!"there was no answer."Well little one,I guess you're coming with me to Redwall." It seemed the babe understood her because it gave a giggle.
    "Oh,what are you giggling about?!"the mother grinned as she carried off her adopted new-born child.

    "Keria;come here for a second!"said Alena as she called the squirrelmaid.
    A small squirrel pranced to her side."Yes mother?"asked Keria as she smiled.
    "Take this basket of strawberries to Friar Higgle."Alena stated as she gave Keria the basket. Fighting off the…

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