Southeastern Plains

Zalmust the stoat was marching through the southeastern plains of Mossflower, he had left his band of vermin back at camp in the paws of his right second in command Balckfoot. A storm was forming from the southwest and he was looking to find cover in the forests ahead while his band were left to drench back at the camp. Then, his pale eyes saw a creature bent over and walking slowly, he grinned wickedly knowing he could easily kill and rob it of it's possesions. As he approached it started to walk slower and Zalmust was ready to leap. In midair he drew his curved blade. Landing next to the huddled figure he was raising the sword to strike. The creature spun with great speed drawing a sword of it's own. Immediately Zalmust recognized it as Golrue the mouse warrior and the mortal enemy of Zalmust. The blades clashed then Zalmust was swinging the blade in a flurry of steel. But, Golrue successfully deflected every one of Zalmust's moves. It had begun raining and became a downpour as the battle raged on. The soil was drenched in the rain water that continued to fall. Zalmust's right footpaw went shin-deep in the mud, Golrue took advantage of it by bashing the blade out of Zalmust's paw. Now unarmed, Zalmust was desperate, he flung himself at Golrue and sank his fangs into the mouse warrior's neck. Golrue was still on the ground when Zalmust pulled a dagger from his belt. When he raised it to kill Golrue an arrow rushed in like a lightning bolt and hit Zalmust's dagger paw. Releasing the dagger in pain he looked up into the trees that were not far off and saw nothing, but when lightning flashed he saw a score of squirrel archers in the trees, all having bow and arrows pointed at him. He raised fleeing from the seen, he would find his band and make the cowardly Golrue, and all the squirrel archers that helped him,pay.

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