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    The Foxes of Rock Deep

    September 6, 2013 by Kroovadotter

    The Foxes of Rock Deep

    Book 1of The Animals of Rock Deep


    Caleb F. Huizenga

      Lokyuhb the Tyrant  The fox strode down the path, his eyes shining with fear. The fox was young, just able to walk. But Waryud was no ordinary fox. From his birth, Waryud could sense enemy’s miles away. Waryud shuddered and moaned, recalling the morning’s events.  Waryud had woken up, an evil scent around him. He sensed it! The horrifying stench could only be one thing: Rangelarg, the biggest and cruel fox in the land of Glangtogo. Waryud had hopped up to go warn his parents, but an evil sight greeted him. Stretched out in the den were his parents, both killed with the overgrown claws of Rangelarg! Waryud had run, faster than ever. But his brother Evarglan…

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