• Kytrae Wingblade

    A huge badger lumbered over to the window. He was silver with a grey stripe down his back and he had a huge broadsword attached to his waist. He was in full armor.
    "GREYFUR! LOWER TH'FLAG!" The badger roared.
    "Yes, Lord Kytrae." A big white hare staggered up the tower steps to the flagpole, where the white flag of Lord Kytrae Wingblade the Cruel flew. Greyfur could tell why Ky wanted it down- it appeared to be a flag of peace, of surrender. And Ky hated surrendering.
    As the flag was lowered, Kytrae saw a ship fast approaching. Good.
    The badger continued to watch the ship come closer to the mountain. "Silverwing is back!"
    A hare that was guarding the chamber banged through the door. "My Lord! It's not Silverwing! It's a corsair ship! With Silv a…

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