At a part in Mossflower Woods was the Rambling Rosehip Players;they were heading to Redwall Abbey. Celandine,a young squirrelmaid,was watching the butterflies,that was until she screamed.
"Ah,get it off!! Ahhh!!!"Celandine yelled.
A hare,Lazyears Wordstool,came over to her."Celandine,what are you screaming about about,wot?"he asked.
Celandine pointed to a small spider on her yellow dress."Get it off!"she said.
"Hah! Is that what you screamed about? HAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!"laughed Celandine's brother Dofe.
Celandine folded her arms."If only mother was here!"she said.
"Your mother was bitten by that adder! If she was brave and would have ran,she would be here. You're taken after her unbraveness!"said Lazyears.
Celandine couldn't take it."I'm going to Redwall by-my-self;I also quit the Rambling Rosehip Players! I'm not coming back!"she said as she picked up her sling.
"Who needs you?!"yelled Dofe.
What the Players didn't know is that Celandine meant what she said!

Chapter 1

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