Chapter 1

Kristy Streambattle copy<--- (Credit to Sambrook the Otter. Thanks Sambrook!) Kristy Streambattle, daughter of Luzan and Miresha, the chieftains of the holt, was a pretty ottermaid of about 16 seasons. She wore a green, short, comfortable, loose dress and was tall, lean, and strong. She aimed as her clan members cheered. She fired the arrow and it landed right in the center of one of her opponent's. She quickly ran away as the other otters of her clan came to congratulate her. Not only was she a dead shot with a bow, but she also was a champion slinger. She sat by the river and loaded a rock into her. She threw it at a fish so hard that the fish was killed. She heard footsteps and stood up. "Who goes there?!"

Miresha came around a rock. "Kristy Streambattle, what are you doin' here? You're supposed to be doin' the laundry! Your brother told me that you were using your bow again. You're a girl, not a boy. Girls are supposed to be gentle and peaceful and-"

"So what if i'm a girl?! It's not fair. I'm not going to spend all my life as a fussy old housewife! I want to go somewhere and actually have some fun! It's not fair, mother. Why do girls have to be gentle?!"

"Kristy, git back into the cave. Now!"

Angry, she stomped back into the cave. Her little sister, Ellen, poked her.

"Haha! You got in trouble! Ha Ha!"

"Shut up Ellen!"

"Ooooh Shame!!! Heehee, lookit what i got!"

Lauren held up a paw bracelet. "Teeheehee! I took it from your box!"

Kristy chased after Ellen. "Hey, gimmme that back, you little wrench! You have your own!"

"Nope. Streamdog took it."

"He didn't!"

Kristy easily caught up with Ellen. She grabbed her sister and growled "You better give me that back and get out of my sight right now before i bang your head into the wall."

Ellen dropped the paw bracelet and started to scream. "Ahhh! Help! Mommy! Kristy's gonna bang me head into the wall!"

Their mother came into the cave. "Kristy! Would you stop threatening you sister like that?! Why are you so immature?! You're already sixteen!"

"Ellen stole my paw bracelet that granma gave me. She has her own but she lost it!"

Ellen hid behind her mother. "I didn't!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Quiet, both of ye!"

They looked up and saw their father, Luzan.

"What's goin' on?!"

Kristy explained everything. Luzan sighed. "Kristy, you have to stop acting like a boy. You-"

"But why?! Why?! Why can't i do anything besides chores?! Why can't i be active?! It's not fair."

She stormed outside and sat by the river again, weeping.

Chapter 2

Streamflower Galedeep, a sea otter swam strongly back to her holt, many miles away from where the Streambattle holt was. Streamflower went into the holt, dripping wet. Her brother, Ryan, looked up at her. "So, sis, what have you been doin' this time? Trying to find a whale?"

Streamflower laughed. "Yeah, i had to find one to feed your gigantic stomach. Pity there was none today."

"C'mon, sis, you're late for dinner again. Where have you been?"

"You sound like Father."

"Pfft, sure."

Streamflower went in and sat by her father, the holt chieftain. She whispered something into his ear. He eyed her sternly. "Don't tell anybeast else until after dinner."

She nodded. Trouble was coming.

Zassila, a big evil ferret, marched her army into the Southward woods. She was going to destroy the forest, then go across the sea, to someplace called the Green Isle, and nobeast was going to stop her. She quietly approached a holt, thinking that nobeast suspected anything.

Far away, in Holt Streambattle, Kristy tossed and turned in her bed. She couldn't sleep. She could sense something was not right...why? She got up and strolled towards the river. But that was a mistake.

An arrow whistled overhead. She knew that danger was here. Kristy ran at top speed back to the holt.

"ATTACK! WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!! Streambattlllleeeeee!!!"

Kristy grabbed her bow went outside. She tried to hold the vermin off but couldn't. Then, some of the warriors came. later, all of them. she saw that the defenseless getting killed. She was trying to kill a stoat with an arrow point. What was going on?! Suddenly, everything went black. The next thing she knew was that a squirrel was standing over her.

"Feelin' better yet?"

"Uhh...where am I?"

"Safe from where you used to be."

"The holt! What happened? Where is everyone? What did you do?"

She jumped up and ran from behind a rock. An arrow flew at her and she quickly ducked.

She watched as her clan was mercilessly slain. She ducked behind the rock as a stone came hurling at her. She saw her father, still holding his sword and battling bravely as the vermin came at him. After every otter from the clan was slain, the vermin traveled north.

Kristy waited for an hour before venturing out to check if any of the otters were still alive. All of them were dead. She found her bow and sling where she dropped it. Kristy found her brother's lance and her father's two blades. She picked them up. She tripped over her mother's dead body. Slowly, she undid the necklace around her mother's neck. Now, that was the only memory of her family. She was weeping. Her eyes blazed as tears fell from them. One word was on her mind right now...Revenge. Revenge!

Kristy carefully buried every otter. She found a bag, and loaded it with what food and supplies were left. the squirrel joined her. She walked north, not paying any attention to the squirrel, after the vermin, with the word still in her mind. Revenge!

Chapter 3

Streamflower stood up as her father called her. "Streamflower, tell us what you saw."

"Um...well, i saw...a whole horde of vermin. They was goin' ter another holt. The Streambattle one, i think. They're in trouble. But it's too late to help them now, mates. We have to flee from here. An'-"


Suddenly, the whole holt was flooded with vermin. She saw every otter massacred. She was confused. Now, the otters alive was her brother and herself. Somebeast hit her over the head and she feinted. At about dawn, she woke up. She wasn't in her holt...she was in...a camp? As she tried to sit up, another otter helped her.

"Uhh...what happened? Where am I?"

"What's your name, matey?"

"My name is Streamflower Galedeep. What happened to the male otter?"

"He was taken. I heard that stinkin' ferret say that he was to be her slave. By the way I'm Kristy Streambattle"

A squirrel appeared behind the Kristy. "Uhh...miss..."

"Right, i don't even know you. I'm Kristy Streambattle. This is Streamflower Galedeep. Who are you, mate?"

"Sornia Treeflyer at your service, ma'am. Streamflower, here, take some o' this. It helps ye recover better."

Kristy StreambattleKristy told them both what happened to her holt and how she was treated when her family was still alive. At the end, Streamflower shook her head. "Aye, that's kinda what happened to me too. I always go wandering 'cause all the female otters in my holt are always sewing, cookin', an' all that borin' stuff. That's when...wait, was there any others alive?"

"Nope. They killed everybeast from my holt too." Streamflower started to weep.

100pxSornia Treeflyer told them about her life to try to comfort Streamflower. "Well, I had always been a wanderer. Don't really got a home. Don't got parents or family. I've been alone for longer than I could remember."

"Oh...anyway, let's get goin'. I'm gonna track that idiot ferret down an' rescue my brother. She's not gonna make a slave out o' my kin!"

"Alright, let's go, but I'm gonna kill that stupid evil excuse fer a beast."

"No! I'm gonna!"

"Fine, whoever get's to her first!"


They set off, Sornia tracking ahead.

"Garrgh! Minsclaw, git over here!"

"Yes, ma'am?"

"Where's my dinner, eh?"

"Still cookin' ma'am."

"I suppose yore cookin' it?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Well, hurry up! After yore done, bring the otter in!"

"Yas ma'am."

The rat hurried outside. Zassila began sharpening her cutlass. She just finished destroying here. Now, she would go across the sea and destroy the place called The Green Isle.

Chapter 4

Kristy and Streamflower began to make camp while Sornia went to forage for food.

"Huh, Sornia didn't really have t'go an' find food. The river is not that far away. There's plenty o' fish there."

"Aye, matey, i love fish. I'll go and get some. Wait here Kristy."

"Ok, but be careful!"

Streamflower walked to the river quickly. the ottermaid waded deep into the river. She got her javelin ready to stab as a fish swam by.

"haharr, wot luck! an ottermaid all by 'erself!"

Streamflower GaledeepStreamflower turned and saw a ferret with a five or so rats. her eyes hardened. "Galedeeeeeep!!!" She brandished her twin daggers.

Sornia went into the camp with her arms full of food. "Well, where's Streamflower?"

"Fishin' 'cause ye took so long."

"Oh. wait, i think i hear somethin'."

"That's Streamflower! She's in trouble. Hurry, let's go!"

"Ok, to the river! Treeflyeeeeeerrrr!!!"

Kristy got there first and stabbed down on the ferret as he tried to attack Streamflower. "Streambattllleee!!!"

Soon, the three woodlanders were back to back, surrounded by five big, evil, grinning rats. "Haharr, that shoopid ferret got hisself killed. We ain't gonna do that, are we mates?"

"hahaha! nope! an' we'll take these three back to lady Zassila."

"That's right, she'll kill ye nice'n'sl-"

he was slain by one of Kristy's arrows. "Streambattllllleeeee!!! Die rats!"

After some struggle, they managed to kill all the rats. Sornia licked the cut she had on her paw. She was the only injured one. "I'm hungry. Let's go get some dinner. "

"Ok. Though, there's no fish."

"Aye, I'll get some tomorrer."

The next morning, they were off again. They heard a snap of a twig and a crash.

"Owowowowow! hey ye big fat liddle bird! How many times do i gotta tells ye not to sneak up on me like that?!"

"Kreeeerk! Sky Arrow not fat! Sky Arrow look for Shonnel an' find Shonnel. Then, big bug on wing an' Sky Arrow fall! Kraaaak!"

Kristy rushed into where the noise was from, her bow loaded, and found a big kestrel and an otter arguing.

"Uhh...are you ok?"

Shonnel ShellhoundThe otter turned and brandished his lance but stopped when he saw a very pretty ottermaid. "Who are ye an' why are ye ere-oh...uh...hello. I'm Shonnel Shellhound. This ugly bird's Sky Arrow."

"Kreeeaaark! Fat riverdog not call Sky Arrow ugly! Sky Arrow kill! kill stupid riverdog!

Kristy looked from one to another. "Hello, my name's Kristy Streambattle. Uh...nice to meet'cher." She turned. "Sornia, Streamflower, git o'er here, mates!"

Another squirrel and otter showed up. Kristy introduced them. "This is Sornia an' Streamflower."

"Oh, hello."


"I'm Shonnel Shellhound an' this fat-ouch! Hey!"

"Ahem, I be Sky Arrow."

Streamflower thought for a moment. " you have any relation to Roniler Shellhound from the Green Isle?"

"Yep, that's me daddy. How'd'yer know?"

Sornia butted in. "'cos that's 'er daddy's friend, right?"


"Why don't ye come t'camp with me an' Sornia an' Streamflower?"

"Sure. Ey, Sky Arrow, go an' get the haversack an' me sword."

"Sky Arrow not gonna go!"

"Why, matey?"

"'Cos Shonnel call Sky Arrow fat'n'ugly."

"Ok, ok, sorry, 'twas just a joke!"


"Tell ye wot, i'll give ye some candied chestnuts if'n ye do."

"Sky Arrow go now!" With that, the big bird took off.

Shonnel shook his head. "Hah, that bird'd do anythin' fer a candied chestnut. Ok, mates, lead away to camp!"

Chapter 5

Zassila looked at the otter that was bound before her. "So, riverdog, what's yer name?"

Ryan, Streamflower's captured brother, stuck his tongue out at her. "Not tellin' ye idiot!"

Zassila kicked at him, but he ducked her paw, grabbed it and bit it. "Yeeearrrrrggghhh!!! Gerimofferme! Yeeeeaaaarrrggghhh!!!"

Her guards struggled to free her paw. When they finally did, Ryan still struggled, spiting violent curses at them. Zassila screamed at them. "Stop him! bind him! for the next week, starve him an' whip him ten times every night!"

Ryan still struggled. "Hah, so what? Starve me? I'll eat your soldiers instead of food. That'll taste nice! And whoever whips me will get eaten!" the brave otter inwardly puked at the thought of eating vermin.

Zassila spat at him. "Grab him and whip him."

Ryan bared his teeth. The guards were reluctant to go near him. Zassila spat again. "Hurry up!"

They slowly bound him with a rope and dragged him outside, trying to avoid his sharp teeth and kicking paws. By the time they tied him to the tree, He had killed two of the rats with his teeth. Now, the vermin were really afraid of him.

Shonnel told them about his life that night.

"Well, I was back at my home, the Green Isle. My daddy was the leader of the Shellhound clan. My ancestor, Leatho appeared to me one night. 'e said: 'Seek out the streambattle ottermaid from Mossflower, the next high rhulain. Bring her back and protect all against great evil that is coming. The evil one, ferret with an otterslave, will pay!' At dawn that day, i left on me ole boat with Sky Arrow. Me boat crashed an' 'ere i am! Well, i take it that you, Kristy, are the Rhulain. Are ye comin' to the green isle with me?"

"Yes sir. But i don't get how i'm supposed to be a queen."

"Ye'll soon find out, friend. Let's get some sleep now." Kristy and Shonnel went to scout ahead and look for the vermin at dawn the next morning. They found the camp and saw a young male otter tied to a tree growing in the middle of the camp. They were whipping him but each time, he screamed threats, curses, and insults at them. Kristy and Shonnel quickly ran back to their camp. "Streamflower, i think we found your brother."


"At the vermin camp, they're whippin' him."

"What?! Take me there! Now!"

"No, wait, not yet. We need a plan."

Sornia brandished her ax. "I've got one. Listen..."

Shonnel crouched behind a bush. He looked up at Sky Arrow, who was soaring in the sky, almost out of sight. He waited for a signal. Shonnel called out his battle cry. "Eeeee aye eeeee!"

Sky Arrow screeched. "Kreeeaaark! Vermin! Release the otter now!"

One of the rats looked around. "Ey, mates, Did ye hear that?"

"Yep. I don't see anybeast around though."

"Ya, maybe it's a ghost!"

"No such thing as ghost, idiot!"

Sky Arrow called again, this time, his voice was louder. "Heehahaha! Ye can't see me! I'm here!"

Ssssssthuck! An arrow was embedded in the ground between a rat's paws.

"Nah, actually, i'm over here!"

A sling stone bounced off the tree one centimeter away from a ferret's paw.

"I'm warnin' ye let that otter go!"

Zassila came out. "No! Come out and show yourself!"

"If'n ye say so!"

Suddenly, there was an attack of slingstones, light javelins, and arrows. Not one of them hit the otter in the middle of the camp. "Charge them, hurry up! kill every one of them!"

The vermin followed Zassila's orders and charged into the bushes. The otters and squirrel retreated.

There was a cry, not one of theirs. "Eulaliiiaaaaaa!!! Give 'em blood'n'vinegar!!!"

About ten hares came out of nowhere and slew half of the vermin. The rest, including Zassila, ran away and took their captive with them. A middle aged hare introduced himself.

"Major Manirel Morficust Aldicork Lidiner Derincer o' th' Long Patrol at yer service, ma'ams and sirs! Major Mald fer short, wot!"

"Uhh...nice to meet ye. An' thanks fer savin' us."

"No prob, wot!"


"Will ye come back t' the blinkin' mountain with us?"

"Erm, wot mountain, mate?"

"Salamandastron o' course!"

"Oh! uh...sure. Whatever that is."

"Ye'll soon find out, old lad!"

Chapter 6

Zassila ran into a clearing in Mossflower woods. She saw she was near the river, where it flowed into the great sea. Tomorrow, she would build a ship and sail to the place called the Green Isle. But for now, she and her vermin needed rest. The hares had killed half of her force; she only had thirty left now.

Kristy, Streamflower, Shonnel, Sornia, and ten hares camped down for the night. One young new recruit dropped his pack heavily onto the ground and collapsed. He started to talk loudly. "Oh, me paws're so jolly well tired, me backs killin' me, an-!"

Major Mald cuffed him soundly and kicked him. "Shut up, young Sindrone! There're vermin in this part o' the woods wot!"

The hare continued to talk. "Aye, major, if'n any vermin come we'll give 'em some blood'n'vinegar, wot wot! We'll slay every single one an-!"

"I said, no talkin'!"

"Yeeheehahaha! Flitchaye comma getta!"

"Heeheehee! Alla riverdogs an' rabbiks die!"

"Teeheehee! Bushytail too!"

The ever impulsive Sindrone picked up his daggers and started to run towards the vermin. "C'mon, mates! Let's give 'em a taste o' th' Long Patrol, wot! Eulaliiiiaaaa!"

Suddenly, a smell filled the camp. All of the hares, otters, and squirrel were unconscious in seconds. The Flitchaye weasels tied them up and brought them to their camp.

At dawn, Zassila roughly woke up the sleeping otter captive. "'ey, Smartmouth wakey wakey!"

Ryan woke up and glared at the ferret. "Hmm...well, did you wash yer mouth in th' river yet? it stinks."

"Shurrap, riverdog! ye don't talk t'me like that!"

"Well, idiotic excuse fer a toad, i just did!"

"Grarrgh! i'm tired o' talkin' t'that riverdog! Burdgy, make him gather some wood fer our new ship."

"Yes ma'am. C'mon river dog."

Ryan stood up and pulled at his chains. "Hey, fox, do me a favor, would ye? go an' boil yer ugly face in the river. It makes me wanna throw up."

"Yah, sharrup! go an' chop some wood fer the boat! now!" he cracked his whip. "'urry up!"

"Yes sir, an' while i chop wood, would ye like me t' chop yer head off too?"

"Go, ye stupid, shrivelin' idiot!"

"Ok, ok, i'm goin', fathead! Ye don't gotta be so touchy! Yeesh!"

The otter bent to pick up a piece of driftwood. Then he smiled as he got an idea. He whirled around and smashed the wood over Burdgy's head, knocking him out cold.

Chapter 7

"Yeeheehee! Riverdog wakey wakey! Time t' boil you up! Flitchaye eatta!"

Kristy came awake slowly, as did all her other friends. They were all tied to trees, two to each. Shonnel was tied next to her. She looked around and saw that she was in some kind of camp littered with bones, leftover food, and dead twigs. She saw some weasels covered in leaves and plant dye. She kicked out at the closest one. "Go 'way idiots!"

She heard Shonnel whisper into her ear. "Shh, they'll cook us now if you talk. just wait fer my bird an' he'll have us out, matey."

"Ok, where is Sky Arrow, anyways?"

"You'll see."

A while later, three decorated stones dropped out of nowhere into the center of camp. Then, there was a voice. "Kreeeeeh! Let my friends go now!"

The flitchaye began to panic because they didn't know that Sky Arrow was talking. They thought it was a ghost.

Shonnel winked at Kristy. "We'll be free soon!"

"Kreeearrrk! I said let my friends go!"

Sky Arrow flew down from out of nowhere. "Kreeeaaaaah! My master sent me to free his friends!"

"Go getta friends. Flitchaye let them go!"

Sky Arrow used his sharp beak to cut all the ropes. "Kreeek! We leave now! Follow us, and you die!"

As the otters, hares, and squirrel left, the skinny weasels followed timidly. Once they were out of the clearing, the flitchaye were surrounded by shrews. One particular big one spoke, "Yew 'eard the bird! Follow us and die!" The guosim shrews slaughtered the flitcheyes on the spot.

Chapter 8

Ryan had gathered alot of wood for Zassila's ship. Now, he was supposed to help build it. Funny, nobeast dared to tease him or even touch him. They all treated him like one of their own, except Zassila. But why? He was an otter captive. he still had chains on as he worked. Then he realised it: they were trying to make him into a vermin! But he wouldn't let it happen! He began to insult them.

"Hey snotface! Ye look like ye need a break. Yer too wimpy and skinny to be buildin' a boat!"


"Why should i? Yew can't make me!"

"Oh yes i can! C'mere!"

"Hmm...nah, ye need to work out more! come over here!"

"Grr! I'm gonna get yew!"

The rat that he insulted had his sword out and was walking towards Ryan when Zassila came out. "What's this all about?"

"None of yer business, idiot! go back to sleep!"

"Otter, come here!"

"My name is Ryan, not otter! and yer too lazy to come here; that's why ye want me to go there!"

" food fer yew!"

"I'll eat you then!"

"Bunky, chain him up!"

"whoo! thanks Sky Arrow! For a moment there, i thought we were gonna be jolly well eaten wot!"

"Kreee! Sky Arrow always help friends!"

" I see."

"Well, I'm starvin'!"

"You always are!"

"Let's get some breakfast now."

"Ok. Er, how? The weasels took our packs of food."

"Uh, I know, us otters can go get some fish."

"Alright. I likes fish."

Chapter 9

Ryan had been chained to a tree. He was sitting down, chewing on some sweet grass. He had a plan in his head. He was going to get out of here!

Shonnel, Kristy, and Streamflower had brought back a lot of fish. The rest of the group were chewing on cooked fish. The guosim had gone back to their boat and went sailing in the rivers again. Major Mald watched as his patrol finished eating and stood up. They were going to do some quick marching that day. One of the younger hares was chatting away. "Mmm...that fish was good. I like fish. Never get too much of it, though, wot! I dunno why. Well, at least we'll get to Salamandastron soon, wot wot! Real food there. Not camp rations. Hey, Kristy, wait'll you see Salamandastron. It's great there. Lots o' food, wot! Oooh. Nice necklace!"

Kristy had almost forgot about her mother's necklace. The day of her family's death came back to her mind. She had tears in her eyes as she replied. "Oh, this. Thanks, it's my mom's."

The hare who was talking saw that Kristy was sad now. She quickly said something else. "Oh, erm, so, where are ye goin' after you come back to Salamandastron with us, wot?"

" revenge." Kristy left quickly. She went to sit alone by the river, crying. After a while, Streamflower and Shonnel came to comfort her. Streamflower patted her back gently. "It's ok. You'll get your revenge. Besides, Shonnel thinks the enemy that we need to face at that green isle place is Zassila."

"Yep, 'member the poem that me ancestor Leatho Shellhound said? 'Seek out the streambattle ottermaid from Mossflower, the next high rhulain. Bring her back and protect all against great evil that is coming. The evil one, ferret with an otterslave, will pay!'"

"Uh-huh, that otterslave might be me brother, ryan."

Kristy sniffed and dried her eyes. "I forgot about that. But, why am i supposed to be queen? Why not you, Streamflower? I have no experience, I never led any battle, or group, or even a game before!"

"What'cha talkin' about, mate? I thought ye were the leader o' this group."

"Shonnel's right, pal. You're leadin' this revenge mission."

"But, i thought we were guys are as much in charge as i am. And, how come Sornia doesn't have a say?"

"No, yer highness, you're in charge here."

"That's right, Lady. Sornia is just taggin' along."

"Stop! Stop callin' me that! You're my friends, not my subjects. Can't we rule that isle together?"

"Nope, yer in charge."

"That's right, now lead away. The long patrol is gonna leave soon."

Kristy stood up. "Why? What's wrong with you? I thought you were my friends! Why don't you act like it?"

Kristy ran deeper into Mossflower woods, not knowing where she was going. Shonnel looked to the direction she was going. "I'm gonna go after her. You go back to the patrol and tell 'em that we'll catch up."

Chapter 10

Ryan eyed the vermin happily. he had been trying to cut the chains on his paws loose for a while now, and he finally succeeded! He stood up and stretched while the vermin were sleeping. Then, one of the foxes awoke. "Ey, wot are ye doin? yer supposed t'be chained up!"

"Sharrup, fatbrain! I'm gettin' out o' 'ere today."

He swung his chains at the fox and the vermin crumpled under the metal. "Bye sucker!"

Suddenly, ten vermin surrounded him. "Hahaha! Get him, mates!"

Ryan swung his chains around, above his head. "Then come an' get me!"

The vermin crowded in on him.


“Kristy! Kristy Streambattle! Wait for me.”

When she heard Shonnel’s voice, Kristy speeded up. “Leave me alone! You guys don’t care!”

“Kristy, wait. Listen to me.”

Kristy stopped. Shonnel caught up to her and put a paw on her shoulder, “Kristy, please, listen t’me. We didn’t mean it. ‘twas just a joke.”

She shrugged his paw off, “Huh, yeah right, ye don’t care!”

“No, no, I’m tellin’ the truth. Ye can ask Streamflower. Besides, why don’t ye wanna be queen?”

“Because…I don’t know. I just don’t feel like one. I mean, I’m just-just a nobody. I’m not worthy. I’ve done nothing to deserve it.”

“Hmm…I don’t know, I think ye’d make a really good queen. “

Kristy blushed and shrugged. “I don’t know…I don’t even know what a queen does, other than order other beasts around.”

“Yah, ye’ll get the hang of it. Wot d’ye say we go an’ find the patrol now, eh?”

“Ok. Wow, I forgot all about that. hmm...”

“Aye. Oh, an’ I have one question before we go.”


“I never knew your full story. Would ye mind tellin’ me?”

Kristy’s eyes hardened. “Ok, I’ll tell ye on the way. Let’s go.”

They walked through Mossflower woods, trying to pick up the Long Patrol’s tracks as Kristy Streambattle told her story. “Well, when my holt was still alive…”

Just as they spotted the others ahead, Kristy finished her story. She was crying again and Shonnel put his paw around her shoulders. “It’s ok; you’ll get your revenge and be queen.”

Kristy was about to say something when, a stoat appeared in front of them. They both immediately drew their weapons.

Chapter 11


Ryan swung his chains and took out three of the vermin. The other seven tried to charge him, but failed. Any who went close enough were taken down with the heavy chains. Then suddenly, something hit his head and all went black.

Kristy and Shonnel were back to back. They had been surrounded by seven vermin scouts of Zassila. Shonnel whispered to Kristy. "When they're least expectin' it, try a wild charge."

One of the rats spat on the ground. "Heeheeheehee! So, let's take these back to Zassila."

The others sniggered and agreed with him.

"Hahaha! and we'll get promoted."

"An' that other otter will have some pals too."

When Kristy heard Zassila's name, her eyes clouded with red. Shonnel saw her trembling with anger. "Control yourself, mate. Ye could get us killed. When I shout, charge."

The vermin continued to spit threats and insults at them. Suddenly, "Eeeeeee aye eeeeee! Shellhooooouuuuunnnd!!! Streambattllllllleeeeeeee!!!"

The two angry otters they surrounded, took them completely by surprise.

Sornia heard something and took out her ax. She looked back and saw some figures moving. She called up to the front of the patrol, where Streamflower was. "'ey streamflower, I hear somethin'. I'm gonna go check it out. Be back in a minute."

"Alright, go ahead. Just be careful matey."

When he woke up, he was tied to a tree and Zassila was holding a whip.

“Haha, so I see you finally woke up, eh?”

“Yeah, so what if I did, stupid?”

“You’re not gonna escape or tease my soldiers again, waterdog.”

“So, lookit that big strong fox o’er there. He was in the group that tried to get me an’ ‘e couldn’t even get me by hisself! Yer nothin’ but a piece ‘o garbage with other pieces o’ trash fer a horde!”

Whip! Whip! “Sharrup, slave!”

Ryan glared at Zassila, bleeding on his shoulder where she whipped him. “I’m no slave. Ye can’t make me do anythin’!”

“Oh, yes I can, once we get to the Green Isle, ye are not gonna ever defy me again!”

Chapter 12

Kristy was suddenly pushed out of the way as an ax flew out of nowhere overhead. Shonnel quickly helped her back up.

“Where did that come from?”

Sornia came hurling out of nowhere and picked up her ax.”Treeflyeeeeerrrrrr!!!”

Kristy fought with renewed hope as she saw the Long Patrol turn around and run towards them. By the time they got there, there was not much to kill. Streamflower slew the last rat. Then, Sornia collapsed.

Ryan was bound twice as much, was surrounded by vermin guards at all times, and was unable to eat anything, except anything he could find on the ground…which was mainly grass. He kept insulting and yelling at the guards. They could only whip him and insult him back. But, he would always catch the whip and then there would be a fight. Then, Zassila would come out and settle things.

“Yew again, otter. Let’s see what ye can do aboard me new ship, the Waterdeath tomorrow, eh?! Hahhaha!!!”

“Oooh, we’re gonna go sailin’? Yay! “

“Hahaha, yeah, ye might be happy now, but once we get aboard, ye won’t be happy.”

“Whoohoo! Thank ye, stupid garbage. I love the sea! Galedeeeeeeeeppp!!!”

Zassila turned around and headed back to her tent. Why had she forgotten that he was an otter?!

Sornia was on a crutch. He leg had been severely injured and none of them were very good healers. She limped along side Kristy. "Hey, Kristy."


"Do we have a boat to get over the sea?"

"nope. that's the problem, we need one."

"Oh. Well, i've got a friend around here that has one, probably."

"Really? Well, d'ye think we can use it?"

"He'll probably wanna take you there. He loves goin' sailin'."

"Ok, thanks for the info. Now, we need to get to Salamandastron first."


"You'll see."

There was a screech overhead. "Kreeeaaaarrrkk! Sky Arrow see big rock, three days away!"

Chapter 13

That night, while everybeast else was asleep, Kristy, Streamflower, and Shonnel crept silently out of camp. Sky Arrow had gone to Salamandastron to tell the inhabitants of their comming. Kristy and her friends decided to track ahead. They all went separate directions. She found herself going towards a fire. then, she realized that it was her enemy! Without thinking, she drew her sword and stabbed the ground with her lance. "Streambatttllllleeee!!!"

Streamflower and Shonnel met at the exact same time they heard Kristy's warcry.

"That's Kristy!"

"Somethin' wrong. Let's go!"

Ryan had been awake. He couldn't sleep. He didn't know why. He sat up as he heard a cry, "Streambatttllllleeee!"

Suddenly, he saw an otter with a lance and a sword crash into the camp. She headed straight to the biggest tent. Vermin crowded around her, but they were no match for an angry, vengeful, otter in blood wrath. Just when they were going to overwhelm her, two other otters crashed through the trees. Ryan recognized one of them. "Streamflower!"

They both ignored him and fought their way to where Kristy was.

"Galedeeeeeeeep! Eeeee aye eeeeeee!"

There was a screech above. "Kreeeeeeh! Sky Arrow go get bunny rabbits!"

Major Mald cocked his ears this way and that. What was that sound? Suddenly, something landed next to him. "Kreeearrrk! Sky Arrow see Shonnel, Kristy, Streamflower, an' somebeast else. They tell Sky Arrow to get bunny rabbits!"

"Whoah, what a minute, wot! First, we're not blinkin' bunny rabbits, we are hares! HARES Second, where are they and wot are they flippin' doin' there?"

"Sky Arrow see riverdogs at vermin camp. They fight battle. gonna get killed! Hurry, rabbit!"

"WE'RE HARES! HARES HARES HARES'!! and i would hurry up if'n ye tell me where they are!"

"Follow Sky Arrow."

By now, all the hares were up and armed. "Patrol, March!!!"

Chapter 14

Zassila came out and looked around. destruction. An ottermaid. She locked eyes with Kristy. Her eyes, red with bloodwrath...there was something, something in her eyes. Whatever it was, it sent a chill down her spine. The ottermaid started to go towards Zassila. She panicked. She gathered some of her vermin and Ryan. "Retreat! Retreat!"

Suddenly, the camp was filled with hares. Again, she escaped with her head captains and an otter. Those who weren't with her, were killed. Kristy raged. Where was Zassila? She started to run into the forest, but Shonnel and Streamflower held her back.

"Leggo o' me! i have to kill her. I'm gonna rip that idiot into pieces! Release me!"

"Kristy, calm down! you'll get your revenge. Now, we gotta tend to your wounds. lookit that cut on yer paw."

"Yeah, and also, she still has enough vermin to kill you."

Kristy struggled until Streamflower dumped some water over her head. She stopped. She was still shaking with rage.

"Fine, but, when the time comes, she's mines!"

Streamflower looked at her for a second. "Fine, i only want to rescue my brother."

"What got into you? You practicly were gonna kill yerself!"

"I don't know, when i found out it was Zassila's camp, I just lost control..."

"Ok, now, lets see that paw."

Zassila, her ten vermin, and one otterslave ran through Mossflower woods, searching for their newly built ship. They were going to leave this land now! Zassila tugged on Ryan's rope, which still kept him captive. "Hurry up, stupid! Yer friends are commin'!"

Ryan actually slowed down. "Grrr...if ye just let me go ye wouldn't be in this mess, ye piece o' trash! Or, maybe ye would, seein' thet ye killed me clan. Me sis an her friends will hunt ye down an' destroy ye!"

"Sharrup! Git movin'! To the ship that we built!"

Ryan gritted his teeth as the rope dug into his paws. No, Streamflower and her friends won't destroy Zassila; he will! Yes, he will rip her to pieces, and burn her remainings!

Chapter 15

Kristy had a cut on her left footpaw. She limped between Shonnel and Streamflower, who were supporting her. They were almost to Salamandastron, only a day away. But, if they march double, they would make it by nightfall. Major Mald told her that the badger lord, Lord Fireblade, sent the Long Patrol out to find her and bring her back. She had asked why, but the hare had changed the subject.

"Er, do you know anybeast with a boat?"

"No, but Sornia does. And why-"

"Oh, er, good. Then, when will you be goin' wot?"

"I don't know, maybe three days after we reach the mountian? I've got a question, how-"

"Ahem, we have to jolly well march double to reach Salamandastron by night time, wot!"

Suddenly, a big squirrel, with two score others, holding slings, dropped out of nowhere. They loaded bows and pointed it at the surrounded party. "Drop yer weapons, rabbits!"

The major stomped forward. "We are not rabbits, we are hares,"

"Shut up, rabbit, i didn't tell ye to talk!"

"Excuse me, i am a-"

"I said shut up, rabbit!"

Sornia stepped forward, "Sir, we are not vermin. We are travelers, so kindly let us pass in peace."

"Uh...oh. Sorry 'bout that. Can't let our guard down in this part o' the woods. Sorry. Ok, mates, put down all weapons. And, rabbit-"


"Ok, ok, hare. Sorry, now would you like to have lunch with us before you leave?"

At the mention of food, Mald became more polite. "Oh, lunch? Sure, why not. Lead the way, sah, wot!"

Zassila and her ten vermin stood at the stern of the small vessel. They were watching the spot of land get smaller. Ryan sat tied to a pole. He sang at the top of his voice. He tried his worst to sing. He was making all of it up as he went along.

“Ooooh, I’m a scummy, piratin’ sea dog

I’m cap’n o’ the Weefog

I kick me crew fer no reason at all

An’ I smash ‘em into trees t’ watch leaves fall

I cut ‘em up with me cutlass fer practice

Oh, an’ I tell ye, I never miss!

Ooooh, I wuz born in a stream durin’ a storm

I onced kicked a whale an’ ‘e became deformed

I eat three sharks fer lunch everyday

An’ I throw me enemies everyway

I can lift a thousand times me weight

Oh, an’ I tell ye, nobeast looks at me with hate!"

Chapter 16

"Eulaliiiiaaaaa!!! Hello?! Open up! It's the jolly ole long patrol, wot!"

A gigantic badger came out of the mountain, "So you're back. Did you find them?"

"Yep, right here, sah."

"Uhh, hello, sir. I'm Kristy Streambattle. This is Shonnel Shellhound, Sornia Treeflyer, and Streamflower Galedeep, my mates. Umm...I think you know the bird?"

"Yes, I do. Are you the High Rhulain?"


Shonnel butted in. "Yes she is."

"Alright, come with me. We need to talk."

"Yes sir. How 'bout them?"

"Bring them along too, Lady."

"Yes sir. Oh, and please don't call me Lady, I'm Kristy."


Zassila glared at the otter. He had been singing for the last three hours. It was very annoying. first, because he had a horrible voice. Second, because he was insulting them in his songs, and third, because he was singing VERY LOUD. that was it! She would put a stop to his singing!

"Would ye just shut up?!"

Ryan sang back, "No, ye fat worm, I love singing. an' I...looooovvvveeee thheeeeee sseeeeeeaaaaaaaaa!!!!"

He started to sing another song. Zassila had enough. She took her whip and started walking towards the otter. Ryan saw it and sang,

"An' Stupid Antbrain's commin'

with a whip in 'er paw

She's a fat ugly nobrain

and that's all i saw!

She's raisin' 'er whip

An' i'm gonna give her a slip!"

Zassila brought the whip down. Ryan grabbed it and pulled it. Zassila came crashing towards him. The fight was on!

Chapter 17

MelenaMelena Shellhound stood on the sand at the Green Isle. It was almost night. She could sense something was comming. Ever since her brother, Shonnel left, she could feel something was going to happen. But what? Then she saw a ship. She picked up her javelins and went to alert the clans.

"Dad! Dad!"

"Don't bother me now, Melena. I have to-"

"Dad! There's-"

"Don't interrupt me, Melena."

"But, there's a ship!"

"Ship? Is it Shonnel's?"

"No, it's a big evil one. over there!"

"Great Seasons! Go and gather all the warriors."

Melena ran into the stone fortress that had been built by her ancestor, Leatho Shellhound, and the old High Rhulain, Tiria Wildlough. "Eeeeee aye eeeeeee! Everybeast in the dining room! Council of war!!!"

Kristy, Shonnel, Streamflower, and Sornia followed Lord Fireblade to his chamber. Shonnel had sent his kestrel, Sky Arrow back to the Green Isle to warn them of the evilness comming. When they went into the badger's chamber, they looked around in amazement.

"Whoa! Lookit all those weapons!"

"Aye, I make them in my spare time. Anyway, I understand you are going accross the ocean to fight an vermin at the Green isle."

"H-h-how did you know that?"

Fireblade ignored the question. "Do you have a ship?"

Sornia spoke up. "Yes sir, I know somebeast that has one."

"Good. you are going to go fight them by yourselves?"

"No sir. Me mates at the green isle have an army. An' I sent Sky Arrow to warn them."

"There will be more vermin than you expect."

"Huh? Zassila only took about 10 with her."


"Lord, How do you know all this?"

Again, the badger ignored the question. "Would you like to take any of the long patrol with you?"


"I think you better."

"No, it's ok. We can take care of it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Otters at the Green Isle are enough."

"The vermin will outnumber them though."

"How d-"

"I'm a seer. Like my ancestor, Lonna Bowstripe."

"Oh, no wonder you knew all that stuff. An' with your permission, Lord, we will stay for about two days."

"Alright. You should get some dinner now, you must be hungry."

"Thank you. We'll be goin' now."

Chapter 18

Ryan pulled the whip harder and made Zassila let go if it. He had been chewing on his rope for a long time. Now, he was free! Zassila jumped upon him. He rolled out of the way. He brought the whip down on her back twice. "Hahaha! Now, wot, eh, stinkface?"

"Guards! Help me ye stupid broggle heads!"

whip! smack! Zassila screamed as Ryan whipped her. "Hahaha! How do you feel now, eh?"

Zassila looked into the otter's eyes and saw a crazed look. "Stupid guards!!! Hurry up!"

Ryan continued to whip her, mercilessly. "Hahaha! Oooh, i'm so scared!" Then everything went black. One of the foxes, Canidae, stood over the unconscious form of Ryan. She took a chain and chained him to the wooden pole. Then, she went and helped Zassila put on some herbs on her back. She really hated the life of a vermin. Why does innocent creaturs have to be killed so mercilessly? She felt sorry for that otter. And she was going to help him escape!

Melena stood on the table. "We need to destroy them, mates! We need a plan. They should get here by dawn tomorrow. Anybeast have a plan?"

A younger ottermaid stood up. "I've got one!"

"Then come up here, Enhydra Streamdog! Tell us yer plan."

"Well, we can have archers behind rocks, trees, an' other stuff. When they sail into the bay, we will light fire to arrers an' we can shoot them!"

"Hmm...that's a great idea! Get some rest, mateys. Tomorrow, we will start a war! Eeee aye eeeeeeee!!!"

The whole dining room echoed as the rest of the otterclans screamed. "Eeeeee aye eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

Kristy sat with Shonnel, Streamflower, and Sornia at a small table. A female hare, about 14 seasons, sat herself down at the table and smiled at them. "I'm Alleni! Do you want a jolly ole tour of the flippin' mountain?"


"Ok, let's see. After dinner, we will give you a bally tour, wot!"

"Thank you. So do you want us to tell you our story, of how we got here?"

"Sure! I've always loved stories! An' I bet me blinkin' pals would love to hear a bally story, wot!"

"Alright, Kristy, you start with yours."

"Ok, let's see..."

When they finished the story, Alleni stood up and pounded the table once with her fist. "Goodness! What's wrong with the flippin' vermin?! That's completly terrible, wot wot! When are you gonna bally leave? I'm commin' too."

"No, you can't."

"Why not?!"

"Because it's too dangerous."

"Aye, mate. 'Tis no use to waste lives. It's not yer fight."

"Well, It is now, wot!"

"Ye really want to come?"

"Yes! Of course I absoballyspiffinblinkinjollyflippinlutly want to, wot wot wot! Can't just sit around all day doin' chores."

"Will yer parents let ye?"

"Dunno who me parents are. Colonel Forjam told me thet me parents were killed by vermin, wot."

"Oh, well, Alleni, if ye really wanna come..."

"Yessss! Wahoooo!"

"Shhh...don't let anybeast else know. We're sneakin' away from here tomorrer at night."

"Righto! Ok, now let's give you a tour of the jolly ole mountain, wot!

Chapter 19

While he was unconscious, two otters appeared in front of Ryan. The female, dressed in armor, with a coronet on her head spoke. "Ryan Galedeep, ye will soon be united with your kin."

The male, with a torn up tunic, and a big scar across one eye spoke. "Ye shall find the Shellhound maid, and tell her of the two joint evil forces."

"The high rhulain's on her way. Trust the vixen."

They both faded away. Ryan awoke slowly and painfully. At first, he thought there was an egg ontop of his head. He was trying to figure out his dream. what was a Rhulain? Who were the otters? What Shellhound maid? Joint forces? Then, when he opened his eyes, he saw a fox. He bared his teeth and strained against his chains. "Stay away, idiot!"

"shhh! I'm here to help ye."

"Help? Wot vermin helps a goodbeast?"

The vixen looked him in the eye. Ryan saw something in her eyes that was different. something echoed in his mind. trust the vixen. "Alright, what can you do?"


The otters spread around the bay, hiding behind anything. It was still dark. They each carried a bow, a quiver of arrows, flint an tinder, and a pile of dry moss and twigs. As the ship came into the bay, Captain Mogswiffer stood at the stern of his ship. "Haharr, mates, would ye lookit that fortress, all ready fer me takin'!"

Melena stood behind a big hollow log. She called out. "Go no further, vermin, you're surrounded. Look around you."

Fires lit up the dark skies. Hundreds of them! "Yah, they're just decoy fires, let's keep goin' mates!"

"I'm warnin' ye leave, or get burned!"

"Don't listen to 'em, mates, row!"

The ship slowly moved forward. Then. SSssssssssstttthhhuck!!! The ship was on fire!

Chapter 20

The second night, at around midnight, Kristy, Sornia, Shonnel, Streamflower, and Alleni gathered some supplies and sneaked into Mossflower woods. Sornia, whose paw had been treated in the infirmary, lead the way to her friend's home. About five minutes later, there was a crack of a twig. They instantly drew their weapons. "Who goes there?!"


"Answer me, who are you?! If'n yer a friend, come out. If yer a vermin, go an' boil yer fat head!"

Nothing happened. "Let's move on. That was probably some wind."


"Sornia, who's yer friend?"

"Lunitia Galedeep."

Streamflower almost shouted. "Wait, that's me older cousin! He's been missin' since i was a dibbun!"

"Well, ye'll git to see him again. Now, let's move!"

Major Mald knelt behind a bush, his paw on a young hare's mouth. when Kristy and her friends were out of sight, he let the young hare go. "What's wrong with you, wot?! Yer so clumsy, young Marnical, wot!"

"Major, do follow them now?"

"Yes, let's go, wot!"

two score hares followed him, all heavily armed.

The vermin had escaped on logboats. They paddled full speed to shore. The otters kept firing arrows, picking off and burning vermin. All around the bay, there were screams and warcries. Once in a while, there was an odd screech, not belonging to any of them. Then, Sky Arrow flew out of nowhere. He landed next to Melena and her father, Lumic. "Kreeeeeh. More evil commin' this way! Shonnel be commmin' with help!"

"Shonnel's alive! Whew, tell us everything later. Now, return to Shonnel and tell him to hurry."

"Kreeeeeaaahh. Shonnel with the high rhulain."

With that, the kestrel flew away, back to his master.

"The high rhulain's commin' mates! fire!"

Ryan looked up. He was waiting for them to land at the green isle. Then, he would go according to Canidae's plan, and escape! He saw a kestrel overhead. He whistled loudly. "Hey, bird! Do you know where the Green Isle is?"

"Kreeeeeh! You very close! One more day. Tell Melena I go get High Rhulain."

The kestrel flew away. Ryan called after him. "Wot's a High Rhulain?"

Kristy walked behind Sornia. They were getting close to Lunitia Galedeep's home. Suddenly, a big sea otter with an eyepatch and a chunk of his left ear missing jumped out of nowhere. He brandished twin swords. "Who goes there?!"

Woah, this is not my cousin, Streamflower thought. Sornia twirled her sling. "Hey, it's just me, Sornia an' me pals."

"Oh, well, why were you sneakin' around, then, eh, matey? So who are you guys?"

"This is Kristy Streambattle, Alleni Forerunner, Shonnel Shellhound an' Streamflower Galedeep."

Lunitia walked towards Streamflower, who backed up slightly. "'re sounds familiar..."

"' er...we're cousins...if'n ye haven't noticed..."

"Uh...hmm...oh! Streamflower! Hahaha! 'tis really you! Last i saw ye was when ye was 'bout seven seasons!"

"Huh, yeah, then ye disappeared!"

"Right. That's cause i got kidnapped. Killed the vermin an' got lost, y'know."

"Wow. How'd ye lose an ear an' an eye?"

"Killin' vermin, duh. So, how's the ole holt?"


"Ok, let's tell you at lunch time."

"Yeah, because it's not good."

Lunitia cocked his head. "Well then, c'mon. I'll show ye me home."

Chapter 21

Balefir, a ferret on Captain Mogswiffer's boat tapped his captain's shoulder and ducked a flaming arrow. "Er, cap'n..."


"There's a ship o'er there."

"Git o'er to that ship, mates!"

They paddled furiously to the ship. Zassila came out of her cabin when she heard some interesting words to Ryan's song.

"Hooooo...I see some fatheads

an' i wanna beat them 'till they're all red

They're paddlin' here

that's some ugly clothes they wear

they're wavin' and burnin'

Whoo! go fire arrers!

Uhh...wot rymes with arrers?"

Zassila peered at the others. A fat stoat called up to her, "'Ey, 'elp us matey!"

She thought for a moment. Then she sent her followers to let down ropes to the other vermin. She had a plan!

After they told Lunitia their story, he pounded his fists on the table. "I'm commin' with ye. I'll take ye on me ship. An' I'll kill Zassila!"

Kristy stood up. "No ye won't I will!"

"Back off, mate, I will!"

"Too bad, I called first."

Soon they were face to face, eye to eye. Their were weapons drawn and they were ready to fight. Shonnel and Streamflower quickly took charge. "Whoa, mates, wait a moment."

"Ye'll not go far by fighting each other."

"That's right. You two need to cool down. I've given up revenge, I only want to rescue Ryan. That's what you should do, Lunitia. Besides, she's the queen."

"I don't care who she is, ye don't tell me wot to do, maid!"

Kristy broke away from Streamflower and strided towards the one eyed sea otter. "Hey, you don't insult females! Just because we're girls, doesn't mean we can't beat you!"

"Oh yeah? Let's settle this with a fight!"

"Fight it is. Haharr, let's see if ye can't beat me!"

Blades were drawn. Shonnel, Streamflower, Sornia, and Alleni stood, restraining them. Suddenly, another hare came striding in, nonchalantly. "Hey, ole chaps, wot's goin' on?"

Kristy glared at him. "Major Mald, what are ye doin' here?! I didn't want the Long Patrol to come!"

"Sorry miss, wot. Gotta obey Lord Fireblade, y'know. An' Alleni's me niece y'know."

Lunitia waved his twin swords. "Hey, are ye gonna fight or not?!"


Kristy broke loose again and hurled herself onto the other otter. Lunitia wrenched his paws from Shonnel and Sornia's paws.


There was a whistle and suddenly, the cave was full of hares. Kristy and Lunitia were pulled apart, each straining to get each other. Lunitia had a cut on his arm and Kristy had a small scratch on her paw.

Major Mald put himself between them. "Explain please, wot! What's this about? The both o' ye are otters! You shouldn't be fightin', wot! I need a flippin' explanation now!"

The ship anchored outside the bay. There was about two hundred vermin aboard the cramped ship. The otters won the battle. Now they were resting inside their fortress. Melena paced around. How many vermin were aboard the new ship? Did they have any slaves? Where was her brother, shonnel? When was he going to get here with the High Rhulain? Who was the High Rhulain? All these thought swirled through her mind. Her father came down from the dormitories. "Get to sleep, girl! It's war tomorrow."

"Can't sleep. I'm not tired. Besides, I'm thinkin' o' a plan. Almost done now. Dad, why don't you go sleep?"

"Fine. Oh, an' when did that bird say that your brother will return?"

"Didn't say. Sky Arrow just said that he will bring the High Rhulain."

" shouldn't fighting. you're to young, an' plus, yer a girl." Roniler Shellhound, leader of the Shellhound holt left his daughter and went to bed. Melena watched him go and started to draw a chart. Tomorrow, was war, her father was correct. And, tomorrow, she was going to show her holt that she isn't just some maid. She was a warrior.

Chapter 22

They explained everything to the Major and the other hares. Lunitia spat on the ground. "An' that ottermaid thinks she can beat me!"

"No, I don't think. I know I can beat that dim wit!"

"Ok, ok. I get it. Stop this instant, wot! I said stop!"

"Kristy, do you know what time it is? It's nearly noon!"

Suddenly a kestrel came out of nowhere. "Krreeeeee! Shonnel, Melena say hurry up. Vermin get there already."

Kristy was about to say something when Lunitia interrupted. "Hey, let's git goin' already. An' you, girl-"

"My name is Kristy, not girl!"

"Whatever. Anyway, we'll settle this later. Now, git ready because in a couple o' moments, we'll be sailin'."

Major Mald took control once more. "Now, Long Patrol, are ye ready for a flippin' war?!"

Every hare cheered and shouted. Alleni nudged her uncle. "Why did you come? Her majesty doesn't want you here. She says that it'll be wasting lives."

"Sure. Whatever. Anyway, yer part o' the long patrol too, wot. Now, Patrol, get into blinkin' ranks. An' that includes you, alleni."

A few minutes later, Lunitia came in and brought them to his ship, which was provisioned. They boarded the ship. Lunitia left Shonnel the tiller, and went to talk to streamflower. "Why are we takin' her?"

"She's to become the queen of the green isle. you shouldn't make her angry. you haven't seen her in battle yet."

"An' she hasn't seen me in battle."

"Ye have to treat her with respect, because she's the High Queen Rhulain. your job is to help her."

"Hmph." With that, the one eyed sea otter left. He went to study some maps in his cabin. He thought Kristy was tough for an ottermaid. She had nerves but he knew he could beat her. He actually thought Kristy was pretty.

That night at dinner, Streamflower noticed the way Lunitia was staring at Kristy. She decided to do something about it. She elbowed her cousin in the ribs and called out, "Hey, Kristy, Lunitia's staring at you. I think he likes you!"

Lunitia turned bright red and glared at Streamflower. Kristy turned. "What did you say? Sorry, didn't hear you."

"I said that Lunitia's-oof!"

The sea otter pushed his cousin off the chair. "She said that i think you are a puny weakling."

Kristy's eyes turned red with anger. Streamflower quickly said. "That's not wot i said. I said that Lunitia was starin' at ye an' that he likes ye." She got up and fled from the two otters chasing after her.

"eeeee aye eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

The five score otters from various clans brandished spears, slings, swords, lances, bows, arrows, daggers, and a whole bunch of other weapons as they marched out of the stone fortress with Melena in the lead. The previous night, they had moved all those that were unable to, fight to holt Summerdell. Now, they were going according to Melena's plan. But, the vermin had some plans themselves.

The otters split into three groups. One stayed in the fortress. One hid in the woods surrounding the fortress. The last hid underwater in the lake in front of it. They were ready to attack at the signal. Zassila and Mogswiffer led half the force and charged the stone fortress. Suddenly, the otters from the forest came out and attack the vermin. The other half of the vermin came from the ship to help the other vermin. The force in the river leapt out and attacked the vermin to save their friends.

Melena swam as fast as she could, knowing all the clans' lives depended on it. She held the torch and threw it at the ship. One of the vermin spotted her and said. "'ey! The ship! it's on fire!" Soon all the vermin were at the ship, trying to extinguish it. The otterclans took their chance and dragged the wounded and dead inside. Melena dived underwater and headed to shore. She had succeeded! She saw another sea otter behind her and swam up to him. "Where did you come from?"

Ryan stared at the pretty ottermaid in front of him. "We gotta go. The vermin are commin'!" He turned and waved to a fox and dragged Melena underwater.

Chapter 23

Melena entered the fortress with Ryan. An otter inside cleared his throat. "Ahem, Melena Shellhound..." She looked down and saw her father's dead body. She screamed. "Who killed him?!"

"That ferret leader."

"No! He's not dead! Father, father! Say something! Please!" Melena started to cry. She closed her eyes as tears came pouring out. When she opened them, something was different about her. She seemed...more serious. "I'm goin' t'kill that ferret! I'll defeat that stupid garbage!"

"Actually, I said that first."

Everyone looked at ryan for the first time. "Hi, I'm Ryan. Supposed to be slave o' Zassila the stupid. Me sis is with the high rhulain and yer bro." he pointed at Melena.

"How did you know he was my brother?"

"He looks like you."

"Huh, you-"

"Kreeeeeeeeh! Let Sky Arrow in!"

Sky Arrow flew in through an open window. "Shonnel get here in two days. He got high rhulain an' forty rabbit beasts!"

"Rabbits? mean hares?"

"Hare is rabbit. What do i go tell shonnel?"

"Tell him to hurry up. An' wait. I'm gonna make a plan. An' you say you are Melena Shellhound? Good, come with me. I'll need a map o' the green isle. Don't know this place, anyway. Birdy, you gotta stay fer about an hour, matey."

"One hour?!"

"Yeah. Oh, go make yerself busy by goin' ter the vermin camp. Find a vixen with two earrings through her left ear. Give her this."

Ryan scribbled something on a flat piece of rock with another rock and handed it to Sky Arrow. "Alright, give me a map, Melena, and come with me."

Kristy stood at the crow's nest. This was the second day of the voyage. No land was to be seen yet. But she could sense it was near. very near. She would have to beat at least one beast to revenge for her holt. Lunitria called up to her. "See anythin' yet, maid?"

"Does it look like I kin see anythin', half wit? If'n I did, I would've called out long ago!"

"Huh, then keep lookin'! Oh, an' ye can give up the hope of killin' the ferret!"

"Well, let's see who gits to her first! I know i will."

Streamflower walked over to Lunitria shaking her head. "Shame, Lunitria, arguin' with yer love! Teeheehee!"

The otter glared at Streamflower. "Oh yeah? I know who you like! Shonnel Shellhound!"

"What? That beast is weird!"

Shonnel walked out of a cabin. "Wot? Did i hear my name?"

Kristy shouted from the crow's nest. "Yeah, Lunitria says that Streamflower likes you."

Streamflower spoke up, "Nah, i think he's ugly."

"Yeah, you can keep talkin'. Here comes me bird! Over here!"

"Kreeeeh, Melena send you this!"

"Whoo! Battle plans!"

Chapter 24

Zassila paced around the cave. They had been camping in the caves dug into the cliffside. When were they going to attack again? Mogswiffer had been sitting there, joking, and drinking grog for the whole morning. She walked over to him. "Hey! When are we gonna attack agin?"

"Dunno, when the crew's ready?

"Well, they're ready now!"

"Naw, why don't you send a score o' me corsairs an' scout the area a bit?"


She gathered a score of corsairs and sent them to look around for any tricks.

Kristy was on the crow's nest again. She tried to see through the fog. After a couple minutes, the fog parted. She saw a little greenish dot. Could it be? Yes! It was! She cupped her paws around her mouth. "Laaaaannnd Hoooooooooooooo!!!"

Lunitia looked up from his steering. "Wot? Did you say land?"

"Didn't ye hear me, dumbrain?"


"Straight that way. No, not that side, this way!"

"Haharr! time to party, eh mateys?"

"Get serious streamflower, we're goin' t'war, y'know!"

"Yeah, I know. Still, It's gonna be a party!"

Lunitia rolled his eyes. "Hey, Sornia, climb o'er there an' furl the sails, will yer? Don't want vermin t'know we're commin'."

Shonnel came out with Sky Arrow. "Ok, go to Melena an' tell her we're gonna git the hares to hide. the vermin won't now there are hares. Then at the last minute, when they hear the signal, they will come chargin', got it?"

"Kreeeeeeeh. Sky Arrow go now."

He took off. Lunitia looked up at Kristy. "'Ey, am i goin' the right way?"

"Yeah. Keep goin', we should git there by noon."

At noon, they landed at the Green Isle. Kristy sent the hares with half of the supplies into the forest to hide for a while. Alleni remained with them. Now, there were only Kristy, Lunitia, Shonnel, Streamflower, Sornia and Alleni left. Shonnel led the way, walking cautiously. they could all sense something was not right. They were being watched. Suddenly, a score of vermin surrounded them. "Haharr, mates, lookit this!"

"Heeheehee, I bet the Cap'n would be happy t'see this lot, eh?"

"Aye, let's capture 'em!"

Alleni twirled her lance, "Well, are we gonna jolly stay here an' die of ole age, or are we gonna git the flippin' party started, wot wot?"

"Git the rabbit!"

One of the weasels tried to pounce on Alleni but she disappeared. She peirced his heart with her lance. "I ain't no dumb rabbit! I'm a blinkin' hare, wot!"

Streamflower felt something rising in her. She attacked the vermin with her twin daggers. Before her friends could help her, she was overwhelmed. She had created a diversion, most vermin where only attacking her. Sornia, throwing caution to the wind, lept into the battle, yelling, "Run, Run while you can!"

They went down,"Treeflyeeeeerrr!"

"Galedeeeeeeeeeeeepp! Lunitia, promise me, find Ryan!"

Lunitia had tears in his eyes. "I will. I promise. Streamflower, kill a few fer me, will yer!"

Kristy killed the rest of the vermin was about to go help them when Lunitia pulled her back. "Listen to them. Shonnel, lead the way!"

Kristy looked at the pair, who were about to die. Blood rose in her eyes. She couldn't control herself. "Streambattllleeeee!!!"

She ran over and attacked them. Lunitia, Shonnel, and Alleni ran after her. By the time they got there, Kristy had killed half of them already.

"Galedeeeeeppp!!! Eulaliiiiaaaaa!!! Eeeee aye eeeeee!!!"

Lunitia stabbed and chopped through the fray. So did Shonnel and Alleni. There were only five left now. Kristy screamed her friends' names and began to go mad. "streamflower! Sornia! Streambattllllleeeee!!!"

Lunitia slew one that was trying to run. "Stay an' fight, cowards!"

Soon afterward, the vermin were all slain. Kristy knelt down next to her two slain friends. "No, no, no! They're still alive! This can't happen."

She started to weep. "Why?! Why?! Why did they have to die? Why not me?"

Lunitia patted gently, tears in his eyes too. "It's ok. They died like true warriors. Let's git them to the fortress an' have a funeral fer them there, eh?"

Kristy scrubbed her eyes with her paw and nodded, a strange new light in her eyes. "And i vow, I won't rest until Zassila and all her vermin are gone!"

Between them, the four friends carried the two dead bodies to the fortress. Ryan and Melena ran out because they heard some noise. Ryan stared in horror at the two dead bodies.

Chapter 25

Zassila began pacing around again when the sun began to sink over the horizon. Mogswiffer was still drinking grog. "Hmm...where have those twenty gone to?"

Canidae came up to him. "D'ye want me t'go find 'em?"

"Yeah, go now!"

Canidae smiled, this was her chance. She had to find Ryan. She picked up her sabre and walked outside. She tracked the score of vermin and shook her head. the trail was very evident. Didn't they know to cover their tracks? Then she walked into a clearing. She looked up in shock as the score of vermin's bodies lay on the blood covered ground.

Ryan was raging as they explained how Streamflower got killed. Afterwards, they had to restrain him from going to war that instant. They had to tie him onto a chair. Then the otters from the green isle told the new comers what happened. Shonnel was very upset about the death of his father. Now Zassila had five otters to watch out for. Five otters wanted revenge. Ryan was freed after he stopped struggling. Shonnel patted him on the back. "Well, where's yer fox friend?"

There was a knock on the door. "Hey, open up, it's Canidae." They quickly unbarred the door. Ryan looked at her. "What news?"

"Well, they sent a score of corsairs and they got killed somehow."

Kristy spoke up. "That was us."

"Good job, anyway, they might attack tomorrow."

"Alright, thank you, now hurry up an' leave, matey. Go an' tell 'em the fortress is havin' a party."

"Aye, an' they will think we're lettin' our guard down."

"Alright, i better go."


After she left, they posted double sentries. Kristy could sense that they would attack soon. Shonnel tapped her shoulder. She turned around. "What?"

"Ahem, presenting...your new armor!"

Melena and another otter came into the room with a breastplate, a kilt, cloak, a coronet, and a sling.


Melena set the coronet on her head. "Your majesty, we will be holdin' feast in your honor after the war. now would ye like t'try on this armor, lady?"

"Er,' please, just call me Kristy."

"But, yer the queen."

"So? you guys are still me mateys."

"Er...ok. Here's yer new outfit, your ma-er Kristy."

A few moments later, Kristy came out dressed in a a shiny breastplate with a gold star. She wore a short kilt; had a cloak draped around her shoulders, and a coronet placed on her brow. She saw all the otterclans. One of the younger ones shouted out. "Whoohoo! our rhulain's here!"

Immediately, the whole room was filled with cheers and screams. Kristy glared at them.

"What are you lot cheerin' fer, eh? Sky Arrow said the vermin are on their way. Now, hurry up an' git the army ready!"

Chapter 26

Canidae trotted back to the caves. "Hey! Those bumpkins are havin' a party. We should attack now! Oh, an' Mogwotsyeranme, found yer scouts. All dead 'cause o' five beasts. Took two with them though."

Zassila stood up. "Fine, we attack right now! Mogsomething, go an' git yer corsairs ready. Canidae, make sure that otter is tied down good'n'hard. We're gonna need him."

The vixen chewed on her lip. "Er..."


"When the ship burned down, 'e escaped with the one that set the ship a-fire."



"Oh, i'll git him, i'm gonna toast him over a fire! Mogwhatsyername, are yer crew ready?"

"yeah, let's go! Oh, an' stop callin' me Mogwhatever. I'm Mogswiffer!!! Mogswigger, d'ye hear me?!"

"Ok, March! Oh, can I just call ye Mog?"

"No! I'm Mogswinger!"

Zassila rolled her eyes.

Kristy stood at the head of two hundred otters, each heavily armed. She drew her sword. "Who's ready to kill some vermin?!"

Warcries and cheers sliced through the still summer air. They marched behind their queen, all ready to kill. Kristy signaled to half of the otters. "Go. Remember, if they get through, escape through back door."

They saluted and left, headed by Ryan and Melena. Alleni stood next to Kristy, her ears twitching. "Hmm, I think I can hear something."

Kristy saw Mogswiffer heading the vermin. She led her crew of otters to the river, waiting to surprise them. From the fortress, the otters were making as much noise as they could so the vermin would think they were having a party.

In the forest, Major Mald drew his sabre. He heard commotion and thought it was time for the war. His guess was right when Alleni came to find him. "Nunky, her majesty says it's time, wot. She says t' get yer flippin' hares together, sharpish. Well, I gotta go, wot wot. See ya, nunky!"

Major looked after her. "Well, she's on the bloomin' fizzer when i catch up to her, wot! 'Nunky', huh."

There was a scream. The major, followed by the two score long patrol hares. Mald saw his niece's dead body and looked at the horde of vermin standing behind it. His eyes rested on Zassila, who still had her blade out, which was dripping with the haremaid's blood.

The long patrol fell on the vermin and slaughtered about fifty...which was about one eighth of what the vermin originally had. The major realized they were going to be dead if they didn't escape. The hares ran into the surrounding trees. Zassila had to watch out for six beasts now. Mald was going to avenge Alleni's death.

Chapter 27

Melena and the other otters inside the fortress were getting their weapons and food ready and making noise at the same time. Suddenly, there was a bang at the door. "Open up now, or you'll be sorry." There was immediate silence. Melena signaled for the otters to get ready. She twirled her javelins idly. "Waa? Couldn't hear you. Speak louder please"

"I said, git this door open right now, or we'll burn your gates down."

Melena thought the threat was not real. "Hmm...we don't wanna."

"Then burn!"

Suddenly, the big door was on fire. Melena picked up some of her belongings and headed outside with the other otters through the back door.

Later, Melena found the other otters. "It didn't work. The doors were set on fire!"

"What?! No!"

"We took all the food we had from the kitchens. I think we'll be able to lay a siege to the fortress."

"good idea. Alright, surround the fortress right now!"

Major Mald arrived, carrying Alleni's dead body. His three words caused the army to crash onto the fortress. "Slain by Zassila."

"Eulaliiiaaaaa!!! Eeeeee aye eeeeeee!!! Galedeeeeeeepp!!! Streambattlllleeeeee!!!" Kristy, her otters, Major Mald, and his hares attacked the fortress.

Zassila sat on a big chair at the center of the room. "Hmmm...this is comfortable! Haharr, Mogswiffer, I told yer we'd git this castle!"

"Er, not just yet, matey, I kin hear somethin'."

"Wot is it?"

Mogswiffer put his ear to the big table, used to replace the door. Suddenly, there were war cries everywhere and the table was quivering as the army outside charged the door.

"Hurry, git some more o' this stuff to put be'ind the door!"

Kristy stood under one of the windows and drew back the string on her bow. She aimed as a vermin head poked out of the window. The weasel fell with a scream as the arrow hit his face, killing him. She nodded, satisfied and turned to Lunitia.

"Lead the Galedeeps and Streamdogs to the back and attack the back door."

"Whatever." He walked off gathering some otters.

Kristy watched him go. She had a score to settle with that otter. but now, she had to kill Zassila...beat five other people to it.

Chapter 28

Kristy Streambattle with bowKristy and the otters stopped fighting for the day. It was almost sunset. She saw some vermin peek out of the window. She took her bow and quiver of arrows and stood up. She aimed the shaft and let it go with a twang. She smiled as a ferret fell. The ferret reminded her of another ferret, Zassila.

Lunitia crept up behind her with a bucket of cold sea water. The other otters sat shaking their head vigorously, all warning him not to. Lunitia winked and smiled slyly at them, nodding. He saw Ryan talking to some other otters, not watching him. Perfect! Lunitia threw the bucket of cold sea water. Splash! Kristy's thoughts were interrupted as she got completely wet. As Kristy turned, Lunitia shoved the bucket into Ryan's paws. The other otters watched in shock. Who would dare do that to their queen? Lunitia giggled. "Oooooooh, shame on ye! Why did you do that to the High Rhulain, ryan?"

Kristy dropped her bow and growled at Ryan, "What was that for, eh?"

Ryan looked at Lunitia, bewildered. Lunitia was whistling innocently. Kristy started to make her way over to Ryan. "But-but, i didn't do it! It was Lunitia. He gave me the bucket after he splashed you with water. See? His paws are wet!"

Suddenly, Lunitia was up and running with Kristy hard on his heels. Shonnel whispered to Melena and Ryan. "Awww...lookit those two lovebirds! Don't they make a great couple?"

Melena elbowed him roughly. "You shouldn't say that to the high rhulain! She'd kill you!"

Zassila was sharpening her blade. She had no plan in her mind right now. She only wanted one thing. This island. She was going to get it! But what she didn't know was that she had to worry about six dangerous enemies that were plotting revenge on her. She stopped when Canidae walked up to her and saluted. "Ma'am! Mogswiffer sent me to tell ye that the otters are restin' now an' they will be attacking most likely at dawn tomorrow."

"Hmm...alright. Oh, tell that stupid Mogswiffer to get his corsairs ready. I'm goin' t' let ye lead a small charge tonight."

Canidae bit her lip. "Yes Ma'am." She turned and left.

Zassila watched as she walked off. Why did she bite her lip? Zassila had noticed she was talking to the otter when they were still on the ship. Then the truth hit her like a lightning bolt. Canidae was a traitor! She was on the otters' side! Zassila smiled to herself. Canidae was going to die!

The next morning, Zassila stomped up the stairs to where Canidae was sitting. "Canidae, come over here right now!"

"Yes Ma'am?"

"What happened yesterday? I thought I told ye to go an' lead a charge."

"Er, well...y'"

"What is it? you didn't want to attack? Why?"

Canidae's eyes grew hard. "Because you were the one who murdered my kin! You were the one who kidnapped me. Aye, you thought I forgot because i was so young, eh? Well I didn't! I'm not gonna let you control me anymore!"

Zassila ran her through with her blade. An enemy was dead. Now, about two hundred to go. She took Canidae's bow and arrows. It was a good weapon, strong, and could shoot very far. Zassila went up to a window. A bird! It might be a spy. Zassila aimed her shaft at the kestrel.

Preparing for war At dawn, Kristy Streambattle, the High Queen Rhulain, stood on a hill. Behind her, there was the fortress. She turned to her audience, the army. She spoke loud and clear, her voice dripping with hatred. "Today, we will defeat the foe, Zassila! Is everybeast ready to fight and free our Green Isle?!"

There was a roar from the hares and otters. "Eulaliiiiaaaa!!! Eeeeee aye eeeeee!!!"

Kristy continued. "First, we will thank the Long Patrol for bravely helping with a war that has nothing to do with them."

There was loud cheering from the otterclans. Major mald stood forward. "You're bally welcome wot. Oh, an' one more thing. This is also our flippin' fight 'cause they killed Alleni. The long patrol never leaves the bally murderer of one of ours alive, eh mates?"

"Aye that's right! We will bloomin' slay them fer what they did t' Alleni, wot!"

"Yep! Besides, we really do enjoy a flippin' good fight now an' again, wot wot!"

Kristy waited until they quieted down. She continued. "Thank you. Now, we will march, kill, die, and fight for the Green Isle! Who's with me?!"

There was cheering again, but this time, it was louder. Everybeast could see that their High Rhulain's eyes were red now. She was going to attack the fortress with Bloodwrath. Lunitia shouted so all could hear. "Yeah, now let's go kill some vermin! But, Zassila's mine!"

Kristy looked in his direction, as did Mald, Shonnel, Melena, and Ryan. They all had one word on their mind, Revenge. Revenge! Sky Arrow soared above them. "Krreeeeeeeeh!!! Then whoever gets to her first will kill her! Zassila killed the good vixen!"

Suddenly, an arrow whipped through the air and found it's mark on Sky Arrow. Shonnel gave a wild roar. "Sky Arroooooowww! No! Zassila, you are dead! Eeeeeeee aye eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

Kristy ran in front of her horde. The time had finally come! Revenge! "Streambattttllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"

Zassila sat watching her vermin trying to hold the otters and hares out. She shook her head. They weren't doing it right. She got up and drew her blade. "Come on! ye kin do better'n that! Use some strength, willyer?!"

As the vermin leader whipped the with the flat of her blade, the vermin were forced to work harder to repel Kristy's army. Zassila noticed Mogswiffer was nowhere to be seen. Where was that stupid weasel? Zassila left to find him. She found the corsair sitting on a chair at the highest room of the fortress, drinking grog.

"What are you doin' 'ere? It's the middle o' a war!"

"So what, eh? Let me mates take care o' that. I'll just sit 'ere an' enjoy the scene below." Mogswiffer jerked his paw down to where the otters were trying to break open the main doorway, which was blocked by the tables. Then, Zassila noticed about half the force were missing. Where could they be? Then she saw the hares, with about eighty otters running to the other side of the fortress. Then she remembered there was a big back door. The other half were trying to break open the back door! She rushed down stairs with Mogswiffer yelling after her. "'Ey, what're ye doin'? Where are ye goin' in such a 'urry?"

Chapter 29

Kristy shot off another arrow as a vermin poked his head out of the window. She signaled to Melena and Shonnel and they went off to attack another part of the fortress. It wasn't long now until the vermin were dead because Zassila's side was doing a bad job of defending. Then, she would have her revenge! She walked off to see how Mald and Lunitia were doing at the opposite side of the fortress.

Major Mald was setting a very bad example for his hares. He was whooping, screaming, and screeching madly, slinging off stones.

"Eulaliiiiaaaaa!!! Yeeeehooo!!! C'mon! Let's destroy the flippin' vermin, wot wot!"

Lunitia drew his bowstring until it was taught. He let it go and it killed a stoat.

He turned to Kristy. "What d'ye want?"

Kristy eyed him coldly. "Why's it any o' yore business? Ye don't listen t'me, why would ye care?"

Lunitia looked a bit sad. "Hey, hey, I'm just tryin' t'help ye win this!"

"Hmph." She shot off an arrow from her bow with deadly accuracy. "If you wanna help, then keep fighting."

Lunitia smiled cheekily. "Hey, I've just thought o' a plan. Since the vermin burned us out, then, we can burn 'em out. Not many o' the stuff inside the fortress are made o' wood. Only tables an' such. So we set the front doors afire, then retreat into the surround woodlands. When the vermin come out o' this door, we ambush them an' we win!"

Kristy looked thoughtful. "hmm...that just might work! Good idea. Well, I see you really care about this battle."

Lunitia wanted to tell her that it was more than the battle he cared about, but Kristy walked off to tell the others his plan. He watched her go. He was wrong about her. She wasn't a weakling, she was a warrior.

Zassila was on the top of the fortress again. She noitced that the otters were not attacking as hard. Some of them were gone. But to where? Then she saw several hooded figures holding torches and heading towards the main doors...Torches? why torches? Then she realized that they were going to set the doors on fire! She scurried down stairs yelling, "Fire! Fire! Everybeast to the front door! They're gonna set the doors on fire! Hurry up ye stupid, slow witted mob, git to the front door with water!"

A weasel ran up to her. "Er, did ye say fire?"

The ferret leader punched him on the head. "Didn't ye hear me, dumbrain?! Hurry, get everybeast here. Tell them to get water!"

Kristy, Lunitia, Melena, Shonnel, and Mald threw their torches at the door. It was on fire. Then they disappeared into the shadows of the woodlands, leaving the vermin to fight the fire. About an hour later, the vermin finally stopped the fire. All of them went outside. Suddenly, a score otters blocked all the doors. The rest of the hares and otters surrounded the enemy. But, ten of them, encluding Zassila and Mogswiffer, escaped. Kristy, Lunitia, Shonnel, Melena, Ryan, and Major Mald went quickly after her. Kristy twirled her lance and drew her sword. She started to run as fast as she could, screaming, "Streambatttttllllleeeeeee!!!"

Zassila thought she had lost the otters. She sat down to rest with the other nine vermin. She set up a fire. "C'mon, mates, we'll live here now. Those fools will die."

After they had regained their breath, they ate some dinner that a small rat had found. Then, Kristy appeared. Zassila was up in a flash, brandishing her sword. 'Tis only one, get her!"

Lunitia, Shonnel, Melena, Ryan, and Mald came crashing through the bushes. Lunitia drew his twin swords and stabbed a rat that was trying to stabb Kristy. The streambattle maid didn't notice, she was running after Zassila. The rest of the vermin, except Mogswiffer ran after Kristy, wanting to kill her so they would have a reward from their leader. Kristy's friends ran after them.

Mogswiffer smiled a little at Melena, who had her javelin point at his throat.

"Er, I wasn't tryin' t' harm anybeast. I had t'carry out orders from Zassila."

Melena took her javelin point from his neck, as if believing him. When Mogswiffer stood up, he drew his cutlass...then found a javelin growing out of his heart. He collapsed onto the dirt. Melena took her weapon and ran to the directon of the noise.

Lunitia, Shonnel, Ryan, Mald, and Melena had seven of the vermin. Kristy was raining blows on Zassila. Her lance lay in the dirt, useless. Zassila raised her blade above her head, blocking Kristy's attack. The evil ferret saw her opponent's

Kristy's friends dared not interfere with this battle. They knew that Kristy was going to beat their enemy. They stood watching, encouraging, and cheering her on.

"C'mon! You can do it! watch out for her left!"

"Kristy! Whoohoo!! Yeah! Block it! Hurry!"

"The stinkin' vermin's flippin' sword! Watch out, wot wot!"

"Kill that stupid coward!""

Kristy stabbed her opponent in the leg. Zassila blocked it. Kristy gave a yell, "Streambattlllleeeeeeeeee!!"

Zassila took a blow to her arm. Kristy countered the ferret's slice. Zassila told herself that the otter was clearly mad. She thrust her sword and it was blocked by Kristy's blade.

Kristy was getting tired. Zassila could see that. She sliced her leg to the bone. Kristy gave a yell of pain. Zassila ran to where Shonnel was standing and killed him. Kristy saw that. So did Melena. Melena screamed and hurled herself onto Zassila. Zassila shoved her off and ran her through too. Kristy was very angry now. She remembered her slain family and clan. The more she thought about them, the strong her heart wanted to slay the vermin who did it. She screamed and picked up her fallen lance. "Streambattttllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She hurled it at the ferret. Zassila found herself dead before she could scream. Mald and Ryan went over to the two dead otters. Kristy leaned heavily on her sword, breathing heavily. She swayed slightly. Lunitia jumped to where she was and supported her. Her eyes were still clouded in red. She threw her sword to the ground, her legs gave away, and she collapsed, sobbing, burying her face in Lunitia's shoulder.

Then five thing happened at once. Melena suddenly sat up, shouted, "Vermin!!"

She collapsed again as a slingstone hit her. A weasel came out of nowhere and shot Kristy in the back. Lunitia blocked her and took the arrow. Mald quickly slung his stone at the weasel. Another vermin, a ferret, took the Major down with an arrow.

Kristy screamed as Lunitia fell forward. She struggled to stand, holding her injured leg. She reached over to her bow and arrows. Ryan twirled his javelin and threw it at the ferret. Another stoat came out of the bushes. Kristy shot him. He screamed and collapsed. Ryan went over to him and supported his head. The stoat was not dead yet.

"How many more are there, vermin?"

" battle...uhh...."

The stoat died. Ryan picked up his javelin from the ferret's body and turned around. "Yer highness, wait here. I'm gonna go get help. Shonnel's dead. Melena's still alive...but barely. I don't know about Lunitia and Mald."

With that he ran into the forest. Kristy dragged herself to Melena and the Major. She slowly and agonizingly pulled them over to where Lunitia lay. She sat down in front of them. Why? All her friends, clan members, family...all dead. Almost everyone who touched her life were dead, or almost dead. She sat, depressed. She started to weep again. Then, she felt something touch her paw. It was Lunitia. He wasn't dead!


"Lunitia! I you're not dead!"

"'course not...."

His head lolled to one side. Ryan came into the clearing with a couple of stretcher bearers. "Is Lunitia dead?"

"No. almost i think."

Kristy gritted her teeth as one of the healer put a dressing on her wound. She watched as the other otters lifted Lunitia, Melena, Mald, and Shonnel onto the streachers. After the healer finished, she gave Kristy a crutch. "Can ye walk with this, yer majesty?"

"Yes." She wordlessly limped behind the others. They headed back to the fortress in silence. No one said a word.

Chapter 30

Three days later, Lunitia awoke. Beside him on another bed was Melena. On the other side of him was Kristy. She was sitting on a chair, next to his bed. "Kristy..."

He sat up on the bed. His injury wasn't hurting anymore. The first thing Lunitia noticed was that Kristy had a crutch. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah. just a small cut, that's all."

"Small cut? it's cut to the bone!"

Ryan walked into the room. "Well, matey, glad t'see you're not dead."

"'Course i'm not. I wouldn't wanna leave Kristy alone"

Lunitia shut his mouth, embarrassed at what he just said. Ryan pointed at him. "Ooooohhh! You like the queen! You like the queen! Heeheehee!"

Kristy quickly changed the subject. "Er, Lunitia, are ye hungry? You haven't eaten anythin' in three days. I'll go get you some lunch."

She limped off. Lunitia turned his attention to Ryan. "So, what are ye doin' here?"

"Checkin' on you, why?"

"Oh, i thought you were checkin' on her." He jerked his paw behind his back at the sleeping Melena."

Ryan hurled himself onto his cousin. "Galedeeeeepp!!! Haharr!"

The wrestled playfully for a while. They both fell to the ground with a crash. Melena woke up. "Uh...what's goin' on?"

Kristy came in with one of the healers and a big tray of food. The healer, Ashrudder, began to yell at them both immediately.

"Whoa, whoa, stop! Stop it right now! Lunitia, yore still injured. Ryan, you should know better than tryin' t' kill yer cousin!"

Ryan struggled to get off from underneath his cousin. "Wait, hold on, He's the one killin' me!"

Kristy stepped forward. "I got food!"

Lunitia stood up and raced over to Kristy. "Yum! Raspberry pie!" He grabbed a chunk of pie and shoved into his mouth, causing crumbs to fall everywhere. Kristy took the tray over to a nearby table, Lunitia following, stuffing food into his mouth.

"Hey, It's not all yours. You better come with me. They're havin' lunch down there. There's alot more food than here. Let's go."

Ryan lay on the floor, still winded from the wrestling. "Man, Lunitia, you're good!"

"Of course I am!"

Lunitia followed Kristy down the stairs to the dining room. There, he stuffed food into his mouth like a pack of starving wolves. Some dibbun otters watched him with amusement.

"You eat alot mista lunitia."


"Are you gonna eat that too?"


"All o' et?"

"You bet!"

one of the dibbuns found some shrimp'n'hotroot soup and gave it to Lunitia. He took one sip. the otter made a face. "Too bland." He looked around for some more hotroot pepper.

Kristy, who was sitting next to him, had a whole bowl of hotroot. She gave the dibbuns a sly wink and dumped it into Lunitia's soup. She watched it sink to the bottom of the bowl. she put a paw to her lips, warning the dibbuns to be quiet. Lunitia found some more hotroot and dumped that into the bowl too. Kristy bit her lip to keep from laughing. Before they could say anything, Lunitia had poured the whole bowl down his throat. Then, he turned bright red and made a coughing sound. Everybeast watching him bursted out laughing. One of the dibbuns handed him a big cup of "water".

"Here, mista lunitia. Drink this. It yummy."

Lunitia drank some and gagged. "Urgh! What is this?!"

Kristy handed him a cup of real water. She looked inside the cup that the dibbun, Trinkie, gave Lunitia. It was a greenish, brownish, color. Trinkie took the cup. "Heeheehee. it's good, right? I maked it meself! I mixed alla drinks together. me calles it Trinkie punch!"

Lunitia had recovered and took another gulp of water. "You did that didn't you?"

Kristy giggled. Lunitia glared at her. "What was that for?"

"You sprayed me with water!"

Trinkie jumped on Kristy's back. "I wanna go fer a ride, ma'am."

Trinkie's mother came racing over. "Trinkie, stop bothering the queen! Get off her back immediately!"

"Aaaah! Go 'way mamma!"

Kristy took off, running as fast as her injured leg would allow. ""Heeheehee! Weeeeeehaaaa!! Faster!"

Kristy took one lap around the dining hall and returned Trinkie to her mother. Kristy sat down. "Whoo! That was fun."

Lunitia sat back. "Yeah, i remember when i was still at the holt. Ryan an' me was hidin' from our parents. We had been causin' trouble again. Me older brother took us an' ran from the parents. Heeheehee. We got our tails tanned for that."

They were both silent for a moment, recalling their slain clan members. Kristy suddenly left her seat and limped outside. Lunitia followed. She sat on a rock and began weeping again. Lunitia put a paw around her shoulders. "You already got your revenge...aren't you satisfied?"

"Yes...and no... I still am sad about it. All my family dead. All my friends dead. An' now I'm queen? I don't know what to do. I don't know how to rule anybeast. I-I just don't know how to feel. "

Lunitia took her paw and kissed it. "Well, if you ever need help, I'll be free."

Kristy smiled and laid her head on his shoulder. "Thank you."


Extract from the writings of Fenia, daughter of High Queen Rhulain Kristy Streambattle:

Hi! My name is Fenia. My mom is the high queen rhulain. My dad is Lunitia Galedeep. I’m twelve seasons old and at the moment, I’m trying to take care of my little baby brother, Lagg. He’s cute, but really annoying. Once, while I was sleeping, he just started jumping on my bed and said we were under attack by vermin. But we were really under attack by little brothers. Ok, enough about that rascal. More about my life. As is said, my name is Fenia. I like to go swimming, I like to run, and climb trees (even though I’m an otter, not a squirrel). I do archery and sling stones. But my favorite weapon is a long javelin. It’s light, and portable and comfortable to the paw. Aaannyway, dad’s plannin’ a surprise dinner in honor of mom today. Shhh, don’t tell anybeast. It’s a secret! And…I gotta go. Supposed to distract mom today so they can get ready for the party. See you ‘round! Oh, and you wanna come to the party too? Always room for one more!

~Fenia Galedeep

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