Deyna stared in shock at the slain bodies of his freinds and family. He felt blood running down his paw and arm. His knife was clutched in hs paw, it had blood on it. His freinds' blood. Deyna backed away from them and ran away.

               Deyna was running as fast as he could away from the horrid site of his loved ones. His tearstained face still had tears running down it. He clutched his knife in hs bloodied paw. All his freinds and family lay behind him slain. As far he could tell he was the one who did the deed. He laughed insanely at the thought of his slain freinds. He put his paw up to stop laughing.

                In the distance he saw a figure. It was him! Only he was Tagg. "Don't worry me, it is what we were brought up as, vermin It is in our blood, give into our livelyhood," The other Deyna said. Deyna had to agree with the first part.

                    "No, I will not be a vermin just because I was raised by the Juskarath," Deyna retorted.

                       "Just look at the reflection of your self," the other Deyna said. Deyna looked and saw Tagg and only Tagg. He backed up and turned around, but all he saw was a mouse.

                       "Tagg, you must do what you feel is right, you must leave your life behind to prevent this to be your future, now go young otter and fulfill your destiny"...

                    Tagg felt some one poking his arm. He twisted and grabbed the unseen assailent by the throat and sqeezed. Nimbalo gurgled and grabbed Tagg's paws trieing weakly to open the paws. Tagg realized what he was doing and released his best frend.

                      "Wow Tagg matey, what's up with you," Nimbalo asked while massaging his neck. Tagg looked nevously at Nimbalo.

                        "I, um, er, er, NOTHING," Tagg yelled triing to improvize.   "I just was uh, trieing to perfect my vermin act, You see."

                         "Hmm, I see, very good Matey," Nimbalo replied. "Just coming to give ya brekkers from Broggle, he was worried, you missed brekfast. I'll leave ye to eat."

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