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  • Laria Wavedeep

    Laria Wavedeep

    May 16, 2010 by Laria Wavedeep

    I am finally going to start to rewrite this story. This is dedicated to Skipper Rorc, Peony Laminar, Brockkers(Rose), Lorgo Galedeep, Nightpaw Streamspliter, Snowpaw the Wild, Sister Armel, Snowy Longname, and all the other users that are my friends. Feel free to comment and I hope you'll enjoy reading!--Laria WavedeepI am an otter of Redwall! 08:13, May 16, 2010 (UTC)

    The wind moaned and howled through the dark night, causing the fallen autumn leaves to rise off the ground and sweep through the air. The waves crashed against the sharp rocks that were standing on the shore. A light drizzle came, turning the sand into oozing mud. Lightning lit up the sky for a breath-taking moment, then the night returned to its former darkness once again. Ve…

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  • Laria Wavedeep

    Note: Please do NOT read this until you have read Redwall's Taggerung, because this is a sequel. If you want to be updated, tell me so I can add you to my update list. Feel free to comment! Thanks and happy reading!--Laria Wavedeep Beware of my sling and I!

    • This story takes place twelve seasons after Moonwind is born. He is now twelve seasons old. Now on with the story...

    The night was dark and moonless. The leaves rustled in the breeze. The air was filled with an uneasy feeling. The bankvole scurried along, paws padding softly on the loam as his hooded figure weaved in and out of the trees. A breeze came, making the trees look as if they were dancing. The bankvole lifted his head and stiffened. Something was not right. He sniffed the air and…

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  • Laria Wavedeep

    Redwall's Taggerung

    January 31, 2010 by Laria Wavedeep

    To whoever reads this fanfic, I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment on it. Thanks and happy reading! --Laria Wavedeep Beware of my sling and I!

    The Juskamor had come to Mossflower Woods! They were from the south, where it was all too peaceful and quiet, so they decided to come to Mossflower, where they knew was the fabled Redwall Abbey! Redwall was famous for their hospitality and good food. Aye, the Juskamor had come to Mossflower!

    Trumin Mor was the clan leader of the Juskamor. He was an evil stoat, and deadly with a cutlass and two daggers, each with a pattern on the hilt with two red stones. He was grey all over except for his brown head, which made him odd out of the whole clan. This was made more barbaric by his tattoos on his fa…

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  • Laria Wavedeep

    Gorath the Flame sat on a rock with his back turned to his beloved Salamandastron. He was a massive badger, and he lived with his daughter, Rowanbloom and his wife, Lady Salixa. They had just returned from their four season visit of Redwall Abbey, but they stayed an extension of two seasons. Unfortunately, on their trek back to Salamandastron, Gorath had caught a sickness, from where nobeast knows. The best healer at Salamandastron did not know what it was. And it was in the same condition everyday. Gorath let out a feeble cough. He heard pawsteps, then his daughter Rowanbloom was standing next to him. She offered a paw to let him up.

    "C'mon Dad, its dinner inside and everybeast is wondering where you are," she said gently. Gorath got up. R…

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