• Laterose Of Noonvale
    This will be a short fan-fiction. It won't be done in a while!
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  • Laterose Of Noonvale

    This is a fan-fiction story by Me. Thanks to,Pinedance Coneslinger,Hollyfire The Warrior and many more users of Redwall I got the courage to write another Fan-Fiction!!--Laterose Of Noonvale

    At Redwall Abbey in Mossflower Woods,the spring weather of horrible storms had kept all woodlanders inside the Great Hall.
    "Mommy,I want to go outside and play!!"yelled Rello the little vole. All the abbey's young,or as they were called Dibbuns,were all mad because the weather.
    Kimbell,the leader of the otters,came up."Dibbuns,would you like to hear a story?"she asked.
    "Yes!!!"the babes all said the in unison.
    "Okay. I going to tell you all a story about a ottermaid. She died peacefully of old age,but before she died the young one made a legend. She went on…

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