This is a fan fiction story by Lathagarr Stormgale of Tronn. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.


Night swept over Green Forest like cloak, enveloping all in impenetrable darkness. Somewhere in the forest, a light flickered through the trees. It moved through the trees, wavering and casting its cold light on the forest undergrowth. There was a gust of wind and it went out, leaving the forest in its blackness.

Chapter One

The young chipmunk, Faretheewell Oakbloom traveled on through the soft morning sunlight that filtered through the treetops of Green Forest, a sling swinging from his paw. He stopped by a small stream to rest and opened his ration pack. Selecting a still-warm scone, he pulled out a jar of honey and poured some onto it, popping the scone into his mouth, he munched happily. A young robin that had been watching him from a low hanging branch, hopped down lower and cocked its head to one side as it inspected the second scone he had pulled from his pack and was now topping with honey. Venturing closer still, to the end of the branch, it quickly pecked off a piece and flew to its nest, gobbling it down with relish.

"Dear me," exclaimed Faretheewell, pulling off a piece and tossing it to the robin, "My you're a cheeky fellow."

The robin pecked it up and flew quickly into the trees to its nest.

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