Laurel haremaid

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  • Laurel haremaid

    "Laurel Rosemary Fiona Haremaid!" Colonel Fernspike said the young haremaid's name so sharply that everyone in the mess hall came to attention. Laurel knew he was mad; she almost never got her full name at the mountain, only when a long, dull reprimand was coming. The young haremaid groaned inwardly, silently cursing that the Colonel had chosen this time to yell at her. The other young hares sitting near her stopped eating, some even with their leek and carrot pastie halfway to their mouths. They were afraid of the Colonel---who wasn't? his reputation preceded him all throughout Salamandastron. They looked down at their plates, not wanting to meet his eyes. Laurel did too, but everyone knew what was coming, wether she looked up at him or n…

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  • Laurel haremaid

    A squirrel maid, born of a fighter with swords,

    The best in many a-season.

    Now taken into slavery, beaten and whipped,

    She was living her years without reason.

    Her whole family was dead, killed off by the ferrets,

    Her last friend now was gone with her kin.

    Saddened by that last one unpitying act,

    She sought to avenge the sin.

    Stealing the ruler's best ship from the fleet,

    She and two friends sailed away.

    Chased on the high seas, but away from the tyrant,

    She came to Mossflower one day.

    And to Redwall Abbey, where felt just like home,

    The seasoned, yet peaceful abode.

    There she picked up the mighty and legendary sword,

    Humbled, yet proud of her load.

    And with a spirit of freedom ringing about her,

    The squirrelmaid defeated her oppressor.

    She freed all the sl…

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