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  • Layla Goldeneyes

    The official Layla of Redwall remake has begun.

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    "My eyes may be gold and my heart pure...but I was born with darkness inside. I ask myself if I can change that darkness into light, use it to an advantage against evil; my father's evil. But now, I realize that I'm a piece of both paths...good...and bad. Some say it isn't possible to walk both paths, but they never said I couldn't walk neither of them. Father says Goldeneyes will go down in history, will be known as legends; and I'm going to do what he says. I, Layla Elise Marysa Goldeneyes, am going to go down in history...but I'm going down my way."

    The Serpent's Port was just now coming into view along the horizon for the ship's crew; it's buildings' lights were bright i…

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  • Layla Goldeneyes

    A Traitor Born

    October 19, 2009 by Layla Goldeneyes

    *Dear Diary,*

    *I still don't know my true name to this very day. Not my true name in life, neither my reason of living. Everyone calls me Irica; I'm feared by everyone.

    I'm still a assassin for the mighty warlord of the underground; they call him Vulpuz. His father named him after the ruler of Hell's Gates.

    It not his rule name, but he's a creation by the other Vulpuz; only living to do what he says.

    Vulpuz calls me his loyal one; always at his side. He talks to me, and he's always relaxed at my side. I'm like a sister to him I'm not sure why, but Vulpuz has been acting strange lately. Slaves have been escaping, and he doesn't worry about it. The air is cool under the ground, where his kingdom is.

    Aah! I must go! He calls me once more.*

    --- *Irica*


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  • Layla Goldeneyes

    Layla of Redwall

    August 17, 2009 by Layla Goldeneyes

    The official remake of this has begun ---> Golden Darkness.

    King Ugrann Goldeneyes the Flame of the Seas laughed in joy. He had white fur with gray stripes. A black tunic, brown belt, and black cape. The small ship burned, and every beast on it didn't have a chance to escape. The screams fulled the air, and the army of more than 15 ships all laughed; each ship held more than 200 hundred vermin. All that laughter at one time could scare away a giant adder.

    Ugrann in the head ship, Wave Claw, looked at the horizon; ships farther than the eye could see. This was his world, his time, and Redwall Abbey will be his. Mossflower Country had something coming to them. He heard the tales of Cluny the Scourge, Slager the Cruel, Princess Kurda, the Marlfox…

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