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King Ugrann Goldeneyes the Flame of the Seas laughed in joy. He had white fur with gray stripes. A black tunic, brown belt, and black cape. The small ship burned, and every beast on it didn't have a chance to escape. The screams fulled the air, and the army of more than 15 ships all laughed; each ship held more than 200 hundred vermin. All that laughter at one time could scare away a giant adder.

Ugrann in the head ship, Wave Claw, looked at the horizon; ships farther than the eye could see. This was his world, his time, and Redwall Abbey will be his. Mossflower Country had something coming to them. He heard the tales of Cluny the Scourge, Slager the Cruel, Princess Kurda, the Marlfoxes, Ironbeak, Gulo, Vizka, and countless others; all failed to take the Abbey and keep control over it. Defeated by worthless woodlanders, pitiful. He has the power, the courage to take such a place. Having Redwall means he has Mossflower in his claws. Ugrann wasn't stoppable.

Out of the enormous army, only one wasn't laughing; Ugrann's daughter Layla. The wildcat with orange fur and goldenrod stripes, a silver breast plate with blue sleeves, and a blue skirt. In the flames, she could make a young squirrelmaid. In her arms was baby. Layla reached her paw out as if to help them; but just as she did, the crow's nest fell right where they were standing. She heard a scream, a loud crash, and then the crackling of the fire. Layla opened her mouth in horror, her large white teeth shinning and reflecting off the bright flames.

Why? How does father find this joyful? Poor maiden and baby-Oooh!! It's just too much! I can't watch people die right in front of me! Layla's gold eyes showed her horror and kindness. But, she couldn't understand why, but, like her father, she felt joy in this. No!! I can't be like father! Murdering is a bad thing; yes, mother always said that. Murdering comes from the mind, kindness comes from heart. Listen to mother. . .always. .always listen to mother. . . Layla closed her eyes, not able to see what was left of the boat as the flames died out.

She passed Ugrann who watched her like a hawk. Walking below deck, she walked into her privet cabin. It was beautiful, full of lights, and had a giant round like pillow. Sitting in it, she weep for the ones on the boat. She wish she could replace the maiden and the baby. Layla would risk her life to save anyone. Anytime, anywhere. .

Book 1: Friends Come'n'Go

Chapter 1

Far in the Northlands, the tall mountains stood in glory. Not moving at all, the only things seen moving were Jenna, a fox, and her best friend, a mouse named Adrian. Climbing up mountain, they both talk at the same time.

"Jenna, ya" Adrian had to gasp for air in the high altitudes. "Ya ready to take a break at t'ridge above?" he gasped.

The maid turned to her friend, paws clinging to rock. "Ha! What, ya chickening out already? I can keep going for -gasp- for hours. Whoaaa!!" a loose rock broke under her paw. She quickly turned her head to Adrian, who had coked a eyebrow at her. "Fine, ya win! Let take'a break!" The two made their way to the ridge. Adrian reached it first, and pulled Jenna up on it. "Wheew! What-a-view!" The valley below, the sun, and river could all be seen. Going on for miles. "Adrian we have any food left?"

"Maybe not because of ya gut!" he dug into his backpack. "Hmm, let see; we have six apples, a couple strawberries, a flask of damson wine that we stole from the rats the other night, some cordial, and a flask of water. What'a bout in your bag?"

"In my bag, I have; three apples, some berries, a bag of candied chestnuts, and two flasks of water."

Adrian stuffed everything back in his bag. "Well-I'm not hungry. Eat somethin' if ya like big belly!"

Jenna gasped. "Huh! Big belly, why you." She playful threw a rock at him. He moved his head, and they both watched as rock tumbled down the cliff side. It smashed against some jagged rocks. "Now Adrian, imagine if that was ya head!" laughed Jenna. Adrian smirked, and turned to the cave. "How long has that been there?"

Jenna got up. "I dunno; hundreds, thousands of years." As Adrian walked in, Jenna grabbed his shoulder. "Wait! Don't go matey! There's maybe bears in there! Or a adder!"

"Chicken! I'm going in; bye-bye!" Jenna stood there for five minutes, not hearing nothing come form the cave. "Adrian..? Ya okay in there..?"

"Yeah! I'm just fine. Nothin' but-Aaaahhhh!!!!"


"My Lady?"

Layla lifted her head from her tear-soaked bed. "W-What?" her voice was rusty, from not talking for hours.

"My Lady; you farther requests you to his quarters. As soon as-" Layla opened the door before the ferret could finish the sentence. "Thank you Balan."

The ferret, Balan, nodded and she ran off. Layla walked in silence, passing doors; in a couple she heard snoring, few she heard laughing, and some she heard nothing; empty cabins. Ugrann will kill his best solider, just because they'll dropped a shield. He just didn't kill them right then and their, he'll hang them upside down off the crow's nest and burn them alive. But Layla will have to light the fire. Every time before she throws the torch, she'll look at the solider, and mouthed out, "I'm sorry." Aaahhh!!! Just why, I can't do it no more'! I can't-

"Layla!" thoughts broken, Layla found herself in front of Ugrann's door. Slowly opening it, what happened next was blur to Layla. Something tough as a badger whacked her jaw. Falling, and finally hitting the cold wood floor.

"I was watching you, worthless! Pitiful woodlanders, and you actually care for them! Feeling sorry for them, eh? Wishing you can replace them, eh?" Layla's eyes popped open in disbelieve. How did he know? "Oh, I know! I been knowing this ever since you were born!"

How? How?! How is he hearing my thoughts?! Layla thought has deep as she could, so Ugrann couldn't hear. "Over the years, you've been different. You've been acting like a woodlander. You don't remember, but we once had ore slaves for every boat. You care for them, you talked with them! That's why I got rid of them! Every three thousand thirty two slaves; all drowned in the worst storm that hasn't happened in seasons to come! People have been dieing because of you! All thanks to you!" Layla was heart-broken. Never did she know beast I had died because of her. Not waiting for Ugrann to dismiss her, she ran out onto deck.

Layla cried nonstop. W-Why? Why do I always ruin stuff? I'm, I'm just a outcast! That's all I'll ever be! "You're not a outcast, my child." Layla heard the voice. She heard it again. "Please, look up." Slowly lifting her head, a white mist floated in front her face. It started to charge shape, until it was a beautiful white cat.

"M-Mother...?" Not waiting for an answer, she reached out for a hug; all she caught was air. Looking again, she could see the full moon right through it.

"Layla, forget what you farther said. All those people died because of your farther, not you.." Layla thought about it. Eyes going from side to side, as if looking for something. Looking back up to her mother, she was drifting away. Her mouth was moving fast, saying something that Layla couldn't understand. "Wait! No! Mother, come back! Please! Don't leave me! Take me with you! Please!" Tears started to form in her eyes. Giving up of what she said, her mother said one more thing, "Bye Layla..", and she disappeared.

"Mother!! Nooooo!!! Please..." giving up hope, Layla began to weep; her voice starting to become rusty. "Please..mother..come back..come ba-"



A black figure lunged at her stalker. It screamed, and outside she heard someone else scream. Tackling the unknown person, and growl deeply; she could feel her prey shuddering with fear. She looked close see the face of a mouse. "J-Jenna!" he called.

The beast lifted her head to be taken to the ground. Jenna quickly gained the upper hand against the unknown one, and Adrian watched. Jenna put a paw on it's chest. "See! I told you not to come in here! You were attacked by a bear!" Adrian gasped to regain his breath. "It isn't a bear dumbo! It's a wolf!" Adrian and Jenna looked spaced out for a moment. "A wolf?!" they repeated. Jenna quickly grabbed her dagger and placed it against the foe's neck. A thin line of blood trickling down it's fur.

"Name you self!" she scowled

"As long as you get off me.." Not able to see the face of the wolf, she smirked and hopped off. "Come into the light." Jenna ordered. Walking slowly into open, the black furred wolf looked insanely scary. She had blood red eyes, and long white fangs, edging out her mouth. Adrian finally stepped up. "C'mon! Tell us ya name!"

"My name is Niana Blacktail. And you two?" Jenna told her their names. This wolf wore only a tattered red dress. "Jenna and Adrian eh? Huh, a unlikely group I'll say."

"It's also unlikely to see a wolf in the Northlands. Go on! Back to the snowy wasteland ya come from!" spat Jenna. Adrian hit her slightly on the shoulder. "She didn't mean that.." Oh, I meant it! "Yeah, he's right. I was just kiddin'! Soo, watcha doing here?" asked Jenna, trying not to shout. "Well, I'm from, like you said, that snowy wasteland. I was abandoned at a young age, and raised myself. Didn't no where to go, so I kept going, and end up in the Northlands."

Huh, short story! "Really, oh boo whoo!" she grabbed her backpack and flung it on her back. "Well too bad. gotta go and finish climbing this mountain! C'mon Adrian." The mouse folding his arms and sat on the cave floor. "Adrain!!! C'mon!!" he said nothing. "Fine!! She can come.." Niana jumped in happiness. Adrain and her danced around the cave. The vixen's cyan colored eyes were fixed on Niana. Keep you eyes on her Jenna. Don't trust her, and protect Adrian at all cost. As Adrian and Niana kept spinning, Niana met Jenna's death glare.


Layla's head spun like crazy. Either she had gone blind, or it was just pitch black dark. Her eyes adjusted, and she found her self inside the Bottom Cabin; this was where they had toke slaves and kept them in the dark for weeks. Trying to get up, she met the floor as the Wave Claw rocked side to side violently. She could hear the thunder clapping outside, you could also tell it was lightning bad. Layla also most went blind as to rats came in with torches. In the light, Layla was wearing her best dress. Her dress with blue and pink sleeves and a blue and pink skirt. Her silver breast plate also had pink markings; it was made by her mother.

"It's time Layla Goldeneyes." Layla Goldeneyes? No one is ever to call me the name of my father! The rats grabbed her arms, and she ended up on deck. But not just on deck, on the railing of the deck. The rats amazingly lifted her up, and they still had her arms, keeping her balanced. Layla looked below, at waves lashed out at her face. As she turned her head, Ugrann looked into her eyes.

"Layla, dear Layla. I've raised you since you were born. I've cared for you and fed you. Protected you from the any threat." he paused. "Sadly you are a threat."

"But father I-"

"No!" he voice rung out in the violent storm. The rain patter his face, and he didn't care. But Layla hated water, and she started hissed and whimpering. "You are threat to me Layla! I can never rule Redwall Abbey with you at my side. I can see it now; you telling to to let the woodlanders free, instead of burning their body and tossing their ashes into ocean! I'm sorry." Layla froze. What did he just say? "I'm sorry, but Princess Layla Goldeneyes of the Seas, daughter of King Ugrann the Flame, you gonna have to go.." The ferret standing behind Ugrann readied his bow and arrow, and that arrow was now buried in her chest. As it thudded into her breast plate, through it, and half way out her back; she started to fall back, but the rats let go of her arms. Down she fell into the sea below.

As she hit the water, her mind began to race. A swirling, whirling, watery nightmare. The wildcat kicked out at the water for what seemed like a life time, until she broke the surface. Gasping for air, the only thing she saw was lightning, water, the black sky, and the rain. "Baaahh!!" she shrieked as water filled her mouth. She spat it open and tried to suck air back as she went under again. The arrow in her chest made it worse. Bubbles flowing out her mouth, she kicked at, trying, trying to reach the surface; the pain stinging her allover. Layla stopped kicking, she stopped trying, she stopped breathing.

The body of the wildcat floated on the wild waves. It was still, not moving at all, and the arrow poking out the chest plate. But as it did, she could hear Ugrann's cruel laughing ringing in her ears. Layla did something she thought she'll never do; her sharp, long, large, claws unsheathed from her paws.

Father will pay. . .father will pay. . .Ugrann the Flame will pay.

Chapter 2

I was standing up. My dress wasn't tore, but the arrow was still there. I placed a paw on it slowly, but felt nothing. A dark space. Dark, no light. A castle! Yes, a castle! A mouse, i-in armor standing on the battlements. My mother too?

"Not now Layla. They need you still. Go back! Go back!" they called. I felt myself going backward. It was sucking me and the arrows pain started to come back. As a bright light started to come, and my mother shed a tear from her eyes.

"Mother! Mother! W-Why are you crying? Mother!!" the light blinded me from the castle' the mouse, and my mother...bright..too bright..

Layla started to come around. She was laying on her back, and the sun was shinning in her eyes. She raised her paw to block it out, and she shrugged to stand. But as Layla tried to get off her back, pain shot through her torso. Her eyes were on the arrow, it was broken and covered in seaweed. Lifted her torso, she cried out in pain. The head of the arrow, which was in her back, as buried in the sand under her.

Okay, c'mon Layla, you can do it... With all her power, she quickly stood up, and arrow came through her back and out. She winced, but didn't yell. Layla shook her head, and tried to get her barrings. She was on a beach, behind her was a cliff side. She tore off her breast plate, and her blood began to flow freely. Her eyes widened, and she vomited out sea water, and mixed in it was blood. She took hold of her surroundings, she was on a island. Trees above on the cliff, a cave at the bottom, and nothing but more trees. Layla looked back at herself; blood coming from the hole in her chest, the dress was ripped and tore here and there, and a crab was clinging to her sleeve.

She growled, toke hold of the crab, and threw in on the sand. She looked at her paw; her claws out. Freaking out, Layla started to shake her paws, as if trying to make them fall off. Breathing heavily, she fall onto the sand, and she started to black out again.

Layla knew something; she was alive, badly hurt, alive, remembering last night's events, and alive. Yes, alive, alive, alive! "I'm living and breathing.." she looked out at the sea. "You failed to get rid of me Ugrann! You failed!" happiness and pain toke her over, laying on the sand, she fell asleep into a dreamed filled dream.

Last night was the night I died, and today is the day I lived.


Ugrann was in his cabin, a glass of wine beside him. His head had a cold, standing out in rain last night for Layla's execution. A knife sat be his paw, and it had a dried-bloody edge. His eyes focused on it, the gold shimmer in them showing a lot of info about him; cruel, heartless, deadly, wicked, fatal, lethal, and any other word meaning how horrible he really his. He strolled about the ship, listening to the rats. They had all gathered in Layla's old bedroom, telling jokes and made up stories. Pressing a ear against the door, he listened in on their conversation.

"Okay, let's see, who here as'a so call'd "date" to this gatherin' t'night?" two male and female weasels raised their paws. "Ye two? Man, ya know ya can do betta!" the crew laughed at the ferret Belin.

"Next question, who here as eva cap'ured a riverdog before?" many, many paws raised. "Which was'a Streambattle?" some paws went down. "'ow 'bout a Wavedog?" some went up and down. "A Galedeep?". The list went on and on, and Belin stopped. "A'right, who here as cap'ured a wildcat?"

Every paw went down, and Belin chuckled. "Hah, I thought some of ya were gonna lie'n'say ya a'tually got'un! I'll say this, the only best wildcat I eva met," the drunken ferret paused and began again. "the only best wildcat I eva met, has to 'e old Ugrann Gold'neyes!" The crew cheered at his statement; but a stoatmaid didn't. "Don' yell at me, 'ut I believe thut young'un Layla had a heart of gold. No g'wildcat could have beat'n her in a battle for sadness!" they laughed, but all of them stopped at the sight of Ugrann standing in the doorway.

"Umm, how ya doin' s-"

"No one is to ever mention the name Layla Goldeneyes ever again!" his voice echoed in the room, causing some to cover their ears. "I'm the only wildcat on this ship, and I forever will be! So let me ask you this jokers; who the ruler on the seas?"

Their answer was lot and clear. "You are!"

"Who has is so cruel, he'll kill his own kin? His own daughter?"

"You are!"

"But ya killed Madam Abiela t-" before Belin could finish, Ugrann caught his throat." Akkeek!"

Ugrann tightened his grip, growling in the ferret's face. His golden eyes touched Belin's brown eyes just a bit. "What did you say..?"

"I-I said- I said nothin' your highness."

He let go, leaving Belin gasping for air. "That's what I thought you said. And I want you to remember this." he turned to the rest. "I want you all to remember this! No one is ever to mention Layla Goldeneyes or Madam Abiela ever!! You hear me?! Do you all hear me?!"

"Yes sir!" he nodded, and left out. The crew murmured to each other, and some rushed to Belin's side. He glanced up, clutching his throat. "First Madam Abiela, then Layla, and then he tries to kill me!"


Fire, nothing but fire. I was surrounded by it, it coming close. He was laughing, Ugrann was laughingin the flames. His paws were on fire; ever each of him was on fire.

Like he finally noticed he his flesh was burning, Ugrann began yowling in pain. The wildcat burned and burned, until he was nothing but ashes. But I could hear still it, his horrible laughing in the air. The fire toke me whole, like a giant jaw coming down on me.

Layla's eyes popped open. She jumped up, forgetting the pain in her chest. Not know why, he vision started becoming blurring, eyes focusing on one thing at a time; first a crab, then a ant, and small beetle digging into the sand. Her paws began twitching, and they started digging for it. It flew on her big claw, and every time it tried to fly off, she lunged out at it. She missed, and it dived into the sand again. Digging for it again, the sand began to become wet deeper she went.

Finally, she struck water. She drank her full, taking down warm water and grit. A flickering light was on the horizon, her blurring vision closing in on it like a hawk. A camp fire, with, ummm... six- no seven! Seven, ummm, weasels! Yeah, around the fire with, some....shrimp'n'hotroot pepper soup! A bell rang in Layla head. How did I see that from here?!?!

Forgetting the question, she toke off in a run on all fours. The blurring vision of weasels getting closer, until she met the lead weasel's eyes.

"What the-?!" he shouted as she lunged back, so did Layla. Her keen eyes saw the small bugs on their fur and in their ears. Her sense of smell started kicking, the smell of food getting bigger and bigger in her nose, until she found herself lapping the shrimp'n'hotroot pepper from the pot; not even feeling it burning her lips.

"Hey, give me that!" he grabbed the pot from Layla grasp.

"Yowwwlll!!!!" she violently grabbed it back, her claws digging into the metal. The chieftain look stunned at her, and way she acted. "Little freak.."

A female walked up to her. "Hey, what ya name?" Layla looked at her and continued eating. "Why ya little!" she unwrapped a whip from her waist. She twirled it, and was bringing it down as Layla caught it mid air. She yanked the weasel to her, and threw her into the ocean. The gang sprang up, all with swords.


Niana and Adrian were having a good time together. Each telling stories about their younger years; though they were both still young. "So, the foxes had me'n'Jenna surrounded. So, Jenna stepped up to the lead fox and said, 'Hey, you kinda cute.'. He said back, 'Really?'. Jenna had him a daze!! The idiot didn't noticed we had 'scaped! It was sooo funny!!"

Niana laughed, looking at Jenna in the corner of the cave. The fire flickered off the vixen's cyan eyes. Adrian turned her back to him, "Hey ya alright?"

"Umm, ya. Just lookin' at Jenna over there. Is she always like thut?"

"Naaa, she maybe just uneasy 'bout havin' someone else around." his eyes widen a bit. "Hey, why don't ya talk t'her?"

"Okay..." Niana got up uneasily, and walked over to Jenna. "Hi Jenna. How ya doin'?"

The vixen turned her head away from Niana. "Fine.." Niana didn't take that as a answer. "Ya sure? Don't wanna or-"

Jenna held her hand tight and pull her out to the cave. "Let's talk out here okay? I need t'tell ya something." Niana followed, wincing as Jenna's claws sunk into her skin. As soon as they were out of ear range for Adrian to hear, Jenna growled and pushed Niana away. "Listen up buddy; I don't want ya getting close to Adrian! You are a wolf, wolves are dangerous and when I'm not lookin', ya can easy kill him!"

Niana interrupted. "How can ya-"

"Shut up! When I was six seasons old, I found Adrian captured by vermin; just like ya. He was pleading for me to help him, and I did; killed off every single wolf! Eva since then, Adrian looked up at me like his sister, and I treated him like a little brotha. So, just because ya a member to out little group, it doesn't mean ya my sister. You got thut clear?"

Niana didn't say a word. She walked away back to Adrian, who was waiting for her. "So, 'ow did it go?"

"It went," she paused for a moment. "It went nice. We got to know each other.. and other stuff." Adrain nodded. "Well, g'night Niana!" he looked over to Jenna. "G'night Jenna!!" he called.

"G'night Adrian!" she called.

"G'night Adrian, g'night Jenna!" there was silence. Niana laid down, remembering Jenna said.

Chapter 3

Blood boiling and heart pumping, Layla hissed loudly as the five of the weasels circled her, while the other fished the female out the water. A red mist mixed with her vision. and she started lashing out without noticed.

"Alright boys, let's try t'get this one tied up!" the lead weasel, named Blegg, held his sword with both paws. "C'mon lil' beauty, c'mon'n'get me!" he teased. Blegg's answer was his head getting ripped apart as Layla tackled him down. "Aaaaahhh!!! H-Help! Aaaaahahhaaa!!"

The gang dog-piled her, each trying to, at least, to stab her.

"Yeah, we got her now!"

"Keep her down men, she's almost done!"

"Ha ha! Who's the big'un now eh- Yowwch!!! She'a bit me arm me chief!"

"Shaddup and get'er!" Layla jumped up high, sending them all flying. Three got up for another attack, one with a blooding arm and broken leg, and the another and the soaking wet female came over ready.

She growled, gold eyes flicking off the bright camp fire. Fire! She grabbed branch from the fire, and waved it wildly. The weasels jumped back and ran as she threw it in their direction. The small female, Maie, didn't make it out the way. It lit her tunic on fire, and she screamed and screamed. Maie made a gasp like sound, and fell flat, dead. Her body still burning.

Her vision started going normal, the red mist leaving, until she had a clear image. Layla gasped at the burning corpse at her feet. "No! No, no, no!!" Nice going Layla!! You kill yet another person with fire!! I'm stupid!! STUPID, STUPID!!! She continued to slap herself repeatedly, claws pricking her face. "Okay, I'm alive and wounded. So there's no need to put a hole in my face." She got up, looking about their camp. She had knock over the pot of soup in the struggle, and there was no source of food left in the camp. She dug in one of their bags, finding nothing but junk. Layla came across Maie's belongings, and found a red sash full of daggers; she tied it about her waist and continued on.

The only other useful thing she found was dark purple cloak, also belonging to Maie. Layla turned to the forest and cliff behind her. Uneasily walking into the forest of trees and brush, her paws gripped one of the daggers. You're gonna be okay Layla, just fine.. Daggers stabbed Layla as the feeling of eyes watching her got bigger and bigger; deeper she went into the main land of the island.


Layla's paws crept on the moss-covered ground. She heard a twig break behind her, only to see something black walking into the brush. "I know you're out there! Why are you hiding? C'mon out!" hearing no answer, she continued on. She had continued walking for three more hours, until she finally laid under a giant tree.

Okay, how, in the name of fur, am I gonna get of this island?! Her ears pricked up, hearing a soft humming. It got louder, until Layla saw herself watching a tall black cat walking up behind. She stumbled out his path, studying him from head to claw. He was completely black with amber eyes. He wore a red bandana and a red tunic with a dark brown belt. He had not a single weapon on him, except his claws; and with a net full of fish. He glanced at her. "Hi there!"

Layla got to her feet, and chased after him. "Hey! Wait, stop!" she caught up to him. "W-Who, are you?"

"The name's Froddo." he had a voice like he purred all the time.

"Well, umm, Froddo..are we the only ones here? What is this place? How can I get off?!" Frodo stopped and let the net slip off his shoulders. "Hmm; yes we're the only ones here; we're on Brogoona Island; and there's no way off." Frodo continued on his way, leaving a baffled Layla. "What?! You can't be serious!"

"Quite serious I s'pose. What's you're name?"

"Layla, Layla Golden-" she paused for moment. "Well, my name just Layla!"

Frodo cocked a eyebrow. "You sure? It's not Layla Golden?" she growled a bit, causing him to jump. "First rule on Brogoona Island; never growl! It scares to fur off me!" he made a shuddering sound, and walked up to a giant tree. "You wanna come in?"

Layla look confused. "Come in what? The tree?" he nodded. Layla chuckled and burst into a wave of laughter. "Haha! You mean, t-tell me? You live in a tree?! Hahahaahahaha!!! You seem to be more a squirrel then a cat!"

Froddo rolled his amber eyes. "I don't live in the tree.."

Layla wiped a tear from her eyes. "Then what are ya-"

"I live under the tree!" he gave the bark a bang, revealing a stairway down. He walked in with the net, "Door's open if you wanna come in."

Layla put her paws on her hips. "I think all be fine outsi-" a loud shriek of a Brogoona hawk rung out. You could hear Froddo running down the stairs in a panic. Layla quickly followed. "You ever heard of Ladies First?!" She ran, and lifted the bark behind her. Leaving the forest as if it was undisturbed.


"Niana, is somethin' wrong?" Adrian noticed how quite she was. "Niana. . ?" she looked up from her cup of water. "Huh? Oh-nothing Adrian. . "

"Noooo, somethin' is wrong with ya! C'mon'n'tell me!" Adrian started to pout. He pushed her, urging her on.

"Adrian, stop!"

Niana felt something boiling in her as Adrian shoved her again. She did a low growl, causing the young mouse to stumble back.  "Niana? Was t'matter?".

Niana stared daggers at him. "I said. .  leave me alone!" The only thing Niana could remember next was her lashing out at him, Jenna rushing to her, more screams and claws raking her back.

Jenna, bigger and older than Adrian, scoped him up and away from the bleeding wolf. The vixen's eyes had red beams in them as she saw Adrian's broken arm. "Ya see? I told you to stay away from Adrian! And ya see what happen'd?! Not only did he get hurt, but I had t'injured you too!"

"Jenna, I didn't know what-" Niana started to cry as the vixen kept on yelling in the cave. Her voice rung out in the night. "No! No! Not this time!" she passed Adrian his bag. "Let's go Adrian, say goodbye Niana for the last time."

Adrian had to say something, and he couldn't keep it back. "No Jenna! I don't wanna go! Niana my only other friend; and I'm not read to leave her alone here. Please, Jenna stay." Jenna hesitated on every word. "But- how can ya- Adrian you can't- Aaaahh!!" she groaned and from how fast she ran, it was like she glided down the mountain said. She found herself at the bottom in what seemed like seconds. Not turned around, and kept running; tear beads streaming down her cheeks.


"You made a mistake Ugrann! And you left something behind, and I'm here to give it back!" Ugrann watched as Layla charged at him with a large sword. It was a shinny gold, with a black handle; She thrust at him, and he felt a sharp pain.

Ugrann found his claws slightly digging in his head. He tugged them out, and started bleeding a bit.

Knock, knock! "Who is it?!" he shouted. A crew member reported a team of ships heading in their direction, and Ugrann rushed out. As he got on deck, he saw what seemed to be 10 ships coming beside Wave Claw. Ugrann grunted as a rusty red cat came off the biggest ship. "You! Who are ya?"

"The name is Brelance the Iron. Leader of the Iron Army from the Western Seas. And you ar-"

"Ugrann the Flame, King of the seas, cruelest of them all, and someone you don't want to cross paths with. So, if was you, I'll stay out my path!" as Ugrann began to go back under deck, he heard Brelance call out.

"Ha! You don't seem cruel at all!" Ugrann head turn at him, his golden eyes reflecting flames. "Is that so? Follow me, will you. . " before he followed Ugrann, the cat winked at his army, who nodded back. In his chamber, Ugrann at candles, touches, and shinny objects everywhere. "What a cabin!" Brelance laughed.

Brelance's eye landed on a painting above the table. It was Layla. Whoever had painted it had the paws for the right job. "Who is this, Sir Ugrann?"

"My daughter, Layla." his voice became rusty at the thought of her.

"Where is she now? 'Cause I would love to meet her."

Ugrann got up slowly, shaking a little. "Oh, I dunno. At the bottom of the ocean; ripped apart in the tummy of a shark; or maybe different pieces of her in different sharks. If you like to meet her, I'll be more than happy to kill you too!"

Brelance eyed him with hate. "You killed you're own daughter? Are you mad cat?!"

The King of the Seas sprang up. "That's wildcat to you!" he smirked and signed. "And, no, I'm tired; not mad! Please go! I need to be alone!" Brelance left without another word. Ugrann turned to the painting. The warlord jumped; he thought he just saw Layla's eyes flicking off a red shine; a blood red shine.

"Aaaarrrrrggggghhhh!!!!" he raked his long class across the paper. It fell apart onto the floor, and Ugrann stormed onto his bed. A part of her face floated near the table, but something weird happened; Layla's golden eyes, turned red. . .

Chapter 4

Layla woke up with a jolt. She rubbed the sleep out her eyes, remembering yesterday's events. She groaned as she got up off a soft bed under the tree. "Uhh, -yawn-, F-Froddo?" Layla slipped on the purple cloak that had belonged to Maie, and ran out into the open.

"Froddo?! Where are you?!" she heard some splashing at the river bank, and broke off into a run in that direction. Once Layla got there, she saw Frodo washing up. Before Layla greeted him, she gasped at the long, deep, scars running down his back.

Froddo started to put his shirt back on, paused, and spun around to see her standing a couple of yards away. "What are you doing here?"

"I just woke up, and was wondering where you were, and I found you here."

"Well, you can head back to the tree, 'cause I won't be back til sunset."

"Where are you-"

Froddo stepped out the water. "Is that any of your business? Now, j-just go back to tree, breakfast if waiting for you." he walk into the forest without saying nothing else.

"Tough guy", for someone who's afraid of growling! Layla walked back to tree, but sat outside it instead of going inside. If he wants me to go in, I'm gonna wait right here!


Layla had been sitting in the same spot for almost 6 hours; she pretty much starved herself, ate the breakfast Froddo left for her, toke a nap on his bed, and came back outside.

Her head started to hang to the side, drowsily leaning over on her side. Eyes turning in the direction on the setting sun and coming clouds, she started snoring softly. Layla was at peace until a Brogoona hawk shrieked out. She got up, taking her daggers with her.

"Sunset, and still not here! Sometimes, I just wanna scream at the cat!"


Froddo was crouched in a pounce-position in a yellow flower-covered field. His black figure was completely still, and the only thing heard was his breathing.

"A little closer. . " he got lower, black tail waving in anticipation. "That's it, that's it. .almost there!" A small yellow butterfly just missed his grasp. It glided over the flowers, with Frodo right behind it. "Hey, get back here!" the big cat rolled over as he pounced once again, and missing once again. "Drat!"

The insect landed on a flower, and was finally caught in his big paws. Froddo smiled in triumph, which them turned to embarrassment when he saw Layla standing on the outside of the meadow.

She shook her head in laughter. "Pitiful. . .absolutely. . Pi-ti-ful!"

Froddo jumped up, letting the butterfly go. "I thought I told you to wait at the tree!"

Layla had a quick come back. "..and I thought you said you'll be back at sunset! But, instead, I find you chasing butterflies; you. . .you stupid cat!!"

Froddo turned his back to her, murmuring to himself. "I'm not a stupid cat. . "

Layla jumped in front of his face. "Oh, you're not a cat at all! What you are is a big, black, kitten! Chasing butterflies and afraid of people growling! Gosh!"

"I am not a big black kitten! A-And get out my way!" growled Froddo, shoving Layla aside. "Stupid cat, huh!"

"Ooohh! You broke a Brogoona rule; never growl!"

"Stop! You're wrecking my nerves, maiden!"

"What are you gonna do about it?! A kitten like you would chicken out in the heat of-" Layla stopped when she finally noticed she was on the ground and Froddo on top of her in her face. "You big'o brat! Get off me!" she tried and failed to get him off.

"What are ya gonna do about it, gold one? Hmmm?" she growled, flipping him on his back with her pinning him down. The cycle continued; but instead of growled and fussing, they were laughing.

"Hahahaha, ha-whoaa!" they both rolled down a hill, over and on the bright yellow plants. Thunder roared in the distance, but nether could noticed because of their laughter. They finally stopped at the bottom of the hill; Froddo gasping for air, and Layla trying to get flower stems and petals out her hair.

Layla slightly groaned and pawed at her wound. The pain getting worse after no treatment for it.

She looked up to see Frodo holding a paw out at her. "C'mon, it's gonna-" his sentence was finished when it started to rain. Layla began to run herself, but fell because of the pain. She found herself being carried in huge arms, hearing Froddo's heart beat next to her ear.

He ran faster as the rain got harder and lightning started to flash. At the tree, Layla ran inside and Froddo followed with some mud in his paws.

Layla was sitting on the dirt floor next to the home-made fireplace. She watched as he ripped on some of his jacket, placed the mud on her wound, and tied in up. "There! I'm not all that good with healing, but that can keep it good for a while."

"You know what? I don't get you; how does a feral cat like you end up Brogoona Island?"

Froddo looked up from the fire. "You really want to know?" Layla nodded, and he began his past.


"Hurry, ye worthless crew! Under deck, a storm's stirring! Hurry up!!" Ugrann ordered them down as the storm roared on and on. On the side of Wave Claw, he saw Brelance doing the same. There eyes met once, each one having their own thoughts on each other.

"Murdering their own daughter?! Even I'm not that cruel!"

"That 'lance better stay out my way if he knows what's best for him!"

The waves bounced up and down, throwing the many ships around like rag dolls. The lightning lit up the ocean as one of Ugrann's ships floated away to the distance, lost in the large ocean.

Chapter 5

"Hey, whats yename, Froggy, ain't it? Go and fetch us sa more rum!"' A big hulking weasel ordered. Froddo bared his teeth wanted to tell the beast who he really thought should be called "Froggy", but wanting to escape injury, he did as he was bid..a drunk weasel and his drunk pals wern't worth getting in a fight with. He stalked over to the supply tent seething and muttering.

"Froggy is it? Well that muddle headed, wine swigging excuse for a horde captain can go drink himself to next year. Aye! He'll have a headache to last him!" he rolled the barrel of rum not noticing he was veering dangerously close to a tree root.

"Huh! I'll bet he- waaaaaaaaaaaah!"

The barrel went rolling, catching Froddo's skinny tail and bundeling them to a ditch. Froddo grasped at anything to stop his decent, and grabbed hold of a strange, long something..there was a long sickening rip, and both barrel and Froddo stopped. It was to dark to see anything except the glow from the fires, but Froddo noticed quickly that he smelled blood and his paws were clasping something- he gasped and dropped it. It was one of Lady Iceris's own knives, and it was covered with blood! Grabbing the barrel he rolled it up the hill as fast as he could, when he reached the weasel and his friends he shoved the barrel toward them.


The weasel got up to open the barrel, then stopped and stared at Froddo's paws.

"What ye ga there?" the weasel grabbed Froddo's paws and stared at them. Froddo tried to bite him to make him let go but the weasel raised Froddo's paws in the air and screamed

"Froggy's got blood on his paws!!" everybeast stared in surprise then a ferret came out the ditch where Froddo had fallen.

"Rioclar's bought the Farm mates! come see!" everybeast rushed to the ditch, the hulking weasel dragging a struggling Froddo along. He stopped and gasped. Iceris's daughter, Rioclar, the pretty russet furred she cat, lay dead, a long rip on her chest, and the knife Froddo had dropped by her side. Froddo let out a yowl of anguish. Innocent Rioclar! Whom he had secretly snuck out to see every night! They had loved each other! Who would have done this? Everybeast was staring at him Froddo. He shrank slightly. Then everybeast followed suit as a cold, a icy voice screeched.

"Whats going on here?" thier leader, the beatiful, and very evil white she cat, who led the horde slid forward, and when she saw her daughter in the ditch, ans screamed.


"It was him marm! He has the blood on his paws to show for it!" Froddo stared at his paws, horrified. Rioclar's blood was on them, but only because he'd grabbed that knife! But who would have killed her? Iceris's ice blue eyes slit.

"Take that horrible piece of filth to the whipping post!" and they did so...

Froddo could still here the crack of the whip and his own screams even now; they had whipped him until he had almost died, and threw him unceremoniuosly into the ditch. When he had woken he'd hid until they where all asleep, before, weak, and half dead, he snuck onto a boat and fled out to sea.. that had been seasons ago. Layla's eyes widened as he told her the whole miserable story.

"I-I'm sorry. . " that was all Layla could say at it. A single shinning tear rolled down Froddo's eyes, at the thought of Rioclar and the whipping. "It's okay.."

Froddo quickly changed the subject. "And you? 'cause even since you got here, I've been wondering..."

"...about my story?" Layla shifted on the dirt as it was rubbed across her dress. And she begun.

Froddo listened, eyes either widening or closing shut as she told everything; starting with when she was born; all the way to Abiela's "unknown" death.

Young Layla ran in her parent's chamber, acting like the small child she was. Her brown hair fell behind as she jumped up and down. Ugrann stared at her, "Would you cut it out you annoying little-"

"How dare you call your own daughter annoying?" said Abiela as she scooped' Layla up as she ran pass.

Ugrann turned to his mate, eyes blazing. "She's not my daughter, she's your tramp!"

Abiela gasped. "'She' has a name you know? It's Layla; Layla Goldeneyes."

Ugrann laughed. "Huh! That gal hasn't gained the right to be called Goldeneyes! The Goldeneyes bloodline has been going down for years, and I'm sadden she'll have rule once my days as King are done! " spat Ugrann, causing Layla squirm out of Abiela's grasp. "Unlike our kin, The Greeneyes, we'll be know for seasons to come; we are unstoppable!" he' turned back to the table he was sitting at.

Abiela grabbed Ugranns shoulder and spun him around.' "She' has every right to be called a Goldeneyes! What gives you the right to be called King?!"

"As King, I forbid you to place a paw on me woman! Beside, I can do what ever I like!" Ugrann felt his paws shaking with rage.

"If you were half the king Modusfise was-" at the saying of his father, Ugrann knocked Abiela flat on the floor.

"Ye stupid cat! Get up!" Abiela couldn't take it, she kicked Ugrann in the knees, causing him to come down. They fought, and Ugrann quickly gained to upper hand. Layla hid under the table, tears beaming from her eyes as Ugrann reached for his knife. Layla couldn't bare to watch, and the small cat started screaming as she heard Abiela screaming..

Layla continued, failing to keep the tears from coming in endless waves. "So, after Ugrann threw me off the ship, I-I ended up here.." she buried her head in her knees, not able to look at the stunned cat across from her.

"That's weird, because, before I was with Iceris..Ugrann killed my family.." Layla paused and look up in disbelief. "Was a normal cat, with a mother, father, and two sisters. It was a dark night, and I was getting fire wood; when I was jumped. The vermin took me, I had no chance and some headed in the direction of my family. But before I was taken on the ship, I believe I saw Ugrann standing to the side, with a smaller cat at his side." Froddo's eyes narrowed on Layla.

"Well, that was me." Layla said, throwing her paws in the air. "After that, I presume Ugrann sold you at Port Flagdale?" the black cat nodded, memories flooding in both of their heads.

"Umm, uh, g'night Layla." Froddo laid on his side, leaving Layla the bed.

Layla chuckled, not nothing why. "G'night Froddo.." he laid down as well, but not on her injured side. The cats slept under the large tree that night; storm still going on.

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Jenna had continued running; face passing into thick spider webs, gets slashed by branches and thorns, and tripped up by tree roots. When she finallystopped, the great mountain was a distance away, and the dim light of the fire where Adrian and Niana stayed. Jenna felt multiple feelings at that one time.





and Lost

Rage, of what Niana did to Adrian. Stupid wolf! I told'er t'stay away, but she didn't listen!

Fear, for Adrian. Is his arm okay? Is he safe? Can he defend h'self from t'wench wolf his calls a friend?

Loneliness, from running down the mountain into the strange forest. Where am I? What is this place?

Worried, of Niana alone with Adrian. What is she doin' up there? If she so dares t'lay a paw on him....!

Lost; not knowing where to go, without a single thing to protect herself from whatever is down there. Should I go back? Should I keep running? Should I go back t'get Adrian? Or should just I tell Niana to leave? Should I say I'm sorry t'her?' No! No I shouldn'! I didn't do'a thing wrong! She's the one who hurt Adrian; but I scratched her back...Naa, forget it! But... Jenna trailed off, not knowing a thing.

But she made her choice:"I'm not goin' back." The vixen got up from where she rested, and continued going on.


Adrian looked out over the horizon; eyes following the line that started the forest. His hand carried his useless arm as it hung like a wey mop. "Do ya think Jenna's okay?" he asked.

Niana hidden spoke since that horrible event. "I-I dunno." she finally looked up from the fire. "Look, Adrian. I'm very sorry, can you please forgive me? Please?" He didn't respone, only making her feel worse.

"I forgive ya.." he turned his back from the fire. "But will Jenna forgive ye?"

"It's a chance she mi-"

Adrian quickly cut her off. "No." he repeated it again. "No, she won't. Jenna can't. She can't, a-and she won't!! You turned on me!!" he was frustrated, face turning red. "No, you turned us!! I believed you can be my friend; the first friend I eva had!!"

"Isn't she your friend?" the wolf questioned.

He turned his self to a cave wall. "Jenna was more than me friend; she was m'sista;and I was'er brother."

Niana ended the conversation with silence. She never thought of it like that. Niana didn't have a family; neither did Adrian nor Jenna. But they made themselves a family with each other; side by side, protecting and saving their "kin" from anything tht came their way.

Jenna; oh, Jenna! She was a girl of power and proud sister to Adrian. A young vixen traning herself to do just wonderous things with only a single blade. You could call her, 'something not from this world'. She's a little strange sometimes, but protective.

Adrian; young rascel! A young mouse, the little borther of a over-protective vixen! I sometime wonder where he actually came from.. Young, wild, funny, and very friendly. Ha, I thought I'll never have a friend like him!

The wolf had thought herself to sleep. But Adrian, behind her back, was gone.


The raging storm had finally pasted over and Ugrann was out yelling at hs crew. "How many are missin'? Are any ships gone? Talk t'me ye useless crew!!"

A rat confronted him. "Sir; we have one ship missing, which was carring only 15 of the army."

The cat yowled a sigh. "Well, a loss; but better than lossin' a hundred. Where's that one called Lance?"

"I think it was Brelance, King." the rat whispered.

"Lance, Brelance!! Who asked you?" he shouted.

The rat heistated. "Umm, you did Sir." The rat was off as Ugrann lost his timper. "Aaahhhgg!!! Stupid, crew; stupid rat!! Just shut up'n'let me tell you what I said!! Only I know what I said!! And I said.." Ugrann paused at a sudden thought. What did I say?

Ugrann growled at the voice from behind. "You've lost your top, cat!!" he turned quickly to them. "Who dared t'say that?!"

"I did." Brelance came across from his ship. "See, even I know what comes out of my mouth!"

"Shaddup!! What do ya want, I have business to take care of!" scowled Ugrann.

"I just wanted to say that my crew is fine."

"So what?! I have," Ugrann had to make the words as he went. "I have things to do! Bye-bye!" the cat left with a wave of his cape.

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Chapter 6

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Layla and Froddo awoke at the same time; though Froddo laid still on the floor in laziness. "I don't want to get yet.." he yawned.

Layla playfully throw a pillow at him. "C'mon! Get up Froggy!" she joked.

Frodo's voice had added a bit more tone to it. "Do not call me that!" it was muffled because of his black head stuffed in the pillow.

"C'mon!! Get up! It's a beautiful day on Brogoona Island!" she threw yet another pillow at him. And another. Until he jumped up after her.

"Arrhhggg!! Get over here cat!!" he growled in a laugh.

"Nooo, nothing but the mercy of Froggy! Not me! Not-" she stopped realizing she was outside. Trees tumbled, sticks and mud everywhere. "Whoa. Froddo, look at this mess."

"I know..weird to believe only a simple storm did this." Froddo smirked. "That was not a simple storm!!" Layla turned her head elsewhere. "Look at the river!" both gold and amber eyes met the river at once. It was way below full pool, and the banks where dry stone. "Something's blocking it." Froddo said. He started to run down river. "Hurry up Layla." hearing his words, Layla quickly followed. Reaching where the block was, they found multiple trees lay over a section of the river. It was like a nature made dam. The water was only to escape through holes where twigs didn't cover.

"Wow.." they said in together. "How are we gonna un-block it?" Froddo asked.

Layla's eyes scanned the area. They kept going, until they locked on a target. "There." she said, pointing a claw at the biggest fallen tree. "If we remove that tree, the rest will fall and water will flow again."

"Hmm, it's risking.." Froddo said, rubbing the back of his head. "Ya sure?"

Layla turned her back from him. "I'm positive." with those words, she walked away to starte a plan. Froddo looked a bit baffled, still with a paw behind his head. "Oh, well...o-okay."

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A ragged old ship float slowly along the ocean. Iceris walked upon deck, waiting eagerly for her dinner. "C'mon you beasts! You actually call ya selves 'cooks'? HA!" she laughed.

The usually drunk weasel, Rust, rushed on deck, handing Iceris a tray. "Here ya are ma'rm!"

"What is this mess?! Liver?"

"It's fish!" grinned Rust. He hiccuped, and covered his mouth. Iceris threw the waste at him. "You eat it! So I know if it's good or not." Grossed out at his own creation, Rust shoved it down. Turning green in seconds, the weasel ran to the side of the ship. "Ha! See, I could'a been killed!" Iceris growled.

"Maybe be we can find food there!" a ferret pointed his finger at a island. "On t'map; it's called. . Brogoona Island!"

Iceris stared at it. Deep within her, she felt it. Someone on thet there island. .someone. . someone from my past.


"You honestly think it'll work?" Froddo asked with concern. "Like I said, it's risking!"

Layla rolled her gold eyes. "You worried to much Froddo! If it came from mind, it has to work!"

"What if it comes from my mind?" he said.

"Well, it's a 95% chance it might work." Layla smiled, looking at the feral cats frown.

At the bank, Froddo cupped his paws. "Ready?" Layla answer with a hop into his paws. With his muscles, he threw her up. "Here's the bark!" Layla grabbed the tree bark, and began scrapping it against the rough bark on the branch she was on. Soon, it was smooth inner wood. "Pass up the rope!" she called. The rope came up like a snake, almost whipping her face. Rapping in around the branch twice, and came back down to Froddo.

Layla climbed down, landing next the cat. She folded her arms, hesitating "Froddo, when I said this has to work; I-I didn't think through this part."

"You worry to much. Just like we planned; I'll go under the water and rap the rope around the huge tree three times. Once that's down and done, I'll tug on it, and signaling you to use the other end as to lift it up. Like a over sized pully!"

Layla still had second thoughts. "But, I had experience with water!" she said with eyebrows up.

Frodo turned to her, their eyes meeting. "Trust me.." Trust me..The words rung in her head like a giant bell. She was so busy remembering them, she didn't noticed that he splashed in the water. Until it splashed her. "Wait! Froddo!" just before she threw herself in, Layla heard it again.

Trust me...Trust me... "Trust him.." she said.


Adrian was yelling his lungs out with the same sentence. "Jenna, where are ya!?" cradling his arm, the little mouse fell to his knees. The sun was up and in his eyes; squinting them shut, he march on in search for his sister. "Jenna! C'mon out!"

His paws tripped up under a tree root, landing chin first. Adrian got up slowly, tasting blood in his mouth and going down his throat. Opening it wide, his teeth bit through his tongue, and it was bleeding heavily. He forgot the pain and the drinking his own blood, Adrian kept yelling out, trying and failing to get the words out. "'enna! Gome out! 'enna! Elease come out!"

The mouse walked alone, just out of ear range for him to hear Niana howling in the mountain, "Adrian!! Adrian!!!".

Chapter 7

Abeila paced the green grass with eagerness. Her friend, great warrior Martin, was sitting at the side with his beloved one, Laterose. "Oh, Martin! Where is Froddo? He should be out the water by now!"

The warrior sighed, standing up and placing his paws on her shoulders. "Abeila. Sit down. Before you worry yourself to the living."

"I want to be with the living. I'm want to be with my daughter and alive; living and breathe the sweet air!" the cat shook off his paws, and throwing herself down. "I hope Layla actually does get her and my revenge on Ugrann."

Rose approached Abeila and spoke to her. "Martin's right. The air there isn't as sweet as it is here. There, the air was nice, but filled with hatred and evil. Here; you don't have to worry about that. Sometime, but no time soon, you'll get to see your daughter again." she walked over to Martin, holding his paws in hers and leaning on him. "I, too, had to wait to be with the one I loved and missed dearly. But I listened and waited, and I got want I wanted."

"Listen to her Abeila." the brave and strong warrior squirrel Felldoh was at her side. "You and Layla need to wait. ."

Abeila looked upon her daughter, who was waiting along the bank for Frodo. "Wait Layla. . " she repeated. "Wait. . " '

"Wait Layla. .wait" It was faint, very faint, but there. Layla heard her mother speaking to her, the tone of her voice was smooth; but she heard the fright in it. It felt like hours waiting for Froddo, and it turned out to be minutes. Seconds later, the rope began to move out her paws. Tugging with all her might, the pully was working! The smoothed bark on the branch just made it easier. Her small muscles were just able to lift the tree up, her paws started to slip in the mud.

After pulling for a couple of more minutes, there was crashing sounds and the next thing she knew, the branches were gone down the river and it was once flowing again.

Layla dropped the rope, running to the bank. No, no, no, no! C'mon Froddo! There she waited, the surface of the river still and undisturbed. Her faith in the words "Trust me" was fading, until she saw bubbles reaching the top. It was the sign she needed to see to regain hope, and more and more bubbles came up.

Frodo's head blew out the water, gasping for air. Throwing her paws out, Layla grabbed him. Once he was fully out the water, she was hugging the little air out of him as he laid on the ground. "What toke you so long?! I was worried sick about you!"

Froddo's amber eyes widened. "You were worried sick about me?" Layla realized what she said, stopped hugging him, and flashed red cheeks. "Umm, well. Only a bit.. I wasn't actually sick thought. Err, mm, yeah.." Layla quickly tried to change the subject. "Soo, what did take you so long?"

"When you dropped the tree back down, my paw was still underneath it." He showed her his limp paw. "Luckly, it's not broken. But it hurts!" he growled, clutching it tight.

Crossed over to Froddo, reaching for the injured paw. "Let me see it." he moved it away, whimpering. "C'mon you big baby! Let me see it and I can maybe find the right herbs to heel it." Once again, he moved it from her reach, giving her sad eyes. "But it hurts.." he whined.

Layla placed her paws on her hips, trying not to touch her wound. "You are such a big baby! Let me see it!" instead of moving the paw, Froddo toke off on a run to shore,  and she quickly followed him, laughing all the way. All became slow in her eyes; the wind rushing pass her face, the dirt underneath her paws; the feeling of freedom. It beat the daylights out of being on a ship in the middle of the ocean. No land to settle yourself on, instead a oversize boat heading to who knows were. Her thoughts were interrupted as her face hit Froddo's back. "Hey, why did you-"

Eyes huge and mouths hung open, the giant ship laid in front of them on the sand. Layla walked slowly to it, saying, "That's one of Ugrann's ships. ."


"Hey you! Yeah you! Come here!" Ugrann ordered a by passing pine marten. She came over quickly, not wasting time to follow her master's orders. "How can I serve ye sir?" The king of the seas paced around her. "Ya are part of my army? Am I right, Tolca?"

"O'course my lord." Tolac replied.

Ugrann stopped in front of her. "Good. I need ya t'do me a tiny fava." Tolca looked up, waiting. "See that fine fellow over there? At Brelance's ship?" Tolca nodded hard, seeing the handsome young pine marten on the ship's sides. He was talking to a male rat when his light blue eyes met hers. He gave her a quick wink, and Tolca giggled with glee. "He is quite handsome sir."

Ugrann did a quick laugh before answering. "Exactly!" he sighed into her right ear, causing a shiver down her spine. "Can ya see if ya can get som' info on Brelance'n'his army. Annndd," Ugrann continued, shaking a bag of gold in front of her. "ye might get something special in return." Tolca bowed and was already running onto Brelance's ship to the kind-looking marten. Ugrann's mind began to turn. He heard something. .

"Remember when you did this with your own daughter? Tricking her to doing your dirty work to out think whoever is in your way. Remember that Ugrann?" the voice was too noticeable.

Ugrann began to shake and hesitate. "Abeila?" he blinked and began to chuckled. "It can't be you! You and your little daughter are dead."

"I maybe dead," everything became white around him. Then he saw a clear image of Abeila; blood splattered her beautiful dress and a dagger in her heart, the same way she was before Ugrann threw her body into the ocean. "I maybe dead, but your daughter is still out there for her revenge." she grinned, with her teeth showing. "Our revenge."

Abeila walked slowly to him, swaying side to side. "I love you Ugrann. Through all this hatred you had for others, I could find your warm heart inside. It was frozen solid, not a sigh of love in you. But I brought it out." she said, tears filling her eyes.

The same was happening to Ugrann; it could feel the warmth as she leaned to him, and placed a small kiss on his lips. Abeila began to fade as her tears fell. "I once loved you. . " Ugrann reached up with a paw to touch her cheek, but she was gone.

He found himself in his cabin; alone in the dark. He laid back, the cold bed sheets upon his back. Ugrann thought of Abeila's words. Is my daughter still alive?


"That; that was one of your father's ships?" Frodo asked, shocked. Layla turned to him, with a frown. "I don't like to call him my father anymore. .". Frodo's cheeks turned a bright red.

Layla began to walk to it, and Froddo stopped her. "Wait! You're not going in there-"

"I have to go in there!" Layla protested.

Froddo sighed, his whiskers blowing up. "If you let me finished, I would I have said 'You're not going in there alone!'" Layla smiled, hugged his damp body. They continued to it, Froddo lifting Layla onto it. Seaweed was threw everywhere, but other than that, it was in prefect shape. The sales still blowing, but no one on it. "That's strange. You'll usually expect someone to be on i-" but she knew it, a dagger was flying to her. Frodo acted quickly, pulling her down.

A short rat came from the shadows. "Haha! I knew Ugrann failed to kill ya Layla! But, in the honor of my lord, I will kill you now!" he came charging. Layla started to growl, her bloodwrath kicking in. But Froddo reached for the closest thing to paw; a claymore.


Jenna awoke, feeling something tight around her waist. Looking down, a rope was around her skinny body. She began to whimper when see noticed she was tied to a tree. Jenna bit at the bonds, but with no prevail. It was morning, and birds above calling out. Something slipped pass her legs, and Jenna screamed. Slow worms were everywhere; they were said to be harmless, but these were on the kill. Scratching at the ropes, she felt them getting looser as they got closer.

Jenna knew someone had to be around  to tie her up, so she started to shout. "Help! Someone, help me! Help!!"

A worm, the biggest of them all, was only a couple feet away. It coiled back, and struck. But what it met was a sword running through it's neck. Jenna watched in shock as cloaked figures fell from the trees and down on top of the worms. They kept screaming out, "Eeeeeeaaayyyy!!!". Some got injured as the fangs ripped through skin. But one that got too close ended up having their throat eaten out.

One came to Jenna, and removed her cloak, showing a young squirrel. "Can you use a bow and arrow?" she asked quickly, still firing arrows at the worms.

Jenna stuttered as her bonds were cut. "Umm...y-yeah. Why did you-" before she knew it, she had a bow and arrows in her paws. Watching to rest, and did what they did; launch an arrow toward the heads, and take a step back. As the worms retreated, the squirrel started to shout the cry louder. "Eeeeeeaaayyyy!!" soon, they were all gone. Not before the female squirrel had one more shot.

Jenna had noticed the bit wound she had gotten during the skirmish. The squirrel came back to her. "My name is *Eay. Leader of the squirrels in the groves. Who might you be?" Jenna shook her paw with a warm shake, saying. "My name is Jenna."

The squirrels threw the bodies of worms into the ditch, but had a short saying for the fallen one. "May Pineleg find freedom from this world on the wide fields beyond the borders of this world. May he rest in peace." she threw his body in the ditch as well, but with flowers and dirt over him. Jenna watched as they walked off. Eay looked at her, waving. "C'mon Jen!" the vixen followed.

Once she caught up with her, Jenna asked. "Who was Pineleg? Did you know him well?"

"Aye. He was my mate. Kind, strong fellow. But, he's in peace now." Jenna noticed Eay didn't show no emotion over he mate. "You, you're not gonna cry over him?" Eay stopped walking and turned to her. "A Grove Squirrel doesn't she emotions during a time of battle. It not safe." Choosing to change the subject, Jenna said something else. "Why are you taking with you? Me, a fox? Do you trust me?:

Eay smiled and laughed. "O'course we do! We have a friend there, his name is Alec. He's a fox as well, and we trust him. So we can trust you." Jenna listened to her. This was the first time she was trust by someone other than Adrian!

(*Eay - i-a-ie)

Chapter 8

Iceris kissed the sand, feeling the ground beneath her paws. "Yes! Yes! Sweet ground!" she rolled in it with happiness. Rust looked at her, eye brow up. "Ma'rm? Ya okay?" The cat got up, cleaning herself off. "Why? Ya think I'm crazy?!" Rust ran off, not wanting to feel her wrath. The same ferret with the map came up to her. "We're on the south shore of Brogoona Island."

"'kay. Search the area! Find food, and if you find someone here; kill them! This is my island now!"


Layla had the rat down, her paws pinning him down; claws digging into his chest. "Zigal. I remember you; could never learn how to count! Can you answer me a question 'bout Ugrann?" she teased him on and on. The reason; not want to kill him. She kept holding back her urge to kill him with pure bloodwrath. But her brain had a path to her claws. The claws dug in deeper, and Zigal yelled; kicking her in the gut and off of him.

"I'm loyal to the one and only King Ugrann! Not to his spoiled brat!" he brought his sword down, but Layla rolled over just in time. Froddo kicked Zigal in the knees, and one had bended backwards with a sickening crack. Zigal held his knee, the bone breaking out the back of his skin, and the blood running down his gray fur. Layla held his neck in her claws, "Question: Is Ugrann still headed to Mossflower Country?"

"I'm loyal to my king!" he repeated, punching her in the chest, right over her wound. With a scream of horrible pain, Layla was down. Turning his rage to Froddo, Zigal threw his sword, catching the corner of the cat's jacket. Pinning him to the sail post. Standing over Layla, the rat held a dagger above her heart.

"Time t'meet ya mummy!" With a sudden slashing sound, the blade of the claymore stuck out of Zigal stomach. Behind him, Froddo growled deeply with rage. He pulled it out with force and Zigal fell beside Layla.

"One more time; is Ugrann still heading to Mossflower?!?" Layla growled, Froddo clinging his paws to the claymore. "I-I'm, only loyal to my k-king." he choked.

"He won't say anything Layla. To bad for him!" Froddo brought the claymore down on Zigal's chest.. again.. and again... and again. Layla had to stop him, blood spraying his shirt. "Froddo! Stop it ya wing nut!" she noticed the red shine in his eyes, the same she saw when Ugrann would get angry. Froddo blinked three times, and stared as the blood on his paws. "Aah! What happened?! W-What?!"

Layla looked at him, shocked. "You, you just killed Zigal.." Froddo backed away from the body. "I-I what!?" Froddo ran - or jumped- off the ship. "Froddo! Wait!" Layla ran after him, off the shore into the forest.


Tolca gently pounded at Ugrann's bedchamber door. She heard him mumble something, and thought that meant come in. Tolca was wrong.

"You c'founded marten! I didn't say come in! I said stay out!" Tolca had ran to the corner in fear, hiding her face.

"S-Sorry! I just came t'tell ya the information about Brelance'n'his crew."

Hearing this, Ugrann quickly calmed down. "Ooh, well, begin."

The marten cleared her throat, and got into a good position. "Err. where t'begin? Let's see.." Tolca caught Ugrann's eyes, and started at any words. "Brelance's crew membas are fat, and some of them are highly lazy. The crew is meanly males, but a couple of females here and there. Not noticing me as one of his crew, Brelance had almost suspected me as'a spy. But that's also when I found out something great.." she trailed off, raising her eyebrows. Instead of Ugrann begging to know the vital information, Tolca head had gotten rammed into the wall.

"Tell me! Tell me now, or I'll.." he left it at that, rising a dagger above her head. Ugrann noticed she was choaking and trying to get words out, so he loosened his grip on her neck.

"S-S-Son!" she croaked. "Brelance..has'a son!!" Ugrann's golden eyes widened with thought and joy. "A son?! He, he has'a son?!" and clapped his paws together, letting Tolca go. "This is so wonderful! What's his name?" he cheered.

"His name is Eden, s-sir." she breathed. She regained her breathe, and hesitated. "Umm..sir? What about my-" Tolca stopped as the heavy bag of gold slammed into her face. "T-Thanks sir!" he peered into the bag, the gold shinning brightly. Ugrann had came up behind her, whispering lowly. "Wait, there's more.." He slowly placed one paw on the top of her head, and the other at her neck. With a blindly swift twist, and a horrible and loud snap, Tolca's head rolled to the said in a unnormal way. His paws dropped to his side, the bag of gold out of her paws.

Ugrann swept it up. "I'll take that back."


Niana paced the ground, thinking hard. She pressed her palms in her eyes, saying. "Think, Blacktail, think.." she started to say out he thoughts. "Okay, so it's very obvious Adrian went after Jenna. But which way in the internal fires did he go!?!" she cursed and swore at herself, kicking boulders and crushing rocks with her paws. A tree shook hard, but she didn't see.

That was until a masked figure tackled her down. "WAIT! Stop!" she tried to screamed. It stuffed a rag onto her face, the fumes of it causing her to go in and out of consciousness. Before she blacked out, Niana saw more of them come.....from the earth itself.

Chapter 9

Layla had wandered the forest in and out. Still not able to find Froddo. Her chest heaved up and down breathlessly. "Froddo! W-Where are-" a paw cupped her mouth, almost making her faint. Her eyes followed the paw, seeing that is was black. Layla instantly knew who is was. "Why you crazed cat! What are ya doin'?! Kidnap me!?" He held a finger to his mouth, telling her to be quite. "Why do I have to be quite?"

Without saying a single word, Froddo pointed to several footprints; and Layla looked as if she seen them before. "So, they're just-" she stopped whispering, and began screaming. "FOOTPRINTS! I thought ya told me we're the alone ones here!!"

"We are the alone ones here!"

"Then explain to footprints!"

"I can't explain the footprints!"

"Then do you know what that means?" Layla cheered. Froddo shook his head no. "I can finally get off this stupid isla-" Once again, he covered her mouth, and hissed. "Shh!". The black cat looked up the path at the prints and continued to follow them, Layla close behind. In a sudden, Froddo stopped. So did Layla. He bent down, peering at the ground. Froddo picked up something, and growled as he saw it.

Layla looked at the item; a ring. "What's so bad about a ring?"

Froddo got up, clutching the small object in his strong paws. "This; this ring is Iceris' ring.." Layla looked stunned, and tripped backwards as Froddo ran towards Iceris' gang with a yowl of pure rage. She ran after the cat, I'm not letting him do this alone!


Iceris gathered some weapons and thrust them into her belt. "Rust!" the weasel ran to. "Keep watch. Me and the rest are going huntin'." The weasel bowed before his master, and something rung in his ears.

A yowl.

Not just any old yowl..."Froggy?" Rust said.


Froddo kept running, not hearing Layla's calls behind him. He felt his bow and arrows on his back, mind racing with bloody thoughts.

Froddo pawed away a clump of vines and peered out at the clearing. The tracks had led him to Iceris's camp alright, but there wasn't anybeast about. Smoke came from the dieng camp fire. Dieing....Rioclar.. He felt hot bile rise in his throat. when he found who'd killed her- Wait! What was that? There was the sound of twigs snapping and branches being pushed aside. He thrust his bow off his back and knotched an arrow to the string. Layla seemed to materialize out of the foliage. Frodo relaxed and placed the arrow back in the quiver, and Layla froze suddenly, her mouth hanging open.

"It's alright." Froddo said quickly, "I wasn't going to shoot until I saw what it was."

"Froddo behind you!" Layla shrieked. Froddo whirled about just in time to see the large hulking weasel, Rust, swing a huge cutlass. Froddo rolled out of the way, accidently knocking into Layla. In a flurry of legs and tail they tumbled. When they managed to disintangle themselves, Rust was advancing, laughing.

"Still a clutz! Ye haven't changed much, have ye Froggy? Here now. Who's this ya got with ye?" in a rage, Froddo swung about, slashing Rust's face with his claws.

"And your still a murderer! Get off my island Rust! Or we'll kill you!" Rust wiped his own blood off his face and snarled.

"This is Iceris's Isle now!" with a roar he lunged at Froddo, Layla, understanding that Froddo would not apreciate her getting into his fight, scuttled away and stared wide eyed as Rust said some very fruity and horrible oaths. What language! she thought. He could give Ugrann tips!

Froddo dodged a swinging blow from Rust's Paw. Rust was breathing heavily, a nasty grin on his face. "Your out of shape!" he taunted."That's what you get for drinking all that rum mate!" the grin was wiped off Rust's face.

"I ain't yore mate! Would ye like to know who really did kill that precious little Rioclar of yours? I might as well tell you, seein' as I'm gonna kill you anyways!" Rust spat.

Froddo froze, then pulled his bow out and fitted an arrow to it. His eyes narrowed to slits. Rust grinned.

"Aye, ye would like to know, I can tell. might as well. I was the one that did the deed...Iceris was the one that hired me to do it for her. But it was because of you that Iceris wanted to kill her. Oh she knew about you going around sneaking to see her pretty liddl' daughter. It was a plot agin' ya! If ya had stayed away from Rioclar, she'd never had died! You killed her!" Froddo swayed from side to side in shock. Suddenly with a strange scream which turned Layla and Rust's blood to ice, he lunged at Rust, making him stagger. Layla flinched. Who knew Froddo was capable af any of this? What he did to Zigal is nothing like this!

Froddo was in a fighting frenzie; he and Rust wrestled while Frodo screamed. "I loved her you son of a seagull! I loved her!! You think she won't still live on in my heart?! You think i wouldn't want to avenge her? Well your wrong!!!"

Layla felt a pain in her own heart. He still loves Rioclar.... He will never see me as anything more then an ally. I'm nothing to him. The pain turned to anger in a flash. I hate him! Good ridence Froddo! He's no friend of mine! she turned about and fled down the path, leaving Froddo to fight Rust.

Froddo had managed to pin Rust to the ground. He stood on Rust's middle and aimed his arrow. Rust's eyes went wide with fear at the sight of the young cat's amber eyes turning red. He breathed heavily before saying, "This is the end...Mate" he let the arrow loose. It buried itself in Rust's throat, with a strange gurgle Rust died.

Froddo turned around. "Well that's all done Layla- Layla?" she was gone.. "Layla? Layla?! Where in the fires of inle are you?!"

(A/N - This part --the fight-- was thought up by out good friend Meeka Swiftblade!! (claps paws) Plus, Layla's and Froddo's relationship will start to go down-hill in a couple more chapters....but it will rise once again..and then fall..but once again rise. Ohhh! And a cliffie! Anyway! See ya'!)


Eden held his whip tight between his paws. Stupid! I told father all we need is a all-male crew! But noooooo; he said we should a few. Argh! He turned to a ermine female, who was sleeping calming against the sail post.

Enraged, he slashed the whip across her face. "I don't remember my father telling you to sleep! Get going!" Eden wasn't a nice guy. He was always abusive to the females of the crew. He thought because of his stripes, he had power over everyone; and he is a feral cat. "Eden," Brelance was standing near buy, head down and with a frown. "Come here for a second."

The cat walked over to him, not before growling to a fox maid that had passed. "What? Can you see I'm-" Brelance had quickly shut him off.

"Tell me this; what is with you and the girls of the crew?" he asked, shaking his head in disapproval. Eden hissed, but Brelance didn't have a reaction. "They are useless!" he spat the word 'useless' loudly and with hatred. Every girl looked his way, and then returned to their duties.

Brelance got from his first position, and was facing his son in the eyes. "So, you want order around here? Then why don't you fight me for leadership, hmm?!" Brelance's forehead was touching Eden's. His son jerked his head forward, and Brelance reacted with a fight stance.

"Ha! Always need a fight stance or weapon, eh? Why don't you fight like a warlord that one Ugrann is? Uh?!" Eden taunted. Brelance just snorted, and walked off. Before turning back to his own business, Eden looked over at Ugrann. Who had been listening the whole time. He mouth something to him, and Eden nodded.

Chapter 10

Adrian awoke in a tree; mouth with a ring of blood around it. His tongue was swollen, making in harder to talk than it already was. "'enna! Ehere are 'a?" A loud crack sounded behind him. Maybe it's just Jenna. he thought. He walked into the brush, think it was her. It wasn't.

Whatever it was, it was quick and had him down. It was strong, much stronger than the young mouse. A smell fulled his nose; it was strong, like a lot of hot root pepper. Adrian's vision began to blacken, and that thing that tackled him whispered in his ear: "Flitchaye.....haha!"


Eay, Jenna, and the Grove Squirrels made a short trip back to the grove. It was a clearing surrounded by oak trees, with huts and in the middle was a area with a large rock. "Welcome to Oak Tree Grove!" Eay cheered, and the squirrels followed in her words. Jenna laughed at them; flipping and jumping with glee. They stopped when a loud crash and yell for help rng out. Eay ran to kitchen, with Jenna behind her.

A stack of pots was settled in the middle of the floor. "Aha! Only one person can do this much of a mess!" Eay sighed.

"Who?" Jenna asked, cyan eyes showing eagerness. A paw came from under the stack, and he gasped. "!" Throwing the pots to free him, Jenna looked at the fox come from under. "Thanks Eay; I thought I was a-" he stopped when he saw Jenna, who giggled. ", I'm Alec."


"Well, my real name is Alexander. But the squirrel call me Alec." Alec slapped his face. "Sorry! Continue."

"I'm Jenna." she said, paw out for a greeting. He gladly took it, shook it warmly. "Nice to met ya." Eay interrupted their greeting. "Alec, I must take Jenna here to get cleaned up. Bye!" they zoomed off, and Jenna called. "See ya around Alec!"

Alec looked pleased and disappointed. "Um, yeah. Bye."


"Layla! This isn't funny! Get out here NOW!" Froddo felt stupid; with that tone in attitude, he wasn't going to find her. He added calmness and sadness to his voice, making it seem like a he actually was worried; thought he was. "Layla..please come out. For your and my safety." He couldn't help feeling more stupid. Iceris was still out there, and if Froddo didn't find her soon, she will.

What's the matter with me?! I shouldn't have yelled that out; I don't love Rioclar no more. Froddo began to doubt himself. Weeell, sorta. I respect her; buuut... Aha! What am I thinking! I don't love her anymore. I have Layla now. I...I...lov- Froddo couldn't find the words. I wanted to; but in his own mind, he couldn't say it. He couldn't.

"C'mon Layla; you have to be somewhere.." he sighed, he single tear sliding down his cheek fur; causing it to shine.


Layla sat in the dirt, staring blankly down, her tail in paw. What was thinking? Of course he still loved Rioclar. And of curse he doesn't love me. But, I can't say that. Maybe in his heart is a corner where he has feelings? Oh, just shut up and keep going! Do what her conscious told her to, Layla kept walking.

Layla ran so much, her bare foot paws were scarred and bleeding. Soon, Layla was on the south shore of Brogoona Island. To the east; nothing. To the west; a ship. A ship? Several were broading it, and she heard a conversation with her keen hearing.

"What about Rust ma'rm?"

"What about him? You saw him at the camp; someone is here and they kill'em! I'm not staying to get me talk chopped off and fur skinned for a coat!"

The voice. She knew it. Only one thing could pop int other mind; "Mother?" she cried. Layla ran; right to Iceris.

Book 2: A Cry for Help

Chapter 11

"'iana!" Adrian gasped to his unclear words. His friend was bleed from a long gash running neck head to her neck. The wolf was awake, but mumbling something. "iana! ou 'kay?" Niana looked at him; her smile turned into a growl as she saw. "Why did you run?!" she screamed. "If you stay, this would haven't had happened! What do you have to say?!"

Adrian was trying not to cry, and said. "unno."

"What?" Niana asked, head titled in a confused look.

"unno!" the mouse repeated.

"Dude!" she said, hands tied to her sides; but then shaking as if trying to throw them up. "I don't know what you're saying!" The wolf and mouse fought with her barking words and his unclear language. It ended when a flitchaye struck her on her arm, and she yelped loudly. They shouted, beginning to tug them to a fire. Niana stared into the flame, while Adrian held his limp arm.

A loud cry let out; and the plant-like beast broke out; running to grab something. Tiny shrews ran out from the brush. And to the two watched in awe and confusion.


Iceris glared coldly at a retreating rat. Fool! what did she care about the scum, Rust, who had murdered her daughter? she had asked him to kill a beast in her horde, but in his normal drunk state he had killed Rioclar! she had been planning to kill him herself. A grin slid over her mouth; a grin that could freeze fire. In a sudden, almost familier voice caused her grin to slide away.

"Mother! Mother! I'm coming!" Iceris's eyes filled with the rarest thing; tears.

Rioclar? but it can't be No, wait... Abeila? she blinked. Her face betrayed no emotion, other than her tears. Her paw touched a bracelet on her left arm. When Rioclar had been little, she had made this bracelet, on Iceris's birthday. She was so proud of her work. Iceris brushed her face with a paw.

I'm sorry Rioclar. I shouldn't have trusted Rust any farther than I could have thrown him. She knew, that had Rioclar been alive, she would have beeen quick to forgive, but it was too late for that now. Iceris turned her head and froze. A young cat stared at her through the foliage.

Layla froze. This was not her mother. An uncanny likeness perhaps, but her eyes where cold enough to make the blood in her vanes freeze. Layla let out a little gasp of horror. This must be Iceris! And she had seen Layla. Layla felt a sudden fear as the white cat strode over toward her. She couldn't move! The joints in her body wouldn't work; her mind screamed at her. Idiot! Idiot! movve you corbie! she'll kill you!

But she couldn't, the cold eyes of Iceris where freezing her to the ground.

Iceris walked forward.

Her face. It looks just like Abeila's! It can't be! Suddenly her rage got the better of her. Huh! So Ungrann had a whelp then? That fur color is his too, I'll bet! Abeila had been a fool. Marrying a beast who had no love in his heart. Just then Layla was able to move she turned and fled. Iceris stopped, and wheeled about to the ship.

Layla fled for her life, trying not to cry. She was so miserable she felt like sitting on the sand and letting that cat kill her. She had to run; and she did run, running smack bang into Froddo. Their faces hit hard; if you were far away, you'll say they kissed. But if you were close enough, you'll noticed Froddo's upper fangs grazed her bottom lip. Layla's fangs punctured a hole right threw his tongue.

They both yelled in pure pain, but Froddo stared cross-eyed at his tongue, at the bleed hole. "Ma tong'! Loo' wha' ya di t'ma tong'!" Overall her angry still to him and her blood coming from her lip, Layla couldn't help but laugh at his confused looks. "Wat! Wha's so funna?"

Iceris heard this laughter, and she raced to it. The two hadn't noticed her coming from behind, until she said. "Froggy?!"

The black cat quickly had a arrow ready. "T'name's Froddo." he said coldly. "What?" Iceris asked, eye widened.

Layla sighed and spoke up, not showing fear. "He said, 'The name's Froddo.'" Iceris looked at her and frowned. "You look just like her.." The golden cat questioned her quickly. "Who?"

"Abeila," she cried. "You'll just like her.." the white cat cried to her knees, and Froddo stood to the side. But got surprised to see the crew of Iceris racing to them. "Umm...Layla! We gotta go!" But Layla was at Iceris' side, asking. "How did you know my mother?"

The cat looked up, and smiled. "I'm your aunt-"

"Layla!!" Froddo yelled. The crew were seconds from reaching Froddo, not before Iceris threw herself between them.


Niana watched as the shrew cut Adrian's bonds, but not her's. "Hi there mousey; I'm Log-a-Log; leader of the Guosim." the shrew said, smiling weirdly. "Guosim; what's that?" Niana asked. Log-a-Log glared at her, and answered. "Guerilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower, wolf!" he spat out the word 'wolf', and it struck her hard. "Why you little-"

"Mossflower?" Adrian interrupted, speak clear words. "We're in Mossflower Country?" The shrews nodded, and Adrian looked as about to faint. "Adrian?! What's wrong?!" Niana said, easily showing her worry. Yes, he fainted, not before repeating the word "Redwall..Redwall" over and over again.


Alec watched as the squirrels filled the table. He was waiting; for Jenna. She hadn't come yet, and he was eager to see her. Eay said the vixen had agreed to come to the feast; but had she changed her mind? He got an answer has she took his hand. Jenna was dressed in a dark blue tunic and red belt. "Why were you standing here?" she asked. They walked to some empty seats, were they conversed.

Eay got up, and said. "A toast! To my mate Pineleg, saving our new friend Jenna from a horrible fate." they did as said, and a scream rent the air as they did.

Chapter 12

Eden walked aboard Wave Claw, looking around and asking. "Hey, Ugrin or whatever you're name is? Get out here." Ugrann stood at the other side, next to the rudder. "Eden, am I right? I've heard about you."

"From who?" the stripe one asked. "Don't worry about that, I have a favor I ask of you..." Eden followed him below, where a horrible plan unfold.


"Stop!" Iceris bellowed; Froddo having his arrow at ready, Layla with a dagger. Both had amounts of their blood dropped to the ground, but they didn't care. A ferret came up, and asked. "Ma'rm; but it's Froggy, and his girlfriend!" Layla was about to scream, but Iceris stopped her. "Froggy," she halted and fixed herself. "Froddo is no longer a enemy of our crew. He and my niece Layla are now with us." they gasped at that, and Iceris explained the whole thing. Detail to detail. During this, Froddo looked at Layla, and she looked away.

"..You see? Froddo had nothing to do with what happened to my daughter. So," she hugged him, and he almost yelled with horror. "he's now a friend." they cheered and tackled him with slaps on the back and bone crushing hugs. Layla walked away, arms folded. Iceris saw Froddo's look, and caught him before he ran to her.

"Froddo? What's wrong with'er?"

He rubbed his elbows and scratched his head. "I said some stuff that got her upset." Iceris whispered him something, and handed something to him. He smiled, and ran to Layla. Froddo called her name, but she didn't stop; be he stopped her by grabbing her shoulder.

"Froddo-" Layla started to protest hardly. "Wait, I know you are mad at me; but I got this to make it up to you." Froddo had her something that made her heart skip a beat; a beautiful, small, precious blue rose. "Froddo..where did you?" He looked back to Iceris has she studied to rose, and Iceris pointed to him. "I-I found it!" Layla just smiled. "This is more than enough to forgive you.." Iceris watched as they got close to each other, and she left, smirking to herself.


"Eden! Where the devil are you?!" Brelance hissed. The crew fled out his way as he stormed the ship in search of his son. "Always screamin' your head off, hm?" he turned to find the striped cat looking at him. Brelance ran to him and growled. "Where were you, boy?"

Eden calmly walked pass him, pushing a female stoat out of his way. "I was talking with the one person I know that you're afraid of; Ugrann is actually a kind beast once you get to know him."

"I told you to never go near him."

"Yeah, well sometimes I don't listen!" Brelance watched as he sat on the ship's railing. "If I'm gonna become future ruler of this sad excuse of a ship, I at least need to start taking control of my own actions. C'mon, like you'll be ruler that much longer!" Eden laughed. Out of the blue, an arrow zipped by and buried itself in the back of a rat. Enraged, Brelance yanked it out, and rat screamed in pain. It had some paper attached to it and it read:

"You and your son better meet me on my ship; when half the sun is in the sea."

Looking up from the paper, Ugrann ordered about his crew; not before sneaking a glance to them both. "See," Eden grinned. "he as a way to get stuff around."


Layla strolled about the beach; looking at her aunt on the ship; Iceris seemed just like her mother. Other than that, Layla was more happier than ever; she'll finally be leaving this island. Sensing someone behind her, she spun around to see Froddo. "Hi.." he mumbled.

"Hey.." it was a long silence between them, and Layla broken it. "Froddo; I've dreamed of finally leaving this place. And, I find my aunt and she's willing to help us get our revenge on Ugrann." Froddo's eyes changed when she said that. "We can leave now Froddo."Froddo quickly stopped her and said, "I'm not going." Layla just stared at him, and asked in a low hiss. "What?"

"You heard me; I'm not going just to kill a cat and then won't know where to go then!" he walked ahead of her, and sighed. "Spending most of my life on this island; I'm to ready to leave yet. Might never be." Layla looked at him with the most confused look she even might have to use. "Froddo, I thought you might be happy to leave..." The black cat continue to shout, and Iceris' ears began to pick it up. "Yeah, well; this might not be the right time to get our revenge on him!"

"You don't get it, do you?" Layla pouted. Her eyes started to flood tears, not yet falling. "Once we leave; Ugrann's a dead cat. I'm not turning around or giving up, he's mine!" she shouted. Froddo just looked at her, and whispered. "I'm sorry.."

Iceris appeared just as he left into the forest. "Layla; the crew'n'I agreed to leave tomorrow morn." she saw Froddo walking into the brush. "Is he okay?"

Layla looked up at her, and cried. "He's not coming with us.." Iceris ended the conversation by walked back to the ship. Layla reached into her cloak pocket, and pulled out the small blue rose. It was bright, and healthy. She fell to the ground in tears, flower held in her claws. Her gold eyes looked at it with thought of the one who gave it to her; she had thoughts about him, somethings she wanted to tell. But Layla couldn't now, not after what he just said. I thought; I thought he might have wanted to go. After spending mouths on this island, I would want to leave. Layla looked up where he once stood and said out loud.

"I thought he loved me.."

(A/N - This lovely scene is based off the picture of Layla out the top of the page.)

Chapter 13

Jenna was the first one out the into the open, where spears and arrows flew through the air. Alec followed, with Eay behind. She quick shirked out orders, and saying someone called the "Wild Ones" have come. Squirrels armed them selves while the children were being taken somewhere save. Sharp yelps rung out all around. Jenna saw as one the things was stabbed in the gut, and squirrel was caught from behind. Racing to the dieing beast, she saw that they were small rat-ferret things. She looked at it in disgust, and fell limp when something hard hit her head.

Look at her attacker, behind it, Alec was racing to her. The wild one just had time to yell when Alec thrust his dagger into his back. He helped her up, and handed her a pike. "You might need this." he joked. Taking a small laugh, they split up, throwing themselves into the fight.

Eay was fighting like a warrior; taking out everything that came her way. Something sharp was jabbed into her side, but she quick slew the one who did it. Another squirrel stood at her back, and they fought side-by-side. Jenna heard a scream, and saw a squirrel underneath the wild one's feet. Aiming quickly and letting the pike fly, in stuck into it's throat. Reaching down to grab it back, Alec looked down at her, surprised. She just smiled; but it turned to a face of anger as she thrust at the one at Alec's back. This time, they fought together, until the last one was slain.

They looked around at the damaged; some injured, but as injured as Eay was.


"WAKE UP!" Niana shouted, spilling the whole flask of water over Adrian; and so her surprise, it didn't work. Drat! It was suppose to work... Making sure her claws were weren't out, the wolf closed her eyes, and gave the unconscious mouse a quick slap on the face. He awoke; arms waving about, his paw catching Niana across the face.

She yelp in a high tone, both of them gripping their faces. Adrian walked to her and shouted. "What you do that for, huh?! And," he shook his wet clothes. "Why am I wet?"

"I was trying to wake you up stupid!" Niana groaned. Log-a-Log trolled on by her, and said. "Serves ya right, wolf!" once again, he spat wolf; getting a growl from Niana, making the shrew take a step back. Adrian regained himself, looking at the tiny shrew around him. "Okay, you said we were in Mossflower; right?"


"So thut means thut Redwall Abbey is near; right?" he asked, looking down at Log-a-Log.

"Yyyep!" Adrian pretty much ran over the shrew, running about, scream at the peek of his lungs. "I'm goin' home!! I'm goin' home!!" Niana held out a paw to the chieftain, whom pushed it away non to gratefully. The over excited mouse stopped, and said. "Log-a-Log, how far is it?!"

Log-a-Log was thinking hard, you could see it on his face. Putting a finger to his chin, and snapped a finger. "! About three days away-yaaa!!" Adrian grabbed him off his feet, turning and turning until he landed on Niana's tail. "Waaaoohhh!" she shirked, running her nose smack-bang into a tree. Every shrew of the Guosim laughed at all of them, rolling about on the ground. They all laughed and laughed, and Adrian couldn't resist repeating it one more time..

"I'm goin' home.."


Iceris and Layla sat aboard the ship, named Rioclar. The two had all the time they needed to catch up; Layla learning about what her late cousin, Iceris learning about what happened between Abeila and Ugrann. The cat actually cried when she learned that her sister had been killed by the one she married, and she cursed Ugrann hard. "I told her not to marry him..I told her!" Iceris sobbed, holding her paws in a fist to head her. Layla couldn't believe it herself.

A weasel, limping on his right foot paw, came to Iceris. "We've collected food like ya said ma'rm." he started back to turn around, paw starting to be dragged.

"What happened to your foot?" Iceris said, pointing her sword to it. "I-I stepped on a shell.." he said, shyly. Layla laughed a bit, so did her aunt. He chuckled with them, and boarded off Rioclar.

Iceris trailed her paw across the railing; the bracelet made by her daughter gently slid down her arm and hung by her paw. "Rioclar told me if I had the chance, to name a ship after her.." Layla chose that moment to hug Iceris; she felt her tighten up, but relax. The sun began to set; and the search party started to return back to the ship.

Froddo still not found.


Redwall Abbey wasn't a boring place, nor was it exciting. It was just..normal. Too normal for young Nat and his dibbun sister Harriet. The young squirrel climbed onto her brother's back, tugging on his ears. "Natty; wen' dinna?"

Nat swung his arms around, grabbing her to his front. "We can go and ask Friar. Won't actually make anything worth doing here."

"Wot ya talkin' 'bout Natty? Notin' is borin' 'ere; tah me!" Harriet laughed, grabbing his chin. Nat sighed, still walk to where she requested to go. "It's just..nothing happens here. Same ol'stuff. Never anything exciting anymore; no more wars or battles to keep our abbey. When the one called Matthias came, he thought he won't live a normal life. But, the one and only Cluny the Scrouge came; the same who killed his family; and he got revenge. Not what he thought, buutt.." Nat trailed off, seeing her was in the kitchens.

Letting Harriet down, she ran right to Friar, who greeted her. Giggling at the small squirrel and fat Friar, Nat walked mindlessly off, not hearing Harriet's calls. Go.. a lonely voice repeated, Go...

Chapter 14

That night on the shore of Brogoona Island, the whole crew of Rioclar had camped fires here and there. Each made a circle around it, telling stories and having a rather good time. At the main fire were the higher ranks, Iceris, and Layla. Iceris had just found some of Rioclar's old clothes and passed them down to Layla. It was a white, sleeveless shirt with a high collar. A brown belt came with it and the shirt overlapped underneath the belt. Simple blue pants was what was left, and Layla had gotta a new weapon; a sling.

Staring dead into the fire, Layla sighed a breathe, watch the exasperated sigh vanish into a puff of vapor in the chilly air. "Iceris; do you think Froddo with be alright once we leave?" the question was followed by silence, it hanging in the air for an answer.

"Well I was thinking of leavin' some bags of fruit and other things to make life easier for him. Since he won't have anyone with him anymore." the older cat looked at her niece, the distance look in her eyes showing among everyone who was around her. "Don't think about it Layla. Froddo been here was years because of me, and he's gotta so used to it he can't leave it behind. It's his choice; the young fellow might be back at that tree thinking about it now. 'Should I go? Should I stay?'." Iceris used a larger branch to tend to the fire.

Layla smiled at the thought of Froddo back at his tree. Memories she had gained on the island started flooding back, back to when she first met him. "I remember I was sitting on the ground when I first saw him; he had a bag of fish slung on his shoulder. Froddo said that growling wasn't allowed here; little wimp."

"Froddo was afraid of growling?" a rat had said, he looking totally surprised. "Froggy used to growl'n'snarl so much at Rust you think that's all he could do!" everyone laughed, even Layla. It was funny thinking how much Froddo had changed since he gained a friend such as her. Stand up, Layla started telling them all the mini adventures she had with Froddo. From the dam to when they rolled down the hill in complete laughter. The moon hung high over them; and Froddo looked up at that same moon.


"What?!" Brelance shirked, making Ugrann winced. "No way I letting him have his own ship!" Eden was offered to be captain of one of Ugrann's ships, since he needed one. Ugrann stood up, making Brelance sitting back down cowardly.

"You've been treated this cat like a kitten; he's grown up now'n'needs to get out of the bird's nest."

"I'm not a bird, I'm a feral cat."

"Well maybe you are a different type of cat-"

"Hush!" Eden shouted, hitting the two cats heads together hard. Ugrann didn't care about the soreness coming, but Brelance made a fuss about hit with loud curses. "Ugrann's right. Why can't I make my own choices?!" he said, eyes blazing cold ice to his father. Brelance shifted uneasily in his seat, grunting in deep thought. "What do I give you in return?" he asked, paw holding his chin.

Ugrann sat back, now fully relaxed. "I ask for complete control over your army." Brelance quickly kicked his seat back, making the chair fall beside Eden's. The chair hit the floor hard, making the frame of Layla's picture fall to the floor. With a not of his head, Brelance regretfully agreed, not seeing the wink passed between Eden and Ugrann.

Step One : Control, Ugrann thought. Complete.

(A/N - These two fairly short scenes came from my wonderfully-thoughtful sister Tazmaria! Also, this will be the FINAL update until 2010. !MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR! )


Eay walked lamely with the help of Alec and Jenna. "Leave me alone! I can walk myself; without your help!" Eay cringed up and started to fall to her knees. The only thing saw of the blade stuffed in her side was it's handle. The squirrel was sat down beside a large beech while Jenna inspected in wound. "It's pretty bad Eay. I'm not sure you will be able t-"

"Leave me alone fox!" Eay snapped, wincing in pain. "I-I'll be fine! Just a small wound, nothing major..." she began to flicker her eyes and starting to breathe more slowly.

Alec instantly started to worry, his voice shaky and unsteadily. "Uh oh.." he kept repeating. He tried to blink back the burning tears in his eyes. "She's dieing...she's dieing." Jenna grabbed hold of the dagger, and gave it a small tug. Eay showed no reaction, but laid still.

"I think she's unconscious. It's the only chance I have to pull it out." Jenna pulled sharply, but it didn't move a notch. This time, Jenna just yanked it out; the blade slick with blood. The vixen threw the blade away and tore off her sleeve, wrapping it tight around Eay's side. In minutes, the clothe was a dark crimson.

Alec paced around, gnawing at his claws. Two nurses came with a stretcher, carrying Eay off in a rush. Jenna looked around. The small huts were set in flames and children cried. It was awful to sit and watch.


Layla awoke to the trickle of crumbs falling on her face; she opened her golden eyes to see a ferret standing above her with a bread crust. "Iceris said everyone on their feet Layla! C'mon gal, time to set sail." she kicked up on her paws with a large yawn, and looked around. Everyone that was part of Rioclar was running around and placing provisions on the vessel.

Layla saw her aunt coming to her, followed by another ferret. "Layla, we ready to go. So, grab your weapons and let's head out." sleep still in her eyes, the wildcat walked on board, Rioclar's anchor being risen.

Wait! Layla snapped open her ears and her ears pricked up. Iceris saw this, and asked: "What's the matter Layla?" Wait for me! it seemed to get closer, but yet still far away. Looking over back into the forest, she saw something run out of it. "C'mon Layla! Don't leave me!"

"Froddo!?" Layla threw herself over the ship's railing, and charging right for the black cat. He didn't have time to get out the way before she tackled him. "I knew you'll come back!" Layla pulled him to his feet, and he was shell shocked. "You scared me ya sad excuse for a cat! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!"

Iceris was right behind her niece, and she took them both in her arms. "Decided it will stink to be alone, eh Froddo? Haha! Get on this ship and let's get going!" now that everyone was on board, Rioclar sailed away from Brogoona Island for the final time.

(A/N - I know. It's stinks. But at least I updated land-lovers! Bye!)

Chapter 15

Adrian ran ahead of Log-a-Log and the shrews; Niana slowly walked behind. She did not like the woods; too quiet, she felt watched. "C'mon Niana!" she heard Adrian shout, waving his arms. "Catch up!" She smiled at the overly excited mouse; he couldn't help showing it all.

Log-a-Log held up his short arms. "Stop right there mousey. We've been goin' since the sun rose; let's rest a moment." Adrian groaned, clearly wanted to keep going, but Niana was grateful for the stop.

Lunch was passed out and the shrews chatted and ate. Niana started to fall asleep under a large beech, and the shrew followed and began napping themselves. This angered Adrian even more and he paced about. Without a second thought, he ran, away from the camp.


"Layla! Layla, come out you young kit!" Abeila looked around the small island Ugrann had decided to stop by; the island made her uneasy, and Layla's quick disappearance made her worried. "Layla!" she called again. "No more jokes sweet heart!"

Abeila heard a small giggled behind her and turned just in time to see her child jump from a tree into her arms. The wildcat mother tickled her baby on her stomach, and headed back to the ship.

Layla's eyes fluttered open. It had been a while since she had that dream; she hiding from her mother, as if the strange island did scare her silly. Walking on deck, she saw Froddo talking with Iceris, holding a map. She jogged her way over, "Soooo, where are we going?"

"Mossflower." Froddo quickly answered. Someone is in a bad mood. she thought, looking at him, though not in his amber eyes.

"Why Mossflower?" Layla asked again, this time the question was made for Iceris.


"Didn't you say the last place Ugrann was headed was Mossflower? Because I thought you did." the black cat quickly shut Iceris off. Layla corrected herself. Okay, someone is in a horrible mood. Froddo stormed off, pushing through a pair of weasels. "What's his problem?" Layla asked Iceris.

"Ah. He's just having regrets that he came. Happens alot when you have to make tough decisions; like the one he made." she said, rolling up the map. She placed it on a chest that carried rope, leaving it there. Layla looked over at the sea; Brogoona Island was no longer in sight. Nothing but the sea. If Froddo was wishing to go back, it was too late now.

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