• Leanna Swordmaid
    A squirrelmaid in a ship labeled The Watermaiden was a second from falling out because of dehydration. Before she did,she looked up;a mountain! Turning the rudder,she let The Watermaiden go to the mountain.
    Crash! The boat hit a rock.
    The squirrelmaid gave a cry for help in the water before she hit her head and all went black....

    "Miss,hello! Are you okay?"asked a ottermaid and otter in front of the squirrelmaid.
    ""she asked.
    "You're at Holt Rudderwake. What is your name?"asked the male otter.
    "Le.....Le.....Leanna.....Swordmaid. Daughter...of...Rocc Arrem."said Leanna as she tried to get up.
    "Well,Leanna. I'm Chieftain Frenbarr,this is my daughter Ranna. Go back to your home in your boat!"said Tinlal as he went from nice to mean.

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