This is the story of Lenora Longtail, written in her own words and the words of her friends, each account being compiled by Ivy Oakmaid, Recorder of Redwall and friend of said mousemaid.


The old squirrel sat dozing peacefully in the fire warmed expanse of Redwall's Cavern Hole. Sighing contentedly, she snuggled deeper into her large plush armchair. The fire crackled and spat, eagerly consuming the birch logs within the grate. The squirrel noted it all in silence, satisfied to simply let the quiet and stillness reign. The slight pitter patter of paws however, heralded the end of her reverie. Feeling a slight weight in her lap, the aged creature slowly opened her eyes, smiling at the youngster sitting atop her knees. Two other Dibbuns (for this was the name given to the abbeybabes) sat upon the arms of her chair, watching her expectantly. Tippin, the tiny mousebabe in her lap twitched his small, wet nose as he lightly tapped her thin, worn paw.

"Sisa Eevy be's up now?" he squeaked. The squirrel chuckled and nodded,
'Yes dear one, I'm awake." He grinned, "Yu pwomise us's a stowy, Dwubbo saya so." The tubby molebabe on the chair's right arm, who was a few seasons Tippin's elder, nodded avidly.
"Yurs, yurs. 'E bees roight bowt thart. Yu'm a sayso et brekfurst dis mornern."

The squirrel turned to the babe at her other side, "And I suppose you would like a story as well?" The little ottermaid blushed shyly.

"Yus pweese," she murmered. The old Redwaller smiled at the three and shakily beckoned to a small table nearby.
"Alright then. On that table is a book of Redwall tales. If you will bring that to me, we can choose a story." Giggling with triumph the three babes jumped down and fetched the book. Setting the big, leather bound tome gently in her lap, they resumed their perches on her chair.

Carefully the old squirrel opened the dusty manuscript to a page and began reading. Her old voice, normally creaky and shaky with age, now came alive with the storyteller's magic. Words flowed from her lips, weaving, turning, dancing through the young one's minds. Opening the doors to the realm's of the imagination. Her story began like this

I, Ivy, recorder of Redwall, do write this tale. It speaks of one Lenora Longtail, a mousemaid the likes of which has not been seen since the great Mariel of old. This is the story of her life, her trials and her triumphs. Read on and you shall know just how this great warriormaid came to be within the walls of Redwall Abbey...

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