• Lisha Foxmaid

    A fox sat lumped over in pain, but in her arms was a babe. It was orange, but her ears were black. All four of her paws were white and her eyes were a bright blue.

    The fox mother looked at her babe in pain and limped over, dead. It's father grabbed the babe from the arms of is mum and he gently kissed her on her head. He then passed her to seer Vanna, "What do you suggest I name her?"

    "I like Dianica. But it's not my choice that matters; she is your daughter." the seer looked at clan leader Dontor. "What do you think, master?"

    "Hmm, Pandora is a nice one." said Dontor as he put a paw to his chin. "But Vanna is right, she is your daughter and you have the right to name her."

    The father, Dacan, picked of the beautiful baby. Her blue eyes stared at…

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