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  • Llamao

    The Parade

    December 4, 2011 by Llamao

    A short compilation of stories by myself and Redmight (updates are imminent)

    Like on most normal days, nothing was amiss or abroad in Mossflower. A fine day indeed it was. Like any other, the streams and rivers flowing slowly and silently on, as if they themselves wanted to stop to witness the natural beauty, and perhaps to take a rest from the tedious job of constantly moving from one place to another. But it was work not in vain, for even insignificant droplets of water would not have wanted to witness the events that had took place by the banks of the River Moss that day.

    Sunlight wove its way through leafy canopies to make its way to the forest floor, where it settled and rested before it would be whisked away as the sun disappeared again…

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  • Llamao

    This story is my first fanfic, so gimme lots and lotsa comments please! Thanks! Also, I don't know whether to add in a prologue or not, so just give me some ideas of what ya think! Thanks

    Come gaze intae the fire

    as I tell you of a tale

    Tis of a hero who was born

    from the wind in a stormy gale

    A warrior of an otter

    along a path of destiny

    The fire and ice he travelled through

    unknown to such as we

    A fearless warrior with a heart of gold

    bound by a code of strength

    Meets a courageous badger lord

    with zeal of an infinite length

    Here is the story of a long time ago

    may it bring a smile to your face

    Remember the name of the otter

    because it is one you'll always embrace

    A horrendous shriek ripped through the sky as wind blew the trees in Mossflower woods to a b…

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