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  • Logalog Nombolo

    Many a warlord has tried to conquer Mossflower. But all of them failed, all but one. This story is about it and it is based six generations after Razzid Wearat, the one that ended up with a cracked skull and a sword through the stomach. This Warlord was called Duskeyes, or more commonly, Dusk. He had already had control over all the Juska clans, but he still wasn’t pleased. He has set off to Redwall, but, will he succeed?

    Green patches of light cover the twig littered floor of Mossflower woods, but the beauty was outweighed by the ugly evilness of Duskeyes and his horde. Some say Duskeyes came from the far north, but survivors that have heard him talk (more likely yelling) say that he doesn’t have an accent. One thing for sure though is tha…

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  • Logalog Nombolo

    "Grampa, grampa, i can't get to sleep!", Ferras, the old gate keeper sighed. This happened every night. "you can't get too sleep? How surprising. Oh well, How would you like me too read you a bed time story?", they all nodded. It was a great day that day, the sun was in the sky, the birds singing. They all had to work in the Orchard that day, everyone was tired. "Okay, last one. You've wanted me too read this, am i right?" They all nodded again. A dibbun giggled happily, but was silenced by a mouse babe. "Once upon a time..."

    Dawn awakened mossflower from its sleep as light creeped throw the trees. A young mousemaid is collecting berries when a handsom mouse walks over to her. "Hey there!" The mouse, Ratthias smiled. His armour gleaming in …

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