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aka LPG (Molly)

  • I live in Alabama, USA (Originally from Southern California)
  • I was born on April 15
  • My occupation is Student, hopefully one day a historian
  • I am a refined and delicate lady-person
  • Long Patrol Girl

    Art Contest!

    December 11, 2011 by Long Patrol Girl

    Hello there! I'm LPG (Long Patrol Girl) and I'm hosting a little art contest thingamajig along with my friend Merlock! We tried to come up with a fairly easy, but also very restrictions-free and (hopefully!) creative theme so that we'll get lots of entries!

    The theme for this art contest is: The Tapestry. Mainly, we're talking about the main part of the tapestry; ie: Martin the Warrior! If you want to draw the whole tapestry, go for it! All we ask is that we see Martin in there as the center piece. Your task is to present this in any way YOU see fit; if that means you just draw the tapestry, cool, or maybe you want to show Matthias looking at it, or the mice making it, or even a montage of scenes but with the tapestry sort of interwoven between …

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  • Long Patrol Girl

    The Warrior.

    December 10, 2011 by Long Patrol Girl

    Dedicated to my two best friends, Drew and Lily.

    The darkness is a friend of no one, and some are more aware of this than others. He had always been one of those people; and as he walked down the poorly lit stairwell, with the overwhelming silence echoing throughout, he became very aware of that. His back ached in the black coldness, and he thought he would have to call for help. The older mouse was left alone though, and he got down alright. He slowly went around the large room and lit the other lanterns; it did little to make the room any brighter.

    He glanced about the room slowly; it was truly huge, and it was beautifully made. Yet, no matter how skillfully made, a rat is a rat, a tomb is a tomb. This tomb was fresh, and a new grave is pe…

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  • Long Patrol Girl


    July 31, 2010 by Long Patrol Girl

    I've decided to leave the Wiki. Well, stop contributing art at least.

    I'll still might pop on from time to time on the shout box to chat, but I've decided and this is final.

    I've had a fairly good little-more-than-a-year with you guys, made a really good friend or eight or nine, and gotten a lot better at art.

    For that, I'd like to say Thank You.

    Thank you to all the users who were kind to me, who helped me when I was blue, who might have secretly RPGed with me (Shh!), or who went to the RWW to RPG so we wouldn't be hanged.

    Thank you to all of you who requests me (or who I requests to draw you and you let me). I have improved a lot since my Manga days, oh those glorious June days.

    Thank you to all who requested me multiple times. Your love for m…

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  • Long Patrol Girl


    June 14, 2010 by Long Patrol Girl

    I am holding a contest! You can check out the full info here, but I'll sum it up here, too.

    I am making a contest for my favorite and only finished Fan Fiction, The Warrior! It can be viewed off site at my blog. There's a link on the contest page. Basically, you draw a scene from the story, and you could win a drawing in return! Entries are open from now until August 1, 2010 I'VE MOVED THE DUE-DATE TILL SEPTEMBER 1ST!!

    You can post it on the site or email me if you like. I have my email on my blog[1].

    Hope to see lots of awesome drawings! :)

    LPG Will draw for Mac and Cheese! 00:07, June 14, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Long Patrol Girl

    My rebuttal of the Redwall is Christian and Martin is Jesus argument. FYI, taken from a Christian stand point, so if I offend you with my beliefs of God, you don't have to read this.

    Redwall is known for not having a religion. There's no praying or sacrifices, no worship time or any thing like that. I particularly like that BJ is not trying to hype a religion, be it any. There are just straight out children's book, no indoctrination in them. Now, yes, some people might go, "But there's an Abbey!!!!!! That is blatantly Catholic or Monotheistic or Christian or [fill in the blank]!!!!" Okay, so it is called an Abbey. But, do they teach people about God/a god? No. Do they make everybody worship? Not really.

    They do, however, enforce a code of basic…

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