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    On November 19, 2017, video game designer Scott Adams formally announced "Escape the Gloomer" at Free Play Florida, a "three day celebration of the history, artistry, competition, and creation of electronic gaming of all kinds driven by the enthusiastic gamers of the south east."

    Towards the end of a 69-minute presentation, Adams revealed the promotional slide for the game, and offered a few comments about it. It will be a collaboration between Soma Games and Clopas LLC.

    The slide describes "Escape the Gloomer" as a "classic text-adventure with modern updates like speech-to-text options, gorgeous hand-painted artwork, [and] rich atmospheric music." Additionally, it indicates the game will involve "professional voice actors", which sounds fai…

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  • LordTBT

    Today, Chris Skaggs of Soma Games made some major announcements in a 25-minute live stream on the company's YouTube channel.

    First he revealed that Soma has received "a better license" for the Redwall IP, which will include a total of "six games."

    Previously, the titles The Scout, The Miner, and The Archer had been revealed.

    But Skaggs got into specifics regarding the species in the latter two games: The Miner will involve a mole, while The Archer will involve a squirrel character!

    Also brand new: the fourth title The Pirate, a co-op game which will involve the title characters from the previous three episodes, as well as Cluny the Scourge.

    The brand for all six of the games will be "An Epic Tale of Redwall".

    Skaggs expects the retail pricing for …

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  • LordTBT

    At the beginning of the summer, Grapefruit Records released Spaced Out: The Story Of Mushroom Records, a two-disc CD collection featuring a wide selection of contributions from various musicians on the UK Mushroom Records label, something that had a bit of a cult following in the 1970s. It was known for signing artists with folk, jazz and Indian genres.

    The Liverpool Fishermen, Brian Jacques' folk band, was one of Mushroom Records' artists, and indeed they received a track on the album.

    Track 16 of Disc One, "The Ould Triangle," is a 1:46 song that features no instruments, and is sung acapella.

    In fact, you can hear it on Spotify here.

    However, the best part of "Spaced Out" is the accompanying booklet. It features 19 pages containing the histor…

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  • LordTBT

    Redwall Wiki Celebrates 12 Years!

    Every time this anniversary comes around, it always impresses me. We've been online for 12 years now, incredible! And we continue growing with articles, fan fiction and fan art, just like always.

    This past year, we featured:

    • the Redwall Author's Limited Edition
    • Liverpool: A Portrait in Old Picture Postcards Vol. 1
    • The German Redwall Saga
    • The Japanese Redwall Collection

    ...and I wanted to do more, if you can believe it! I have five in the pipeline at present, not to mention a very exciting article that we hope to publish by year's end.

    Also. by the end of the year, the first chapter of Redwall: The Warrior Reborn will be released - which means we get a new Redwall story for the first time since 2011.

    We'll need your h…

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  • LordTBT

    I was attracted to the Japanese "Redwall Legend" ; unfortunately I must report that the box itself seems to be nonexistent, and the collection part merely refers to the fact that all four of the Japanese Redwall translations - Redwall, Mossflower, Mattimeo, and Mariel of Redwall - are sold together.

    However, the books themselves are certainly not disappointing. The jacket covers of Redwall, Mossflower, and Mattimeo all feature the artwork of artist Pete Lyon, while Mariel of Redwall features Chris Baker's artwork.

    Like the Hebrew edition of Redwall, these books read from right-to-left, or the opposite of English language books.

    All contain the original Gary Chalk illustrations and maps, but they're marked with Japanese writing.

    These hardcovers are slightly…

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