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    I remember the first time I saw Michaela Helms' cover artwork for the German editions of Redwall, Mossflower, and Mattimeo many, many years ago.

    It was those latter two covers that really fascinated me: Slagar the Cruel's prominent placement, with a long, glorious mask on Mattimeo, while on Mossflower, our heroes are actually riding on the backs of the hares.

    These illustrations were completely different from the US and UK iterations I was previously privy to. And now, at long last, these three editions of the German Redwall Saga have entered the Redwall Wiki library.

    Frau Helms also provided the interior illustrations for these books, as well as for a few other series entries, but I believe these are the only ones that she drew the covers for, whic…

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  • LordTBT

    Yesterday, Soma chief Chris Skaggs popped over to the forums for a Redwall: The Warrior Reborn question-and-answer session with fans, where quite a few revelations were made.

    One of the biggest? We finally have an expected window in which to expect the game's release:

    "You can look for the release of episode one of The Warrior Reborn within 12 months or less," Skaggs said.

    Previously, Skaggs had indicated that the plan for the game calls for six of these chapters or episodes.

    This first episode is to be called "The Scout."

    "The Scout is single player and story based," said Skaggs. "It tells the tale of how a young mouse who is forced to flee to Redwall Abbey when the village of Lilygrove (which was seen in The Corsair's Last Treas…

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  • LordTBT

    Liverpool: A Portrait in Old Picture Postcards Vol. 1 is a 1988 book by author Peter W. Woolley. The 88-page volume contains a collection of postcards from the early 1900s that chronicle life in the city of Liverpool. Each page features a different postcard, with a description of the building, location, or people depicted on it.

    Essentially, this book provides a portal through time into how Liverpool looked over a century ago. Amongst the featured postcards: The Overhead Railway, Lime Street, and Dale Street.

    Brian Jacques, who was a popular BBC Radio Merseyside personality at the time of its publication, provided the one page foreword to the book.

    It would be inappropriate to quote the text of the entire page, so I'll excerpt some interesting…

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  • LordTBT

    Once again, Soma Games has a new video showing footage from Redwall: The Warrior Reborn. This time, an extended look at the Redwall Abbey Gatehouse is provided in a 1:33 clip.

    The images depict a room with a roaring fireplace, a green couch, the Recorders' desk and some shelves.

    Soma has indicated that this is the "same room that Matthias uses as his apartment." Additionally, the time shown in the video is "quite a while after the events of the Redwall book where serves as both the Redwall archives (not a full library) and a home for the recorder."

    In response to a viewer's inquiry about the sandstone walls, Soma had this to say:

    "We actually worked closely with the Jacques family on this question, and they said that Brian was always thinking of…

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  • LordTBT

    Hello Redwallers!

    In the first 2017 edition of Redwall Collectors' Community, we're going to explore the "Author's Limited Edition" of Redwall!

    Around 2000, Redwall La Dita, the Redwall copyright holder, successfully held negotiations with the UK's Random House publisher, and was able to configure a deal for a reprint of the first hardback UK Hutchinson Children's Books version of Redwall, which was previously out of print at that time.

    The order was for 500 books; each one would be signed by Brian Jacques and individually numbered.

    This special edition was only available for purchase at the Redwall La Dita Book Club shop at, and needless to say, it sold out relatively quickly.

    Today, finding the book is a bit more difficult, and many…

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