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    Once again, Soma Games has a new video showing footage from Redwall: The Warrior Reborn. This time, an extended look at the Redwall Abbey Gatehouse is provided in a 1:33 clip.

    The images depict a room with a roaring fireplace, a green couch, the Recorders' desk and some shelves.

    Soma has indicated that this is the "same room that Matthias uses as his apartment." Additionally, the time shown in the video is "quite a while after the events of the Redwall book where serves as both the Redwall archives (not a full library) and a home for the recorder."

    In response to a viewer's inquiry about the sandstone walls, Soma had this to say:

    "We actually worked closely with the Jacques family on this question, and they said that Brian was always thinking of…

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  • LordTBT

    Hello Redwallers!

    In the first 2017 edition of Redwall Collectors' Community, we're going to explore the "Author's Limited Edition" of Redwall!

    Around 2000, Redwall La Dita, the Redwall copyright holder, successfully held negotiations with the UK's Random House publisher, and was able to configure a deal for a reprint of the first hardback UK Hutchinson Children's Books version of Redwall, which was previously out of print at that time.

    The order was for 500 books; each one would be signed by Brian Jacques and individually numbered.

    This special edition was only available for purchase at the Redwall La Dita Book Club shop at, and needless to say, it sold out relatively quickly.

    Today, finding the book is a bit more difficult, and many…

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  • LordTBT

    At the beginning of the year, Soma Games revealed render test footage of Cavern Hole for the Redwall: The Warrior Reborn video game, and they're closing the year with more test footage.

    Last week, Soma shared "The Road to Redwall" - a 1:36 clip in a setting that appears to be a snowy Mossflower Woods, featuring a camera pan around a group of animals, including a female badger, a hare, an adult mouse, and two young mice, both of whom are on a sleigh.

    It was made using Unity, Blender, 3D Coat, Gaia, and SpeedTree.

    In the comments, Soma mentioned the background music is "an original work from one of our two artists that are composing for the game."

    Soma also stated that the "game is set in the winter just prior to the book Redwall - so the era of Cl…

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  • LordTBT

    So it's been over two years since we learned anything new about a potential Redwall movie.

    At that time, it was revealed to be in the portfolio of Working Element/RegalWorks, a production company managed by Darren Thomas.

    Previously (circa 2011), the rights to a Redwall movie were held by the Miller Brothers. Things are a bit foggy here - it's unclear if they partnered with others and still have these rights.

    At any rate, in 2014, we reported that Redwall was being optioned by Thomas' firm - certainly not a guarantee that a film will be made (although, we certainly hope so).

    Earlier this week on Twitter, Alex Kain, known for his collaborations with Sean Rubin, announced that at some point he had "cowrote an official draft of a script for a Redwall…

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  • LordTBT

    News:Redwall Wiki Turns 11

    October 11, 2016 by LordTBT

    Redwall Wiki Turns 11!

    Wow, another year in the books, everyone!

    This year has been particularly exciting because of the unearthing of older Brian Jacques video footage and audio that we believed was likely gone forever.

    If you missed it, back in May, we made public the missing Redwall TV Featurettes.

    And just a few days ago, we revealed audio from Trekatape Liverpool.

    In addition to these features, we also reviewed editions of Redwall from the UK and China.

    We do have several other features that are works in progress, and I hope to have them up quickly - the battle against time nowadays is a tough one.

    As always, thanks to the dedicated editors, fan fiction writers, and fan artists who make this site what it is. We wouldn't be here without you.


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