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The Redwall Experience

After much anticipation, The Redwall Experience, Penguin's new online Redwall marketing effort, has posted their game online!

The Redwall Rescue Decoder Game description is as follows:

Evil vermin under the rule of a dark creature are capturing the young ones - the Dibbuns - of Redwall Abbey families in a plot against the Abbey. Decode the secret messages to track the vermin horde, rescue the Dibbuns and defend Redwall Abbey. As you progress through five levels of difficulty, you will earn gold coins toward your final score and unlock exclusive bonus content at the end of each stage.
Using the letters already decoded, follow the key to decipher the remaining letters and solve the secret message.

Each level is timed, the faster you decode the message, the more gold coins you receive. There is also the ability to receive hints to finish the level. At the end of each stage, you win some pretty cool downloadable content, including the following:

Completing the game results in a very interesting lengthy message from Brian Jacques himself, detailing character aspects of Vilaya and the story of The Sable Quean.

Go try it now!

Please do not post game answers or hints in the comments, let players finish the game on their own.

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