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The Redwall Experience, 2010

The Redwall Experience has updated in anticipation for the February release of The Sable Quean; the site has received a few tweaks and additions.

The entrance portal now features the trailer for the The Sable Quean and a quiz to find out which hero of Redwall you are, with the answers ranging from Martin the Warrior, Matthias, Sunflash the Mace, Mattimeo, Orlando the Axe, and possibly others. Completion of the quiz results in a description of the character, and links to icons for use with your instant messenger and Facebook. For those wondering, my result was Sunflash the Mace.

The Redwall Experience has also updated their interactive flash library to include all of the Redwall books with their new covers, including The Sable Quean. Those eager for the new book will be excited to learn that an excerpt is available, and comparing it to my advance copy includes all of Chapter 1, and the first couple pages of Chapter 2.

The new layout also alludes to a Game, which is "coming soon," so we'll see what that's about. While the Brian Jacques biography is still there, the blog which was previously on the site has now mysteriously vanished. The links to Facebook and the Redwall Wiki are also still around, and as before we graciously thank Penguin!

What was your result in the Redwall Hero quiz? What do you think of the first few bits of The Sable Quean? Share in the comments!

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