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Brian Jacques

A few days ago we announced the title for the 2011 Redwall novel, The Rogue Crew.

Now, we have a few more details regarding what the book is about.

87.7 KVfm is a radio station that broadcasts out of the Kensington, Liverpool area. Around the beginning of May 2009, Brian Jacques was interviewed by a bunch of young up-and-coming DJs on the airwaves.

The entire show can be listened to here; Brian's interview starts around the 28 minute marker, and it focuses on his role during Liverpool's Capital of Culture celebration in 2008.

What did he say about The Rogue Crew? Not much, as Mr. Jacques tends to be tight-lipped about new projects, but he mentioned two things of interest.

The first is that at the time, he was 267 pages into writing the book.

The second is that the story will be about sea otters that are "like pirates"!

Are the sea otters good or bad? What makes them 'rogues'? Very interesting. The last otter-centric Redwall novel was High Rhulain, which was published in 2005.

Keep it locked on the Redwall Wiki as more information about The Rogue Crew becomes available.

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