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News:"The Rogue Crew" summary revealed

LordTBT June 1, 2010 User blog:LordTBT
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Brian Jacques

The Library of Congress has been updated in regards to The Rogue Crew, 2011's Redwall novel!

We now have a basic summary:

The murderous and evil Razzid Wearat and his crew of vermin are on a mission to seize Redwall Abbey for themselves, and Abbot Thibb and his Redwallers must defend their home with the help of the hares of the Longpatrol [sic] and the Rogue Crew of sea otters.

And with this, we can deduce some more information.

  • The "Rogue Crew" is a group of good otters who are like pirates.
  • The main villain of the book is a corsair.

But of course, with answers there are always questions. Why does Razzid want the Abbey? With a name like "Wearat", does that mean he is a Wearet? And just what is the Rogue Crew's relationship with the Abbey?

Sounds like this is going to be a fun book, with plenty of swashbuckling.

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