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News:"The Sable Quean" audio book - where is it?

LordTBT February 9, 2010 User blog:LordTBT
Contributed by LordTBT at 8:23PM GMT, 09 February 2010


The Sable Quean

With 2 weeks to go until The Sable Quean hits bookshelves across the US, it's a bit unusual that we haven't seen anything related to the audio book that is usually released alongside the novel.

A few months ago, artist Sean Rubin confirmed to me that he was "definitely" the artist for the audio book, but was unaware of a scheduled release date.

In the past, we saw the Doomwyte audio book appear on Amazon 3 months prior to release, and the artwork 1 month away from the big day.

For The Sable Quean though, there's been nothing, with the exception of a listing in's shop. However I can only take that with a grain of salt considering the book has not popped up online in any of the normal places.

Let's hope we find out some news soon, as I know many fans truly enjoy the stories in this format.

Update 2/9/2010

Reader Benjamin has pointed out that the Recorded Books catalog is now listing the audio book for release on April 9, 2010 in cassette format ($56.75) and April 16, 2010 for CD ($44.95). Thanks Benjamin!

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