Contributed by LordTBT at 4:20AM GMT, 12 February 2009

While unfortunately, we just learned that The Sable Quean has been delayed until 2010, the Library of Congress has still been updated with the brief plot summary for the book! It reads as follows:

The courageous Redwall creatures band together as Vilaya, the evil Sable Quean, and her horde of vermin attempt to make off with the young animals of the Abbey.

Also of note is that it is categorized under "Kidnapping --Fiction".

Of course this brings many questions, the main one being, why is Vilaya kidnapping the Redwall Abbey young ones?

Few errors in the listing though - the book is scheduled for 2009, and for some reason David Elliot is listed as the illustrator. As a reminder, the illustrator will be Sean Rubin.

Looking forward to this book, even if it is a year away!

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