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Redwall 2010 Logo

Penguin has posted their Spring 2010 catalog, and inside they have officially announced their 2010 Redwall re-packaging effort that we learned about in February. The new paperbacks will be published by Firebird Books in January 2010. As Eulalia! is already listed on Amazon with a January 12 date, I think we can expect them all around that time.

Here is their marketing text:

More than twenty years ago, Brian Jacques wrote the first tale of Redwall Abbey, and created a sensation. His intrepid animal heroes and heroines became part of the literary landscape all over the world—Redwall books have been published in over twenty languages, and over twenty million books have been sold! Although there are imitators, the original remains head and shoulders above the rest. We’re celebrating with a brand new look.

The known books to receive the Redwall branding makeover include the following:

You can see what the new covers will look like below, as well as a display you may see in your local book shop. The images are unfortunately small for now.

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