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Brian Jacques

The Record Journal, a media and entertainment website, interviewed Brian Jacques last Spring 2009. I've held off on posting this interview for quite some time now because it consists of 2 parts - and they have yet to post the second part! I e-mailed them in December as the site had a notice stating they were going to update soon, and they assured me the rest of the interview was forthcoming, however considering it's been 2 months now (technically longer), I seriously doubt anything is going to happen. It also seems like the site has moved on to a more music-type slant.

In the first part of the interview, Brian talks about how he started the Redwall series, and talks briefly about The Sable Quean, particularly our main antagonist:

"[Sable is] the old fashioned name for mink...The sable is the black mink. And I don’t know if you know anything about the nature of the mink but they’re totally vicious and they will kill just for the sake of it. Not just to eat. It’ll eat and then kill everything else. So there’s her and she’s got a male but there’s only the two of them and they run this whole conquering band and they’re out to conquer Redwall. Some hope!"

Brian also discusses why his feasts are so lavish, heroes, influences, and gives perhaps one of my favorite quotes on life and death in the books:

"In my books there is life and death. Goodies get killed as well as baddies. It’s not like Walt Disney where there are singing teapots and we all go over the hill singing bobbidy-bobbidy-boo at the end so goodies get killed as well as baddies."

You can read the whole thing here, and let's hope the second half eventually gets posted.

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