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Redwall: The Warrior Reborn

During the afternoon of May 11, Soma Games hosted their first-ever Twitch live-streaming session, which featured a Redwall: The Warrior Reborn question and answer session with CEO Chris Skaggs, and members of the art team, Erin Kays, Emily Eason, and Jeremy Adams.

The discussion lasted around 34 minutes - 20 of which were dedicated to revealing concept artwork, with another 10-15 minutes set aside for viewer inquiries.

The team covered the look of The Gatehouse, development of mice characters, and the design of a mouse village situated outside of Redwall Abbey, which players of Redwall AbbeyCraft: The Corsair's Last Treasure should recognize as Lilygrove.


The Gatehouse

The video also featured an original composition by Seth Stanley as background music, which will likely be in the game itself.



Of note, the team is going with a "stylized realism" approach for the main mouse design. The Redwall TV Series was avoided as a source of inspiration, but upcoming SeithCG game "Ghost of a Tale" is being closely observed.



Also of relevance:

-The opening scene for the game will take place at night.

-At this time, Soma does not have the legal rights to create merchandise.

And finally, one viewer brought up the much-discussed "pants question" - that is, will the characters wear clothing on the lower halves of their bodies? If so, why? etc.

The Redwall Wiki would like to take this moment to point out that the attire for residents of Redwall generally consists of habits.

And if we're talking about male characters who are non-Redwallers, 80-90% of the time English medieval clothing has been the main inspiration - e.g., a lengthy, belted tunic (see images below for various artist interpretations).

Soma will be hosting many more of these sessions in the future, and you can stream this one here.

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