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On June 5, 2014, Random House released a new 576-page paperback edition of Redwall with new jacket artwork, and possibly new interior art. The book was published by the Vintage Children's Classics imprint of the publisher for the UK.

Of interest, the marketing copy for the book states that "In the Backstory [sic] you can learn to make a Redwall Abbey pudding!" We're not sure which particular pudding, and we're also not sure if its a recipe from The Redwall Cookbook.

Unfortunately, we can't tell you who the cover artist is, because this information is seemingly unavailable. If you can provide us with this information, please get in touch.

As of June 17th, we have identified the cover artist and illustrator. The cover artist is Dermot Flynn, who is known for food artwork. There are also new chapter headings, courtesy of Rachael Hare. Rachael posted quite a few of the illustrations in her online gallery, which you can view here.

The following summary is attached to the publication:

Welcome to Redwall Abbey. Inside its enormous doors, mice live in peace, helping those in need and throwing epic feasts for the great and the good of Mossflower Woods.
But outside a grave threat is gathering. An army of evil rats led by a vicious, one-eyed warlord, is on its way.
Matthias is just one little mouse but he knows it'll take more than stones and mouse-sized arrows to keep the rats at bay. Enlisting the help of a military hare, wild sparrows and argumentative stoats, Matthias sets out to defend his freedom, his friends, and the abbey he calls home.

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