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Brian Jacques

For approximately three decades, Brian Jacques worked for BBC Radio Merseyside as a presenter, hosting his own show of opera, comedy, and poetry.

Given that he is no longer on the air, it's impossible to know what that show may have sounded like.

Until now!

A YouTuber made several recordings of Brian Jacques reciting poetry back in the day, and honestly it's nothing short of beautiful. I think I could listen to the man narrate a phone book.

Brian recites the poetry over a the case of these, it tends to be jazz or opera. I couldn't find any record of the poetry he's reading, it may very well be original, but I'm not sure. If anyone has more information on the recitations, or you would like to transcribe these, let us know in the comments!

The video itself has nothing to do with Brian, just an accompaniment for the audio.

Please enjoy!

Brian Jacques-Plonky05:09

Brian Jacques-Plonky


Brian Jacques-Heaven Is01:42

Brian Jacques-Heaven Is

Heaven Is

Brian Jacques-Billy,Ernie and Me03:04

Brian Jacques-Billy,Ernie and Me

Billy,Ernie and Me

Brian Jacques-Davey02:29

Brian Jacques-Davey


Brian Jacques-Faith and Fortune02:27

Brian Jacques-Faith and Fortune

Faith and Fortune

Brian Jacques-The Do02:29

Brian Jacques-The Do

The Do

Brian Jacques -I Remember03:22

Brian Jacques -I Remember

I Remember

Brian Jacques -New Brighton04:16

Brian Jacques -New Brighton

New Brighton

Brian Jacques -Hillsborough 198903:27

Brian Jacques -Hillsborough 1989

Hillsborough 1989

Brian Jacques -Lady Liverpool02:31

Brian Jacques -Lady Liverpool

Lady Liverpool

Brian Jacques -Bobby04:04

Brian Jacques -Bobby


Brian Jacques-Bridie03:18

Brian Jacques-Bridie


Brian Jacques-Just A Little Old Lady04:07

Brian Jacques-Just A Little Old Lady

Just a Little Old Lady

Brian Jacques-Liverpool International Garden Festival-198403:38

Brian Jacques-Liverpool International Garden Festival-1984

Liverpool International Garden Festival-1984

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