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In the October 6, 2003 edition of Publishers Weekly, a "big-screen adaptation" of Redwall was announced. This adaptation was to be produced by The Gotham Group, a Los Angeles, California-based outfit that is one of the world's largest firms in regards to animation and family entertainment.

Also linked to the project was screenwriter Andrew W. Marlowe, who at the time was primarily known for writing movies such as Air Force One and Hollow Man. Today, Marlowe is also known for being the creator of ABC TV series Castle, and is working on the screenplay for a 2010 film adaptation of comic book hero Nick Fury.

The two things of note about this potential film are that it would seemingly be animated, as The Gotham Group is an animation producer, and that Nelvana, the studio behind the Redwall TV Series, held the rights to a Redwall film.

This project seemed to disappear into thin air, as the only thing ever heard about it was the mention in this article.

Given the recent unfortunate announcement about the most recent Redwall film rumor, I decided to find out what exactly happened with this previous one, and contacted Mr. Marlowe. He responded, and his very interesting response is below:

The project never went forward because there was some complication with the film rights to the series.
I was disappointed because I was very excited by the material and [a] big fan of the books and thought there was a great heroic story to be told.

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