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What Gary Chalk's Artbook was supposed to look like

And it's official: After months and months of drama, the Gary Chalk artbook reward from the Lone Wolf Kickstarter will not be happening in any form whatsoever.

Back in July, Megara and Greywood Publishing, the two companies at the center of the Lone Wolf Kickstarter, managed to reconcile their differences after many disputes.

Megara took over every aspect - and began shipping games to backers. It seemed like they were able to successfully turn around an unfortunate situation.

At this time, Megara wanted to focus on distribution of the game, and hoped that the artbook would be able to be produced in a PDF format. They stated Gary was "asking for more time," and the plan was to circle back after all the games had been sent out.

And that time is now.

Megara announced this week in an update they had reached this point - with an interesting note:

Gary would "prefer to design an artbook for all his career a bit later in his life."

Which is perfectly fine, except it was promised as a Kickstarter reward to 38 people who wanted only that ($1140 total), and 53 game + artbook backers ($4240 total). It should be noted that the latter group here apparently received partial refunds and/or additional game materials.

The comments section was quick to point this out: we've been waiting for something, anything, to happen in regards to the artbook, it's now officially kaput, so those who backed this reward would like refunds.

Megara did respond to these remarks. If you backed the artbook and would like a refund, please send them a direct message on Kickstarter, and they'll process it.

We submitted our refund request three days ago and have not heard back yet, but we'll update this post when it's occurred. After almost two years, this appears to be over.

10/10/2016 Update

Our refund has been processed.

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