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The Art of Gary Chalk

An important update has been released in regards to the artbook reward from Redwall illustrator Gary Chalk's Lone Wolf Kickstarter:

If you backed this reward, your copy of the artbook will be signed by the man himself!

According to the Kickstarter campaign, 38 people pledged funds for the book, while an additional 53 pledged for the game and the artbook, so 91 lucky backers should be receiving the artbook with Mr. Chalk's official autograph.

A new website has also been launched so that others can pre-order the Lone Wolf game or the artbook. The artbook pre-order price is £24.50 or $37.82, which means Kickstarter backers saved $7.82, and likely more as I'm sure the price will increase after it's published.

Pre-ordering the artbook at this time will not necessarily guarantee you an autographed copy, but it's possible it could happen.

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