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Gary Chalk's Artbook

Illustrator Gary Chalk, known for his artwork contributions to the first six Redwall books, has launched a Kickstarter to seek financing for a Lone Wolf board game, which is inspired by a 1980s series of fantasy gamebooks illustrated by Chalk. The project is seeking $30,000, and has raised $13,902 at the time of this writing.

From its official description:

Battle for Magnamund is a fantasy wargame for two or more players. Each battle pits :good against evil, and the core set sees the Human forces of Sommerlund in war against the :Giaks, murderous grey-skinned humanoids bred in the infernal city of the Darklords.  :Players may control either an entire army or a single brigade on one side at a time. The :goal is to allow you to re-create any battle or scenario from the classic Lone Wolf books, :and the game comes with pre-made scenarios to start you on your way.
The core game set consists of flat cardboard figures (3 mm thick and die-cut) in a :plastic base, played on card maps that are grid-based and modular. The maps are the same :material as in Cry Havoc, a previous (and popular) game of Gary's. In addition to being :fun, Battle for Magnamund is a showcase for Gary Chalk's inimitable 2-D artwork: all :components are illustrated by hand.

What may be of particular interest to Redwall fans is the $30 pledge option - if one pledges this amount, they can receive a 120-page artbook (pictured) that covers Chalk's oeuvre, which features illustrations from the Redwall series, Sundered Lands, and others in black and white and color.

The Kickstarter only has 18 days to go, and we hope Chalk is successful in reaching his goal.

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